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July 4, 2020

Digital Reading, Teacher Preparation, Remote Learning, And More: New Spotlights From Education Week

Note the digital and remote learning items below.

New Spotlights From Education Week
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Digital Reading and Literacy
Math Instruction
Teacher Preparation and Effectiveness
Science of Reading
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Reluctant Readers
Remote Learning During COVID-19
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June 23, 2020

Takeaways Are Here! | Technology & Schools: Coronavirus, Remote Learning, And Beyond Summit

This resource may be of use to many readers.

Your “Technology & Schools: Coronavirus, Remote Learning, and Beyond” Online Summit Takeaways are Here!
Education Week’s newsroom reporters wanted to share the “Technology & Schools: Coronavirus, Remote Learning, and Beyond” Online Summit “takeaways” that they believe best reflect their discussions with you, the readers.

Please also share with them your experience attending by taking our “Technology & Schools: Coronavirus, Remote Learning, and Beyond” Online Summit Survey”. We want your feedback.

Thank you for participating on this online summit.

Matthew Cibellis
Director of Programming, Live and Virtual Events, Education Week

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June 18, 2020

[Special Report] The Socially Distanced School Day

This special report from Education Week is likely relevant to many practitioner readers of this space.

Explore expert recommendations for reopening schools. View as a webpage.

 Special Report
View the first installment of the Education Week special report, How We Go Back to School online now
District and school leaders are confronting difficult, high-stakes decisions as they plan for how they will reopen schools this fall as the global pandemic rages on.

To help district and school leaders navigate these monumental decisions, Education Week lays out the big challenges ahead and some solutions in an eight-part series of reported stories, diagrams, and data visualizations.

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The Socially Distanced School Day
Every facet of the school day will have to change when students and staff members return to buildings. We explain the recommendations, present different strategies, estimate some of the costs, and weigh some pros and cons.
6 Ways to Bring Students and Staff Back to Schools
For many school leaders, a hybrid approach of both in-person and remote instruction makes the most sense—but there are many ways that could work. There are pros and cons to every approach, and the flexibility districts have to alter their schedules may depend on state requirements.
Keeping Students and Staff Healthy and Safe When Schools Reopen
School and district leaders must be equipped to protect the health and safety of students and staff before they reopen school buildings. In addition to maintaining social-distancing measures, schools will have to implement safety measures to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.
What Needs to Change Inside School Buildings Before They Reopen
School Buildings and Social Distancing: A Downloadable Guide
Managing Buses May Be the Hardest Part of Reopening Schools
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Feel free to forward this to your colleagues and let them know about this new special report.

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June 15, 2020

Technology In Education: An Overview Prepared Just For You

Several items here that may be of interest.

Tech in Ed
View this popular primer on ed tech online now.
There are many issues, terms, and philosophies surrounding technology in education.  Education Week covers this day in and day out, so we prepared an overview to help you more easily drill down on this topic in ways that will be helpful to you.
Technology in Education: An Overview
From personalized learning to online testing, and from OER to 1-to-1 computing, we explain the terms, outline the controversy, and give you the context you need.
Ed Tech & Innovation: Educators Tear Through the Hype
K-12 educators do not believe the continued expansion of new technologies into U.S. schools is transforming education. In fact, a new nationally representative survey of 700 teachers conducted by the Education Week Research Center shows that fewer than one-third of America’s teachers said ed-tech innovations have changed their beliefs about what school should look like.
5 Big Ed-Tech Problems to Solve in 2020: Q&A With ISTE’s Richard Culatta
Those are among the five education technology issues that Ricard Culatta, the CEO of the International Society for Technology in Education, thinks educators should watch in the 2019-2020 school year. Education Week sat down with Culatta for a wide-ranging conversation on those and other topics. What follows is an edited Q&A.
What Principals Really Think About Tech
As digital devices and social-media platforms become an ever-larger part of children’s lives, the nation’s school principals find themselves in an uncomfortable—if familiar—bind.
What Is Personalized Learning?
Why Ed Tech Is Not Used and What To Do About It
The Best Ed-Tech Research: 5 Key Lessons for Educators
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June 14, 2020

Sorry We Missed You: Technology & Schools: Coronavirus, Remote Learning, And Beyond Online Summit

The recordings from this summit may be of interest to some readers.

Sorry We Missed You: “Technology & Schools: Coronavirus, Remote Learning, and Beyond” Online Summit
Education Week’s newsroom reporters wanted to let you know how much we wish we’d all met with you at the “Technology & Schools: Coronavirus, Remote Learning, and Beyond” Online Summit held with the readers, our special guests, and sponsors. There were many great conversations, lots of meaningful feedback for reader questions, and useful takeaways for the educators that did participate.

Build confidence in remote teaching and learning
Whether you’re familiar with remote learning tools or an absolute beginner, Microsoft Education has free resources to help you make the transition to an inclusive online classroom that can help sustain the connections that matter. Learn about our Virtual Coaching & Virtual Learning Series for more comprehensive support. Learn more
Explore how you can set your school community up for distance learning success with our ebook, The Ultimate Guide to Distance Learning for Educators. is committed to partnering with educators like you to ensure all students can reap the benefits of online education, from accessibility to digital readiness and effective collaboration at a distance. Download now and power your virtual instruction. Learn More.
Home Access to Adaptive Instruction
During school closings, districts and campuses can subscribe to Istation’s computer-adaptive Indicators of Progress (ISIP™) for access to home-based progress monitoring assessments, online reports, and interactive lessons. Learn how to pilot Istation for FREE. Learn More.
Immediate SEL Support for Students
Supporting social and emotional learning is an even larger focus this year. That’s why Gale is offering summit participants access to credible SEL eBooks. Educators and students can privately cross-search, translate, and share mental health resources in or outside of school. Learn More.
Acadience Assessments
Know where your students are starting this fall by assessing their initial skills, setting goals, and tracking progress toward important outcomes. Acadience Learning’s suite of assessments are navigational tools to get students back on track to reach grade-level goals. Learn More.
Collaborators in connected learning
Teaching is about connecting with your students. And today’s need for remote learning has created new challenges for families, faculty and administrators. At Spectrum Enterprise, we’re here for you, to help you connect with your students and ensure their success. Partner with us today.
Finding the Right Digital Curriculum Fit
There are hundreds of content providers to choose from. How do you know what to consider when so much for the upcoming school year is unknown? This white paper can help you craft a vision and find a partner to meet the unique needs of today’s learning environment. DOWNLOAD WHITE PAPER.
Letting teachers focus on teaching
School districts are choosing the support and security of Acer’s Educare service to keep devices like the ultra-durable TravelMate Spin B3 maintained and running smoothly, helping teachers and students unlock limitless learning. Acer recommends Windows 10. Learn More.
Find success in online K-12 learning
FLVS Global provides comprehensive, online education curriculum for grades K-12 that meet national and state standards. Offering 260+ online courses to suit any learning environment, we work with schools and districts to help them uncover the possibilities of online learning. Learn more here.
Connect with PowerSchool and Schoology
Learn more about how PowerSchool and Schoology Learning can help your school or district prepare for 2020-21, so you can support students, wherever they are, regardless of their individual situation, and in whatever manner they learn best. Learn more!

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