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February 10, 2012

VSM Podcast – The Todd Veinotte Show Interview

As a follow-up to my interview with Murray Langdon of CFAX 1070 News in Victoria, earlier this week I also had the opportunity to speak with Todd Veinotte of News 95.7 in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

January 26, 2012

VSM Podcast – How Is Canada Doing With K-12 Online Learning?

As I mentioned on Tuesday (see Media Release From The SQE – The Sky Has Limits: A Report On Virtual Learning In Canada’s Public Schools), a new report came out on Monday that presents what I believe is an ideologically motivated, misleading view of K-12 online learning in Canada.  As my State of the Nation: K-12 Online Learning in Canada report seems to be the primary source for most of the report, I received a call from the Globe & Mail about an article that ran yesterday entitled “Canadian schools falling behind in online learning, report says.”

Based on this article, and my interaction with those who left comments, I got a call from CFAX 1070 News in Victoria to do a radio interview.  I recorded that interview through the live stream and have posted it below via YouTube.

YouTube wouldn’t allow an 18 minute video, so I had to cut it into two parts.

December 13, 2011

VSM Podcast – Maritime Morning Interview

VSM Podcast – Maritime Morning Interview Introduction

Yesterday morning (i.e., 12 December 20122) I did an radio interview with Jordi Morgan of Maritime Morning on News 95.7.  We talked about K-12 online learning in Nova Scotia, Atlantic Canada, and Canada in general.  Much of the information came from my recent State of the Nation: K-12 Online Learning in Canada report.

As always, the actual podcast is in the entry that immediately follows this one.

August 22, 2011

VSM Podcast – Re-Post: Down the Hall – Ep 16 – Down the Rabbit Hole

Last week EPLT Online: In Focus posted a podcast that I was interviewed for back in July (see Down the Hall – Ep 16 – Down the Rabbit Hole). This is a re-post of that entry.

In this episode, we dive down the rabbit hole of media literacy, examining how media studies can require careful examination before taking them at face value. The sexy headline of an article based on a study may not actually reflect what the study says.

Awareness is the key, and we encourage you to investigate yourselves when you are presented with a study “proving” that TV is harmful to kids, or anything of that nature.

In addition, Jenny interviews Michael Barbour about K-12 Online Learning. Michael is the author of the blog “Virtual School Meanderings,” a wonderful blog that explores the issue from all sides. Michael is also an Assistant Professor at Wayne State University, teaching both Instructional Technology and Educational Evaluation & Research, and an adjunct professor in educational technology at Boise State University.

Finally, a few things going on in EPLT, as well as plugs!

All of this, and since this is the second episode after Dave’s vacation, it doesn’t get off to a rocky start this time.

We’d love your feedback on anything brought up on the episode, or just the podcast in general. Who knows? Maybe it will even get read on the air. Email us at

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Just a note that the views expressed in the podcast are those of the hosts, and not necessarily the views of either EPLT or the Faculty of Education at UBC.

More details, including the link to the episode itself and the time stamps, after the jump.

Down the Hall – Episode 16 (58:16)

Just click on the link below to go to our podcast page where you can either listen to it on the page or you can download it. Or, you can play it in the handy web player just below the link.

Episode 16

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00:10 – Introduction

05:10 – Interview – K-12 Online Learning

Interview with Michael Barbour (Virtual School Meanderings)

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36:00 – Discussion – A Crash Course in Media Literacy


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54:20 – What’s Happening in EPLT

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