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January 24, 2021

Writing Proficiency, Engagement Strategies, Technology

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Note these items from Education Week.

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Using Data to Inform Writing Instruction: Addressing Learning Loss Caused by COVID-19 Disruption
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Building a Trauma-Informed Learning Environment
Provided by n2y | Read Now

COVID’s Impact on K-12 Teaching and Learning
Provided by Whetstone Education | Read Now

Los Lunas Schools Closes Student Literacy Gaps
Provided by Voyager Sopris Learning | Read Now

5 Strategies to Ensure Student Engagement Online
Provided by Achieve3000 | Read Now

High-Power Workstation Solutions for Remote Learning
Provided by HP | Read Now

Promethean: The State of Technology in Education
Provided by Promethean | Read Now

Dyslexia: How to Identify Warning Signs at Every Grade
Provided by Lexia Learning | Read Now

CARES Act Funding Expiring Soon. Learn about Interactive Technology Solutions for Remote Collaboration
Provided by Optoma | Read Now

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January 21, 2021

[Special Report] Quality Counts 2021: Chance For Success

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Note this item from Education Week.

 Setting students up for success. View as a webpage.

 Special Report
View the Education Week special report, Quality Counts 2021: Chance for Success online now
The COVID-19 pandemic has redoubled attention to the challenges families face in making sure their children are fully prepared and supported in their journey through school. This first of three Quality Counts 2021 installments provides grades and scores for the nation and each state on a range of factors setting students up for success in school and later life, based mostly on federal data from 2019.

To provide a more real-time perspective, the EdWeek Research Center offers an original analysis of U.S. Census Bureau surveys from fall 2020 on how families with children in school are coping with stresses from the coronavirus pandemic.

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Are Today’s Students Set Up for Success? Nation Earns B-Minus in Latest EdWeek Index
The grade represents steady progress on a range of academic and socioeconomic factors, but the pandemic’s full impact has yet to be felt.
Where Families Are Feeling Pandemic Impacts the Worst
Recent Census data show families nationwide suffering job loss, food insecurity, and a lack of technology crucial for remote education.
State Grades on Chance for Success: 2021 Map and Rankings
Examine the grades and scores for states and the nation on the socioeconomic and other indicators in the Chance-for-Success Index.
State and National Highlights Reports (Quality Counts 2021)
What’s Behind the Grades and Scores for Quality Counts 2021?
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January 14, 2021

Quiz Yourself: Is Personalized Learning Effective?

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The second of two items from Education Week that may be of interest to readers.

Test Your Knowledge.
Quiz Yourself: How Much Do You Know About Personalized Learning?
Take our quiz and then see your results, detailed answer explanations, and additional readings on the topic.
True or False: According to a survey, more than half of educators said they feel teachers are more effective when gauging students’ individual strengths and weaknesses than they were before the pandemic.
○ True
○ False

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Special reports to jumpstart your professional learning

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The first of two items from Education Week that may be of interest to readers.

Jump-start your subject matter expertise.
With the huge changes brought about by the pandemic, it’s important that you keep up with innovations in the field, and know what is working—or not—so you can maximize your efforts. Education Week goes deeply into topics we know you care about with special reports. Gain the subject matter expertise you are looking for with a premium digital subscription starting as low as $35 for 6 months. You’ll get the full library of special reports as soon as you join.  Here’s just a sample:

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Special reports are published online as well as in print.  If you would like to be sure you receive the print editions, subscribe now. Want to go paperless?
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January 11, 2021

Personalized Learning, Achievement Gaps, Cybersecurity, and More: New Spotlights From Education Week

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Note the distance, personalized, and remote learning items below.

New Spotlights From Education Week
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Personalized Learning
Closing the Achievement Gap for Young Students
Recharging Reading Success
Distance Learning
Student Well-Being
Math Instruction
Student Data
Bilingualism and Remote Learning
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