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January 21, 2017

New year, new opportunities to learn | McREL e-News

A final item today from Thursday’s inbox…

January 2017

New year, new opportunities!
Last year, McREL celebrated 50 years of serving educators around the world. We’re grateful for every opportunity we’ve had to work with educators around the world, and we’re looking forward to the next 50 years of helping teachers, leaders, and students flourish. All the best to you in 2017!
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Need help planning a new project or ideas for recharging an important initiative? Wondering how to make sense of data or how to better connect action plans to goals? Contact us today for a 30-minute strategic session with one of our expert consultants. No fee, no obligations, just good ideas and inspiration for “quick wins” and “game changers” in your school, district, agency, or system.

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Research Roundup

Executive Function: Implications for education
U.S. Department of Education, Institute of Education Sciences (IES)
A new paper published by the National Center for Education Research (NCER) and the National Center for Special Education Research (NCSER) gives an overview of research on how executive function skills relate to learning. The authors conclude that executive functioning is integral to the academic and social development of students, but that better measurement tools are needed to fully understand the effects of school interventions intended to improve executive function skills.

Teacher Stress and Health: Effects on teachers, students, and schools
The Pennsylvania State University and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation

This research brief identifies four major causes of teacher stress: school organization (leadership, climate, and culture); job demands; work resources, including support and autonomy in decision-making; and teachers’ personal resources and social-emotional competence. These stressors, according to the report, rival levels experienced by doctors and nurses, and can lead to poor performance by teachers and their students, as well as higher rates of teacher turnover.

School leadership Interventions Under the Every Student Succeeds Act: Evidence review
Rand Corporation

This report from Rand Corporation delves into the evidence base on effective school leadership —- outlining seven specific findings that demonstrate its effect on student achievement —- and presents opportunities provided by the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) to develop strong, evidence-based, strategic school leadership interventions. Note: In the report, Rand includes McREL’s Balanced Leadership® professional development as an activity that may meet ESSA Tier I evidence standards.

New from McREL

Success Story | Reducing variability leads to achievement gains in large Nebraska district
Lincoln Public Schools, a large and rapidly growing district in Nebraska, was looking to increase the quality and consistency of effective instruction across its schools. Using the research-based instructional strategies of McREL’s Classroom Instruction That Works provided the consistency the district needed and led to better teaching practices and improved student achievement.

Quality questioning is a process that begins with preparing questions to engage all students in thinking and ends in the facilitation of dialogue that deepens learning. This new edition organizes questioning practices around the “6 Ps” framework —- Prepare and Present the Question, Prompt Student Thinking, Process Student Responses, Polish Questioning Practices, and Partner with Students —- and contains significant new research-based practices and insights. Learn more.

Research Matters | What skills do students really need for a global economy?
In the December issue of ASCD’s Educational Leadership, McREL CEO Bryan Goodwin weighs in with the research on how much students can affect their own destinies. “We might wonder how we can help students living with constant reminders of adverse external forces flip the script, so to speak, and see themselves as subjects who can act-not simply be acted upon,” he writes. Read his column.

Blog Post | Higher-order questioning inspires higher-level thinking
Cheryl Abla and Lisa Maxfield offer ideas to inspire higher-level questioning in the classroom, which, they say “can greatly extend classroom conversations and learning.” Read their blog post.

Blog Post | Teachable Life Lessons: Hula hoops® and fishy handshakes
Cheryl Abla shares some powerful, quick classroom exercises that can help students become responsible, respectful, caring adults. Read her blog post.

Events & Opportunities

Twitter Slow Chats

We are hosting a weekly series of slow chats on Twitter and we’d love your participation. Follow us on Twitter and use the hashtag #McRELchat to share your thoughts and ideas on each week’s theme with other educators:

Jan 16-22 | Accepting and celebrating differences
Our discussion will center around school climate and culture, and ways to build trust in the classroom. How do you promote risk-taking and questioning in your school?

Jan 23-29 | Parent communication and engagement
We’ll discuss ways to help parents and guardians support their students at home. How do you engage with parents and guardians and help them support their students?

Jan 30-Feb 5 | Learning from mistakes
We want to know what you think about effort, perseverance, grit, and mindsets. What mistakes have you learned from and changed? How do you teach and promote effort and grit?

McREL Summer PD Institutes

Registration is now open for our summer professional learning workshops and institutes. Join us in Denver for high-impact sessions that will expand your knowledge and ability to make significant changes in teaching, leading, and learning. You’ll leave each session with research-based, best-practice strategies  strategies you can use immediately to help you —- and your students —- flourish.

Classroom Instruction That Works PD Workshop
Denver, Colo., June 19-21, 2017

Classroom Instruction That Works Authorized Facilitator Training
Denver, Colo., June 19-23, 2017

Balanced Leadership® for School-Level Leaders
Denver, Colo., July 11-14, 2017

District Leadership That Works
Denver, Colo., July 17-18, 2017

Classroom Instruction That Works with English Language Learners
Denver, Colo., July 19-20, 2017

Upcoming Conference

AASA National Conference on Education
New Orleans, Louis., March 2-4
Stop by the AASA exhibit hall at the Ernest N. Morial Convention Center and visit with McREL at booth #537. Our chief program officer, Dr. Robin Jarvis, will be on hand to share information about school and system improvement services, leadership development, teacher training and coaching, and research and program evaluation services. To set up a specific time to visit with Dr. Jarvis or other McREL staff during the conference, contact Madonna Shafer at or 303.459.5043.
To learn more and register, please visit the  AASA conference website.
Visit our events page or contact McREL to learn more about other upcoming conferences and events.


Life sciences have critical importance to Guam
One of GreenSTEM’s greatest strengths is its relevancy to local issues and students’ lives. Students in Guam are learning that life sciences have critical importance to their local challenges. Read about our work in this story from KUAM News.
McREL: Helping educators flourish
“With more consistency across classrooms, 
the quality of instruction and achievement have gone up.”
Sarah Salem, Director, Continuous Improvement and Professional Learning,
Lincoln Public Schools, Nebraska
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January 19, 2017

Early Childhood | Digital Learning | Community College Success

From yesterday’s inbox…

WestEd E-Bulletin
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Monthly highlights of WestEd’s research, resources, services, and events to help all learners succeed in school and career.

R&D Alert Online

AGENCY NEWS2016’s Top 5 R&D Alert Articles

Which topics did R&D Alert readers find most compelling in 2016? Take a look at our top five articles from the past 12 months:

  1. Helping English Learners Rise to the Challenge of Complex Texts
  2. Empowering Families to Improve Student Learning
  3. Formative Assessment Course Helps Transform Teaching and Learning
  4. Restorative Justice: An Alternative to Traditional Punishment
  5. Research Helps Target Support for Students with Disabilities

Stay tuned this year for articles on infant/toddler care, education technology, effective leadership, and more!

TEACHERS & LEADERSLeading Professional Learning: A Simulation Game for Educators

This fun simulation game engages educators in building a strong school faculty focused on providing the best environment for student learning.

In a non-competitive environment, players take on the role of a professional learning leadership team tasked with planning and leading change in their school.

Visit the Leading Professional Learning resource page to learn more and to order a copy.

SCHOOLS, DISTRICTS, & STATE EDUCATION SYSTEMSWhen Dropouts Return to School: New Research Report

A new REL West report looks at the characteristics and education outcomes of Utah students who dropped out and then returned to high school.

Learn about students seeking a second chance to earn their diplomas.

POSTSECONDARY & CAREERAcademic Planning in Community College: New Research Report

A new REL West study investigates the impact of technology-based counseling interventions — coupled with targeted nudges and guaranteed access to counseling sessions — on community college student outcomes.

Read the key findings and download the report.

LITERACYBuilding Literacy in Middle and High School: Online Professional Learning Opportunities

Register for these upcoming webinars focused on building literacy in middle and high school.

TEACHERS & LEADERSCalifornia Teacher Retirements Over the Next Decade: New Research Report

A new study projects one quarter of California teachers will retire by 2024, suggesting careful local workforce planning will be critical for schools and districts.

Read about teacher retirement projections across California’s 58 counties.

SCIENCE, TECHNOLOGY, ENGINEERING, & MATHEMATICSSupporting Effective STEM Teaching and Learning

With a focus on high-quality teaching and learning across all STEM subjects, WestEd conducts research and evaluation studies; provides coaching and other professional learning opportunities; and more.

Visit our Science, Technology, Engineering, & Mathematics page to learn about WestEd services, research, and resources.


This six-minute video illustrates the need for babies, once born, to be cared for in a “social womb” that provides the nurturance, protection, and enrichment essential to the healthy development of their still-growing brains.

Watch in English.

Watch in Spanish.

Resource Spotlight

Resource Spotlight

2016 Top Downloads: Early Childhood, Family Engagement, English Learners

Check out 2016’s top downloads, with education topics ranging from improving infant/toddler care and family engagement to leadership development and restorative justice.

Featured Initiative

Featured Initiative

Ready To Learn: Improving Early Learning and School Readiness Through Digital Media

The Ready To Learn (RTL) initiative supports the development of educational digital media for preschool and early elementary school children and their families, with a focus on children from low-income families — a population less likely to be ready for kindergarten.

WestEd conducts extensive research on and evaluation of RTL digital content, including:

  • Formative evaluations
  • Technical needs assessments
  • Impact studies

Visit the Ready To Learn website for more information about this federally funded initiative.

WestEd 50 Years - Celebrating 50 Years of Excellence

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January 13, 2017

Success Story | Focus On Instructional Consistency Leads To Student Gains

From Wednesday’s inbox…

Success Story: Focusing on instructional quality and consistency improves student outcomes
Contact us for a free, 30-minute, no obligation consultation
to get ideas and inspiration for “quick wins” and “game changers” in your district.
Additional Resources

Motivate. Lead. Achieve.
Celebrating fifty years of helping students and educators flourish.
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December 25, 2016

Happy Holidays from McREL!

From the inbox…

Happy holidays and best wishes 
for a successful new year from all of us 
at McREL International!
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December 8, 2016

Secondary Literacy | School Turnaround | Native American Students

No K-12 distance, online and blended learning items, but some items that may be of interest…

WestEd E-Bulletin
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Monthly highlights of WestEd’s research, resources, services, and events to help all learners succeed in school and career.

SPECIAL EDUCATIONStates Collaborate to Improve Outcomes for Children with Disabilities

As states have shifted toward a results-driven approach to special education and early intervention services, the National Center for Systemic Improvement has been helping them implement strategic plans to improve outcomes of students with disabilities. Read the latest R&D Alert Online article to learn more.

Also, download the latest print edition of R&D Alert to learn how data can be used to target support for students with disabilities.

LITERACYLeading for Literacy: A Reading Apprenticeship Approach

This companion to the landmark classroom-focused Reading for Understanding gives schools and districts clear, concrete guidance, tools, and examples to improve the reading of students in middle school through college. Ideal for teacher leaders, coaches, and administrators.

Get your copy of Leading for Literacy: A Reading Apprenticeship Approach today.

TEACHERS & LEADERSTeacher Effectiveness Data, Demographics, and Evaluations: New Research

How can school and district administrators use teacher evaluation results to shape teacher development and make workforce decisions? What patterns do researchers notice based on teacher demographics — such as race, age, and gender — and their ratings in teacher evaluation systems? Check out the new research.

SCHOOLS, DISTRICTS, & STATE EDUCATION SYSTEMSSchool Turnaround and Supporting American Indian/Alaska Native Students: New Resources

How can states help districts with their school turnaround efforts? What strategies can educators use to better support American Indian/Alaska Native students? Download new resources.

COLLEGE & CAREEREnsuring All Students Are Prepared for Postsecondary Success

Looking for research-based expertise on effective practices that lead to postsecondary and career success?

Visit our College & Career page for services, research, and resources.

LITERACYReading Apprenticeship Is Now on Facebook

Reading Apprenticeship is a research-based and research-proven instructional framework for improving the academic literacy of middle school, high school, and college students.

We invite you to like Reading Apprenticeship’s new Facebook page, where you can learn more about this key initiative and get the latest information about upcoming professional learning opportunities and more.

WestEd Celebrating 50 Years

AGENCY NEWSWestEd Celebrating 50 Years

We hope you’ve enjoyed the highlights of WestEd’s 50 years of making a positive difference in the lives of children and adults. As we head into our 51st year, our agency continues to grow, tackling real-world challenges to ensure success for every learner.

Read a sample list of WestEd’s historical milestones and view the WestEd at 50 video.

Resource Spotlight

English Learner Students’ Readiness for Academic Success

When is the right time to move an English learner student from part-time English language development classes into full-time mainstream English-only classes?

Looking at two student cohorts in Arizona and Nevada, this new REL West report offers insight into this important question. Download your copy.

Featured Initiative


Raising the Bar on Instruction
Helping Educators Transition to College- and Career-Ready Standards

Today’s content standards — including Common Core and Next Generation Science — require greater rigor than ever before in teacher instructional practice. The Raising the Bar on Instruction website supports educators with resources and services in five key areas:

  • Curriculum alignment
  • Assessment and accountability
  • Subject-area expertise
  • Diverse learners
  • Conditions for learning

Visit the Raising the Bar on Instruction website to learn more.

WestEd at Events

WestEd at Events

Join us at national and local events. Browse our up-to-date calendar!

WestEd 50 Years - Celebrating 50 Years of Excellence

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