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Beginning in January 2010, I will issue a monthly newsletter.  The VSM Newsletter will be delivered via e-mail using a Google group.  The VSM Newsletter will include links to specific entries on this blog, but also special items that do not appear in the Virtual School Meanderings blog.  The official description of the VSM Newsletter reads:

This Google group is associated with the Virtual High School Meanderings blog (see ).  Its primary purpose is to create an e-mail based monthly newsletter that would compliment/support the content on the Virtual School Meanderings blog.

If you are interested in receiving the VSM Newsletter, please sign up at:

My goal will be to send this newsletter on the third Monday of each month.

Note: The settings on this group allow only the group administrator (i.e., me) to send messages and see who has joined the group.  So joining this Google group should only increase your e-mail traffic by one message per month.


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