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May 25, 2018

LearnTechLib Table of Contents Alert: CITE Journal 18:1

No specific articles related to K-12 distance, online, and/or blended learning in this issue – but the open access nature of it might provide some useful tidbits for readers of this space.

LearnTechLib - The Learning & Technology Library

LearnTechLib Table of Contents Alert: CITE Journal 18:1

Dear Michael Barbour,

The latest issue of Contemporary Issues in Technology and Teacher Education is now available on LearnTechLib, the Learning & Technology Library.

Contemporary Issues in Technology and Teacher Education

Vol. 18 , No. 1 (March 2018)

Table of Contents

  1. Video in the Middle: Purposeful Design of Video-Based Mathematics Professional Development

    Nanette Seago , WestEd, ; Karen Koellner , Hunter College, City University of New York, ; Jennifer Jacobs , University of Colorado, Boulder,


  2. Analysis of Video-Based Training Approaches and Professional Development

    Serge Leblanc , Faculté d’éducation université Montpellier,


  3. Referentiality in Secondary Teachers’ Video Observation of Others’ Teaching

    Valérie Lussi Borer , University of Geneva, ; Alain Muller , University of Geneva, ; Simon Flandin , University of Geneva,


  4. Video-Enhanced Training to Support Professional Development in Elementary Science Teaching: A Beginning Teacher’s Experience

    Christine Hamel , Université Laval, ; Anabelle Viau-Guay , Université Laval, ; Luc Ria , ENS-Lyon, ; Justine Dion-Routhier , Université Laval,


  5. Examining the Quality of Preservice Science Teachers’ Written Reflections When Using Video Recordings, Audio Recordings, and Memories of a Teaching Event

    Brendan Calandra , Georgia State University, ; Laurie Brantley-Dias , Kennesaw State University, ; Johnathan Yerby , Georgia State University, ; Kadir Demir , Georgia State University,


  6. Leveraging Analysis of Students’ Disciplinary Thinking in a Video Club to Promote Student-Centered Science Instruction

    Tara Barnhart , California State University, Fullerton, ; Elizabeth van Es , University of California, Irvine,


  7. Novice Teachers’ Use of Student Thinking and Learning as Evidence of Teaching Effectiveness: A Longitudinal Study of Video-Enhanced Teacher Preparation

    Rossella Santagata , University of California Irvine, ; Karen Taylor , University of California Irvine,


  8. The Impact of Preservice Teachers’ Experiences in a Video-Enhanced Training Program on Their Teaching: A Case Study in Physical Education

    Cyrille Gaudin , University of Limoges, ; Sébastien Chaliès , University of Toulouse, ; Jérôme Amathieu , University of Toulouse,


  9. Editorial: Considering Experience to Advance Research in Video-Enhanced Teacher Learning

    Simon Flandin , University of Geneva, ; Valérie Lussi Borer , University of Geneva, ; Cyrille Gaudin , University of Limoges,


  10. Table of contents for this issue:

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May 12, 2018

SITE Webinar Recording

From yesterday’s inbox…

Hi Michael,

We had a nice turnout for the webinar, Applying and Interviewing for Faculty Positions. Here are the slides and recording in case anyone was interested and couldn’t attend.

Thank you!

Jered Borup, Leanna Archambault, and Catharyn Shelton

May 11, 2018

Register By May 14th & Save!

Note this up-coming deadline…

Early Registration & Confirmation: May 14th
  • Registration Includes: breakfast and lunch Tuesday – Friday
  • At least one author from each accepted paper must Register and make payment in order to confirm that paper.
  • Register early by May 14th to save!
Can’t Make It to Amsterdam?
Join the Conference Virtually!
Virtual sessions and virtual participation is a great option for authors and attendees who can’t be at the live conference.
Virtual presentation offers the same validity (review policy, publication, certification, etc.) as the face-to-face conference.
Virtual participants are also able to connect and interact with all conference attendees and view/download all papers and presentations!
AACE | P.O. Box,
Waynesville, NC 28786

May 7, 2018

Corrected URL for SITE Webinar

Note that I received this update earlier today on this webinar that may be of interest to graduate students out there.

Sorry to email again about the May 9th webinar, Applying and Interviewing for Faculty Positions. However, we had to change the Zoom meeting URL. Below is the corrected announcement. Would you mind sharing the new announcement with anyone who may be interested?

On May 9th at 5:00pm EST, the Society for Information Technology and Teacher Education’s (SITE) K-12 Online Learning SIG will be holding the webinar, Applying and Interviewing for Faculty Positions. In the online presentation, we will share strategies for the following:

  • Becoming a strong candidate
  • Identifying job postings
  • Preparing application materials
  • Interviewing successfully
  • Negotiating job offers

WhenWednesday, May 9th 2018, 5pm EST

Where: Zoom Synchronous Meeting (Please note updated link)



Jered Borup, Leanna Archambault, and Catharyn Shelton

May 5, 2018

AACE Review April Update

Lots of good content that was relegated to the weekend because of the volume of items this week.

Check Out The Latest Articles
Comics in Education:
An Unflattering View
Consider the wide adoption and success of Instagram – are we entering a new visual culture where people express themselves through graphics as much as through writing? How does this affect business and research communication?
Inclusive Community Design: Design Thinking Workshop on Local Engagement for Diverse Populations
A detailed overview of a design thinking workshop at Muenster University of Applied Sciences in Germany that focused on inclusive community development and brought together researchers from different disciplines, city planners, architects and students.
AACE News Roundup for Winter/Spring 2018
This periodical summary gathers the top trending educational technology themes and debates in the blogosphere. For the review, we scan the latest posts of several blogs and outlets, constantly adding new voices in the mix.
AACE | P.O. Box,
Waynesville, NC 28786
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