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August 18, 2017

Back to School with Illinois Virtual

Another newsletter from yesterday’s inbox…

Illinois Virtual School – Fall Planning
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Welcome Back to School!

IVS has been very busy this summer helping students succeed in their summer courses while at the same time, cleaning house, tidying up and rolling out some great new courses.

Revised Courses
The brand new Middle School Series courses are up and running! Our Middle School Learning Recovery and Bridge programs did very well this summer providing promotion options for students. 

Visit the IVS website and course catalog page for more information on our complete catalog including the following revised courses:
AP Microeconomics
Creative Writing
English 1
English 2
French 1
French 2
US Government
IVS Fees Remain the Same for Fall

  • Full Service Courses: $225/semester enrollment
  • Credit/Learning Recovery Courses: $85/semester enrollment

Keep Your Information Up to Date

In order to efficiently serve the course needs of your students, IVS requires thatPartner Agreement and Contact Designation forms are submitted for new partners or if you are updating personnel or payment responsibility information.

Our August/September fall term start dates are August 17, August 31, andSeptember 14.

Call or click today!
Illinois Virtual School
10112 West DuBois Road
P.O. Box 103
Edwards, Illinois 61528
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August 17, 2017

CNIE-RCIÉ Invites You To Come And Shape Teaching And Learning In Toronto This Ooctober

From yesterday’s inbox…

August 16, 2017 | View Online | Subscribe | Contact Us La version française suit


“The Canadian Network for Innovation in Education – Reseau canadien pour l’innovation en education (CNIE-RCIÉ) is looking forward to its members from across Canada joining 1,000+ delegates from 95 countries around the world to shape teaching and learning at the World Conference on Online Learning, organized and hosted by Contact North | Contact Nord.

As a collaborating host, CNIE-RCIÉ encourages everyone to consider the World Conference on Online Learning as a great opportunity to share your exciting work and research, and build professional relationships so we can all shape teaching and learning together.

The theme ‘Teaching in a Digital Age – Re-thinking Teaching & Learning’ aligns with CNIE-RCIÉ’s mandate and the educational philosophies of many, if not all, our members. CNIE-RCIÉ’s goal is to provide opportunities for like-minded professionals from various levels of educational expertise the opportunity to engage in meaningful, practical dialogue with the hopes of developing collaborative networks that lead to innovation in teaching and learning.”

Ruth B. Hickey, President, CNIE-RCIÉ


Updated Schedule at a Glance for the World Conference on Online Learning

The updated Schedule at a Glance for the World Conference on Online Learning is now available, providing delegates and prospective delegates with a more extensive outline of the activities starting on Monday, October 16 and wrapping on Thursday, October 19, 2017. Full story
    group discount.jpg
Group Discount Rate Available!
The World Conference on Online Learning is offering a group discount rate to institutions, organizations and companies who wish to register 10 delegates or more. Full story
ICDE_Article 4 Hotel.jpg
Book Your Accommodations Now!
We are expecting the World Conference to be a sellout. Book your hotel accommodations as soon as possible to avoid disappointment.
Full story

Sponsorship and Exhibitor Opportunities
We have both sponsor positions and exhibitor booths still available for interested companies and organizations. Visit our website for full details on packages available or contact Chuck Nervick at 416-512-8186 x 227 for details. Full story
CONTACTN- Register Now.png
CONTACTN 05 10JUNE2017.jpg
Contact North | Contact Nord
1139 Alloy Drive, Suite 104
Thunder Bay, Ontario P7B 6M8


16 Le Août 2017 | Voir en ligne | Souscrire | Contactez nous  


« Le Canadian Network for Innovation in Education – Réseau canadien pour l’innovation en éducation (CNIE-RCIÉ) se réjouit à l’idée que ses membres à travers le Canada se joignent à plus de 1 000 déléguées et délégués de 95 pays à travers le monde afin de façonner l’enseignement et l’apprentissage à la Conférence mondiale sur l’apprentissage en ligne, organisée et hébergée par Contact North | Contact Nord.

« À titre d’hôte collaborateur, nous encourageons toutes et tous à considérer la Conférence mondiale sur l’apprentissage en ligne comme une excellente opportunité de partager votre recherche et vos travaux passionnants ainsi que de tisser des relations professionnelles afin que nous puissions façonner l’enseignement et l’apprentissage tous ensemble. »

« Le thème de la conférence, L’enseignement à l’ère numérique – Repenser l’enseignement et l’apprentissage, s’harmonise au mandat du CNIE-RCIÉ et aux philosophies éducatives de nombreux de nos membres et, peut-être même, tous. Or, l’objectif du CNIE-RCIÉ consiste à procurer des occasions de s’engager dans un dialogue significatif et pragmatique à des professionnels aux vues similaires, qui ont divers degrés de compétences en éducation, dans l’espoir de développer des réseaux de collaboration menant à l’innovation dans l’enseignement et l’apprentissage. » 

Ruth B. Hickey, President, CNIE-RCIÉ


logo french.jpg
Calendrier en bref actualisé pour la Conférence mondiale sur l’apprentissage en ligne

Le Calendrier en bref actualisé pour la Conférence mondiale sur l’apprentissage en ligne est maintenant disponible. Il procure aux déléguées et délégués actuels et éventuels une description plus exhaustive des activités qui ont lieu à partir du lundi 16 octobre jusqu’à la clôture de la Conférence le jeudi 19 octobre 2017. Lire l’histoire complète
group discount.jpg
Un tarif réduit de groupe est disponible!
La Conférence mondiale sur l’apprentissage en ligne offre un tarif réduit de groupe aux établissements d’enseignement, aux organisations et aux entreprises qui désirent inscrire 10 déléguées et délégués ou plus
Lire l’histoire complète
ICDE_Article 4 Hotel.jpg
Réservez votre hébergement maintenant!
Nous prévoyons que la Conférence mondiale sera à guichet fermé. Il vaut donc mieux de faire votre réservation d’hôtel dès que possible pour ne pas être déçu. Lire l’histoire complète
Les possibilités de parrainage et d’exposition
Nous avons encore des postes de parrainage et des stands d’exposition disponibles pour les compagnies et les organisations intéressées. Pour connaître tous les détails des forfaits offerts, veuillez visiter notre site Web ou communiquer avec Chuck Nervick au 416-512-8186, poste 227. Lire l’histoire complète
ICDE_Register Now French.jpg
CONTACTN 06 10JUNE2017.jpg

Contact North | Contact Nord
1139, promenade Alloy, bureau 104
Thunder Bay (Ontario) P7B 6M8
807 344-1616

USDLA Newsletter 2017 (08-14-2017)

A newsletter from the inbox earlier in the week. Newsletter
Dr. Farhad Saba
Founder, Editor
USDLA Hall of Fame Inductee Newsletter
Dr. John G. Flores, USDLA
CEO / Executive Director
Associate Editor
Download Report

The NMC/CoSN Horizon Report > 2017 K-12 Edition is a collaborative effort between the New Media Consortium and the Consortium for School Networking (CoSN) and made possible by mindSpark Learning (formerly known as Share Fair Nation). The preview provides summaries of the trends, challenges, and important developments in educational technology which were ranked most highly […]

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Dropout Rates, Student Momentum, and Course Walls: A New Tool for Distance Education Designers

This paper explores a new tool for instructional designers. By calculating and graphing the Student Momentum Indicator (M) for 196 university-level online courses and by employing the constant comparative method within the grounded theory framework, eight distinct graph shapes emerged as meaningful categories of dropout behavior. Several of the graph shapes identified Course Walls, that […]

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Scientific data from and for the citizen

Powered by advances of technology, today’s Citizen Science projects cover a wide range of thematic areas and are carried out from local to global levels. This wealth of activities creates an abundance of data, for example, in the forms of observations submitted by mobile phones; readings of low-cost sensors; or more general information about people […]

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Insights for future assessment policy: Open access online higher education

This research offers recommendations for higher education online assessment policy and procedure design, which should improve learner satisfaction and help to reduce online student attrition. The study involves over 200 qualitative interviews to identify the main driver of student attrition in open access online tertiary education in Australia. The extent to which degree programme assessment […]

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An evaluation of the accessibility of top-ranking university websites: Accessibility rates from 2005 to 2015

Accessibility evaluation is an important equity step in assessing effectiveness and usefulness of online learning materials for disabled students. With popular uptake of blended and online learning it is timely to evaluate the accessibility attained by universities in their websites and Learning Management Systems (LMS) .The present study considers this question for the period 2005 […]

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The Origins of Innovation in the Edtech Ecosystem

The learning management system as we have known it is fading in its importance. Supplanting it are hundreds of tools and innovations, created by a plethora of vendors, institutions, students, and instructors in a frothy, bubbling world known as the edtech ecosystem. EDUCAUSE

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We’re not teaching the web correctly

Web literacy must become a fundamental part of our global education system. Without it, opportunity is squandered. With it, we can propel billions farther, faster. Brookings Institution

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Online assessment could improve math marks of deaf learners

Online mathematics assessment (OMA) could help improve the mathematics performance of deaf and hard-of-hearing learners in South Africa

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Penn State World Campus Taps VR for Educating Teachers

A project at Penn State World Campus immersed teachers into a virtual classroom as part of a graduate-level special education course. Students could use a virtual reality headset to watch 360-degree videos or view them as regular videos on YouTube. Campus Technology

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August 16, 2017

E-Learning Graduate Certificate Program

To finish off blogging for today.

E-Learning Graduate Certificate Program

Elearning and Online Teaching Career Center – Learn More

Posted: 14 Aug 2017 09:55 AM PDT

Learn What It Takes

To Find Online Teaching Jobs

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OLC Today Newsletter: August 15, 2017

A newsletter from yesterday’s inbox.

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OLC Today logo

August 15, 2017 | Volume 16 | Issue 12

email_icon_leadership_100x100.png  OLC CONFERENCES
Renee Franzwa of EdSurge
Featuring Renee Franzwa of EdSurge.
orange Learn More button.png

Seats Still Available! Join OLC in Anchorage
August 21-22 | Anchorage, AK 

Our first day features an eLearning Roadshow theme, with engaging presentations on digital learning, while day 2 will be focused on the future of elearning.

Have you heard? A new session was recently added! Join Renee Franzwa of EdSurge for a hands-on workshop to help you evaluate and choose student success tools for your campus in Fit Over Features: Vetting Tools that Support Student Success.

Don’t delay! Reserve your seat, register today.

OLC Accelerate Program Announced
Nov. 15-17 | Orlando, FL

Featuring over 400 sessions on topics including EdTech, proctoring, accessibility, gamification, K-12, open educational resources, OLC Quality Scorecard, leadership, policy development, and more.

Register before September 20 for early bird savings, and add a pre-conference workshop and Disney tickets while you’re at it!

Review the full program.


Educator on Laptop in OLC Accelerate Session

orange Learn More button.png


Robbie Melton in Technology Test Kitchen at OLC Accelerate

Share in the excitement of the last year’s event in this short video.

orange Learn More button.png

The Anatomy of the Technology Test Kitchen (TTK)
Nov. 15-17 | Orlando, FL

Physically, the TTK is at the center of the OLC Accelerate Exhibit Hall, and metaphorically, the TTK is the heart, mind, and soul of the conference.

Now in its 4th year, the TTK offers a hands-on learning experience for individuals to apply innovative technologies in real time. Learn more from the TTK Co-Chairs Angela Gibson and Kate Sonka in a recent blog post.

Apply Now to Participate in a TTK Iron Chef Battle
Nov. 15-17 | Orlando, FL

A zesty combo of popular TV cooking competition shows (Iron Chef, Chopped, etc.), we’re pairing exhibitors and educators into teams to battle for bragging rights over who can create the most exciting new recipe for technology. 

We invite you to join us for some fiery pedagogical competition in the Technology Test Kitchen during our second annual Iron Chef Battles.

Deadline to submit is September 8.Learn more and apply today.


Phylise Banner Rings Gong at Iron Chef Battles at OLC Accelerate

orange Learn More button.png

email_icon_leadership_100x100.png OLC INSTITUTE FOR PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT

Step Outside Your
Comfort Zone
Advanced Online Teaching Certificate

Dr. Donna Scribner, OLC Institute faculty for the Advanced Online Teaching Certificate, recently joined us for a quick Q&A to discuss the redesign of the Advanced Online Teaching Certificate program and what participants can expect to gain from this unique learning opportunity. Learn more in our blog post, Insights from the Field: Stepping Outside Your Comfort Zone with the Advanced Online Teaching Certificate.

Video Chat

orange Learn More button.png

Student Studying Online

orange Learn More button.png

The Future of Open Educational Resources
Implementing OER Workshop

Karen Gardner-Athey, OLC Institute faculty for the Implementing Open Educational Resources, Part 2workshop, recently joined us to discuss the future of open educational resources (OER) in higher education. Read her insights in this quick Q&A now!

email_icon_leadership_100x100.png OLC PODCASTS & WEBINARS

New Research in Action
Podcast Added

Dr. Marleah Dean Kruzel, an Assistant Professor in Health Communication at the University of South Florida in Tampa joins the Research in Action team to discuss Combining the Personal and the Professional in Research in this episode.

Stay on top of online teaching and learning trends, technologies, best practices and more with OLC Podcasts. Featuring EdSurge On Air, as well as TOPcast and Research in Action. Listen now.

Research in Action Logo

orange Learn More button.png

Woman Using Virtual Reality

Register Now orange button.png

Exploring the Immersive Learning Landscape
5-Part Webinar Series: Last Webinar August 23

What does it take to implement immersive reality (VR/AR/holograms) initiative in your system, at your institution, and within your classroom?Join our panel of experts for the next (and final) edition of this webinar series as they share lessons learned and best practices about planning strategically for successful implementation of immersive learning initiatives for enhancing teaching and learning.

email_icon_leadership_100x100.png  OLC ANNOUNCEMENTS

2017 DLIAward Enters Second Round of Judging

The DLIAward Review Team just completed their scoring of over 61 submissions for the esteemed award. Twenty-two submissions moved to the final round of scoring and the panel of judges review and score each proposal over the next three weeks.

Join us in Orlando in November for OLC Accelerate when we will announce the 2017 Digital Learning Innovation Award Winners.

Digital Learning Innovation Award Logo

orange Learn More button.png

ICDE World Conference on Online Learning Logo
Organized and hosted by
Contact North | Contact Nord.
orange Learn More button.png

Join 1000+ Delegates at the World Conference on Online Learning
October 16-19 | Toronto, Canada

Join faculty and instructors, practitioners, experts, instructional technology and media professionals, training providers, researchers, consultants, start-ups, policy makers, academic decision-makers and educational technology industry leaders in Toronto for the World Conference on Online Learning.

Click here to view the growing list of presenters and their presentation titles. The reduced, early bird registration fee is available until September 10, 2017.Register Now.

OLC Awards and Fellows Nominations Now Being Accepted

Award nominations for the OLC annual awards and OLC Fellowsare now being accepted.

Recipients will be recognized atOLC Accelerate in November in Orlando, FL. Deadline for submission is September 12, 2017.

Award on an iPad

orange Learn More button.png


Creating YouTube Videos for Teaching & Learning
August 21-August 27, 2017

Introduction to Online Presentation Tools
August 21-August 27, 2017

Facilitating Group Work Online
August 21-August 27, 2017

New! Implementing OER Resources, Part 2
August 21-August 27, 2017

Fundamentals: Engaging Learners In Online Discussions
September 11-September 17, 2017

Introduction to Audio & Video Tools
September 11-September 17, 2017

New! Self-paced Workshop:
Strategies for Increasing Interaction & Engagement 

More workshops.


Quality Scorecard Mastery Series
Starts August 23

Online Nursing Mastery Series
Starts September 27

Instructional Design Mastery Series
Starts October 11

Full Institute Schedule.


SummerofCollaboration2017_c.jpg Kudos to our July #SummerOfCollaboration
winners: @sraderosadavis & @DenisecWright!


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