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April 10, 2021

ONE WEEK LEFT to Register in 3-5 Credit & EL/JH SI Courses!

An item from a Canadian-based K-12 online learning program.

ONE WEEK LEFT to Register in 3-5 Credit & EL/JH SI Courses!
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ONE WEEK LEFT to Register!

April 16 marks the last day to register students in the following Student Instruction (SI) courses (including students on the waiting list):
  • senior high school 3-, 4- and 5-credit
  • all elementary/junior high

To register a student, talk to your school’s ADLC Super User or visit our website.

Important Reminders!

  • If you are unable to register a student in a course because it is full, you have the option to add the student to the waiting list.
  • The registration deadline for 1-credit SI courses is May 14
  • The course completion deadline for students writing diploma exams is June 2 and June 14 for all remaining courses, unless stated otherwise by the ADLC teacher. 
  • There are NO ADLC summer extensions.
  • ADLC is closing after the 2020-21 school year. All important closure information can be found on our website.
If you have any questions, please give us a call at 1-866-774-5333, ext. 5378 or email

Alberta Distance Learning Centre

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ADLC is committed to helping students reach their potential through partnerships with schools and providing Grades 1 to 12 students from diverse backgrounds with high quality, innovative resources in an inclusive and flexible learning environment.

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AERA 2021 – A Newcomer’s Lens: A Look at K-12 Online and Blended Learning in the Journal of Online Learning Research

Less than an hour ago, my colleagues and I finished our paper (and my final) presentation for the annual meeting of the American Educational Research Association.  Here is the asynchronous version of that presentation.

Abstract: In this study, the authors analyzed 51 articles published between 2015 and 2018 inclusive in the Journal of Online Learning Research (JOLR). The purpose of this study was to examine the trends regarding article topics, geography, research methods and article types, authorship, and citation frequency. The results indicated JOLR gave additional attention to K-12 blended learning. Another common topic was professional development. Most studies were focused on the US. Future research is needed to examine if the trends from this study continue over a more extended period and if these results reflect the development of and change in the field of K-12 online and blended learning.


  • Hu Min, Brigham Young University
  • Karen T Arnesen, Brigham Young University
  • Michael K Barbour, Touro University California
  • Heather Leary, Brigham Young University

Slides available at

Virtual Schooling In The News

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InTheNewsBeginning with the Education Dive.

How will pandemic-era tech investments expand districts’ long-term capabilities?

Remote learning will be helpful when students can’t physically be in class, but the tech could also expand course and program options for many districts.

How can educators promote SEL, equity in hybrid learning?

Finding a balance to meet the needs of all students remains a challenge in hybrid models, but one expert suggests building on common practices.

Next, the EdSource Today.

By John Fensterwald, EdSource
Many teachers agree that distance learning forced them to focus on what’s important and to listen closely to the views of students.
By Ali Tadayon and John Fensterwald, EdSource
Announcement may lead to debate over mandating a full in-person return or offering distance learning option.

Also, EdClips.


CA Gov. Newsom Expects Full In-Person Fall Return to School After State Scraps Color-Coded Tiers

Announcement may lead to debate over mandating a full in-person return or offering distance learning option. | Ed Source, April 6

Learn More

Key Issues: COVID-19 Pandemic


Survey: Even as Schools Reopen, Many Students Learn Remotely

Nearly 46% of public schools offered five days a week of in-person learning to all students in February, according to the survey, but just 34% of students were learning full time in the classroom. The gap was most pronounced among older K-12 students, with just 29% of eighth graders getting five days a week of learning at school. | The Associated Press, April 7

Learn More

Key Issues: COVID-19 Pandemic

Moving on to the various items from Education Week.

Image is a close up of an illustrated robotic eyeball.
Teachers Are Watching Students’ Screens During Remote Learning. Is That Invasion of Privacy?
The tools help teachers keep remote students on track and pinpoint who needs help. Some parents and students worry about over-surveillance.
Read More
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Silhouette of group of students with data overlay.
What Life Was Like for Students in the Pandemic Year
We asked students to share their pandemic experiences. Here’s what they had to say.
Read More
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When School Goes Remote, Many LGBTQ Students Lose a Safe Space
School can be an affirming environment for many LGBTQ young people, and the absence of in-person instruction has been difficult.
An isolated young person is troubled
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Former NYC Schools Chancellor Richard Carranza Lands Job With Ed-Tech Company
Richard Carranza, the former schools chief in New York City, will become the chief of strategy and global development at IXL Learning, a Silicon Valley-based online personalized learning platform.
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How Effective Is Online Learning? What the Research Does and Doesn’t Tell Us
Research suggests on average students don’t learn as much online, particularly if they are already struggling, writes Susanna Loeb.
28Loeb IMG Getty
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Teachers Are Watching Students’ Screens During Remote Learning. Is That Invasion of Privacy?
The tools help teachers keep remote students on track and pinpoint who needs help. Some parents and students worry about over-surveillance.
Image is a close up of an illustrated robotic eyeball.
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How These Districts Prioritized Relationships and Social-Emotional Support During the Pandemic (EdSurge)

When schools shuttered suddenly more than a year ago, teachers and staff scrambled to recreate their school communities as best they could in a virtual environment.

Roundtable: Focusing on Social and Emotional Learning for K-12 Students (EdTech Magazine)

Four experts discuss the pandemic’s impact on social and emotional learning, and best practices for offering SEL-focused instruction in a remote environment.
Survey: Even as Schools Reopen, Many Students Learn Remotely
A survey released by the Biden administration found large numbers of students are not returning to the classroom even as schools reopen.
Students wait to enter Wyandotte County High School in Kansas City, Kan., on the first day of in-person learning on March 31, 2021. The district was one of the last in the state to return to the classroom after going virtual during the COVID-19 pandemic.
Read More
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‘My Online Learning Experience as a Student Is Not So Good’
High school students reveal what they like and don’t like about remote learning, and whether they prefer it.
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When School Goes Remote, Many LGBTQ Students Lose a Safe Space
School can be an affirming environment for many LGBTQ young people, and the absence of in-person instruction has been difficult.
An isolated young person is troubled
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Digital Math Games and Apps: What Works and What Doesn’t?
Teachers are using a variety of games, videos, and apps to supplement online math instruction-but not all of them are created equal.
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Most Students With Disabilities Still Attend Remotely. Teachers Say They’re Falling Behind
A new survey finds that students with disabilities are struggling in virtual classes, even with added support from teachers.
Image shows a young femal student working on a computer from phone, interfacing with an adult female.
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The Stanford Scholar Bent on Helping Digital Readers Spot Fake News
Rick Hess speaks with Dr. Sam Wineburg about fake news, digital learning, and how to help children navigate online content.
Image shows a multi-tailed arrow hitting the bullseye of a target.
Read More
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Next, the different mailings from eSchool News.

Silver linings in K-12 online learning
As schools mark one year of pandemic learning, many are realizing that online learning is their preferred model for teaching and learning.

Silver linings in K-12 online learning

Reimagining schools as remote employers
If schools want to retain employees, rethinking the idea of the physical workspace—and making remote work more widespread—is key.

Reimagining schools as remote employers

10 online music education tools
Music education isn’t limited to in-person learning experiences–interactive online tools are plentiful.

10 online music education tools

How we moved professional learning to virtual facilitation
In-person professional learning can’t be beat, but it’s possible to move to a virtual delivery model without sacrificing quality.

How we moved professional learning to virtual facilitation

Also, the variety of newsletters from ASCD.

Tech expert: Citizens Broadband an ideal internet solution
Tech expert: Citizens Broadband an ideal internet solution
Tapping governments and internet service providers to help schools build a Citizens Broadband Radio Service — a bespoke broadband network — may be one of the best solutions for increasing internet access, Brian Louderback of technology services company Insight Enterprises says in this interview. He explains why a CBRS is a better option than Wi-Fi hot spots for households and mobile Wi-Fi in parking lots and buses.

Full Story: District Administration (3/31)


Ga. districts work to find absent students
Ga. districts work to find absent students
Tracking down virtual learners who have stopped attending class complicates the task of maintaining student engagement, says Jeff Mosely, academic programs director for a Georgia district. Mosely and his team work with students experiencing technical or other issues, while Chon Hester, coordinator of counseling and advisement for another district, says her department checks students’ social media to help track them down and help them return to school.

Full Story: CNN (3/31)


Data shows decline in dual-enrollment participation
Data shows decline in dual-enrollment participation
Enrollment in dual-enrollment courses fell by almost 3% in the spring — a decline during the pandemic that was much higher at some colleges, including the University of Idaho, Idaho State University and Boise State University. Officials say the shift to remote instruction affected enrollment, as well as student achievement in the courses.

Full Story: The Hechinger Report (4/3)


Should teachers be able to view students’ screens?
Should teachers be able to view students' screens?
(Matthew Horwood/Getty Images)
A growing number of teachers are using remote classroom-management tools that allow them to view students’ screens and, in some cases, assert controls. Amelia Vance, director of youth and education privacy at the nonprofit Forum on Privacy, cautions that schools will need to set parameters for the use of these tools.

Full Story: Education Week (4/2)


Teacher: District ensures AP students have access
Teacher: District ensures AP students have access
(Luka Dakskobler/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images)
Advanced Placement students in a diverse school district have access to technology and other supports — both in person and online — according to Eve Emmons, an AP English lead teacher. Emmons describes how the district seeks to make the courses and AP exams more accessible to students, and writes that she intends to continue offering online and asynchronous learning in classes where students learn in person.

Full Story: SmartBrief/Education (4/6)


More students learning remotely from outside country
More students learning remotely from outside country
(Matt Cardy/Getty Images)
Some US students in immigrant communities are logging into their remote courses from outside the US. Educators in New York, New Jersey, Florida and California report the practice has become increasingly common, with one New Jersey district reporting that records show their students were participating in virtual learning from 24 countries.

Full Story: The New York Times (4/8)


Educators get creative for virtual STEM lessons
Educators get creative for virtual STEM lessons
(Allison Shelley/Deeper Learning)
Teaching hands-on STEM subjects can be difficult in a remote setting, but some schools have reported success in keeping students engaged using a combination of tech resources and at-home activities. Educators from a California school share how they’ve made virtual learning work, while Sean Musselman, remote learning director and science specialist for a Massachusetts district, says STEM is more than hands-on projects because “good STEM pedagogy is rooted in discourse.”

Full Story: EdTech (4/1)


Miss. museums welcome 2,100 students on virtual tours
Miss. museums welcome 2,100 students on virtual tours
Late civil rights activist and Congressman John Lewis is seen in a mug shot after a 1961 arrest in Jackson, Miss., for using a restroom reserved for white people. (Kypros/Getty Images)
Some sixth-grade social studies students in Jackson, Miss., who’ve never been to a museum are among those who are virtually venturing into the Mississippi Civil Rights and Mississippi History museums, which have hosted 2,100 students throughout the country in 53 virtual field trips in the last several months. Teacher Amber Spriggins and her students were able to ask questions during the tour as a camera and computer moved through the museums to experience the exhibits.

Full Story: WLBT-TV/WDBD-TV (Jackson, Miss.) (4/6)


Survey: 34% of students are learning in person
Survey: 34% of students are learning in person
Almost 46% of public schools in the US were open to in-person instruction five days a week in February, yet only 34% of students were participating in full-time, in-person learning, according to data released today by President Joe Biden’s administration. The data shows that more older students are learning online, and more students in the South and Midwest are learning in person.

Full Story: The Associated Press (4/7)


Remote learning continues on N.J. district’s campuses
Plans to reopen to in-person learning in a New Jersey school district call for continued online learning in some cases. Schools plan to keep students in the same classrooms during the day, and teachers will conduct remote lessons.

Full Story: Chalkbeat/Newark (3/31)

Survey: Online learning upshot has many positives
Online education’s mental health issues and decline in social learning — such as sharing and taking turns — during this health crisis are worrisome, but 63% of respondents to a recent survey say online learning ultimately will yield positive results, Jay Wilson of the University of Saskatchewan reports in a radio interview. The benefits have included reduced bullying, increased flexibility and better pinpointing of inequities and supports needed, Wilson says.

Full Story: CBC News (Canada) (4/4)

District invests in at-home internet for students
The digital divide presented problems for an Illinois district during the coronavirus pandemic, with students without access to internet at a disadvantage during this period of remote instruction. The district used federal stimulus funds to install a private LTE network that provides internet service for about 500 students and families at home.

Full Story: KMOV-TV (St. Louis) (4/8)

Back to the regular Google News alert for virtual school.

Fact check: ‘Betty’ comic from 1997 showed kids attending virtual school in 2021

Back in 1997, at least two things seemed part of a distant future: virtual school and the year 2021. But in an instance of life imitating art, a “Betty” comic …

Panel for country’s first virtual school set up

Panel for country’s first virtual school set up. The committee was formed by Deputy CM and Education Minister Manish Sisodia in a review meeting held …

GPSD 7 introduces new virtual school “GPFLEX” opening in fall of 2021

Grants Pass Flexible Learning Experience or GPFLEX as it’ll be called, it’s the district’s first virtual school experience for students and families. It’s …

Clear Creek ISD primes for possible virtual school option for 2021-22 year

Parents have until noon Monday, April 19 to enroll their students in the program, dubbed Clear Connections Virtual School. Enrollment applications …

All virtual school day for students at Maybeury Elementary due to power outage

All virtual school day for students at Maybeury Elementary due to power outage … HENRICO COUNTY, Va. (WRIC) — A tree fell onto a power line this …

Prince George family loses son to suicide: “Our whole world just shattered”

PRINCE GEORGE COUNTY, Va. — A family still reeling from the loss of their 13-year-old son to suicide, believed virtual school took a major toll on his …

Delhi To Overhaul Remote Learning, Public Education By 2022 With Virtual Schools

… have effectively learned how to use technology during the pandemic and it has set a fertile ground to establish India’s first virtual school in Delhi.

Benton School District one of first in Arkansas to not require masks on campus

But, Bradley said if some parents feel uncomfortable, the virtual school option is still open. “Parents have always had the choice to keep their student …

Model virtual schools: Govt sets up panel

According to the government, it is “first of its kind virtual school that will strive to provide excellent education to students remotely through personalised …

Virtual therapy startups tackle the gap in mental health care for kids and teens

They’re in school for 60 to 70% of the day, even if it’s virtual school,” said Alvarado. The company has partnered with some 30 public and private …

Knox County Schools board set to discuss mask policy for upcoming school year

“I don’t think virtual school is the best for my children.” Coats said that she ensures a decision will be made with all kids in mind. “It’s my sincere hope …

South Dakota ProStart program receives $15300 grant

… High School (Pierre), SD Virtual School, Sioux Falls CTE Academy, Sturgis Brown High School, Todd County High School and Wagner High School.

Women’s Tennis Fight’s Off Stetson’s Comeback Attempt in 4-3 Win Saturday Afternoon

Doubles competition was intense as FGCU took the top court first with Sofia Perez (Alajuela, Costa Rica/Florida Virtual School) and Ida Ferding …

Chester Upland Youth Soccer Saturdays are back

They’re home doing virtual school, he’s not able to be around other students like this.” Grid View. After shutting down the program last March, Chester …

‘My angel;’ a father remembers his boy, slain in Orange shooting spree

Speaking by phone in a shaky voice, Rafael Farias described how Matthew, his only child, had been working on virtual school assignments earlier in …

Integrated IT Portfolio Analysis Applications Market 2021 Competitive Landscape, Key Players …

K12 Inc Connections Academy Mosaica Education Pansophic Learning Florida Virtual School (FLVS) Charter Schools USA Lincoln Learning …

Exclusive research on Website Monitoring Software Market 2021 Key Players, Industry insight …

Florida Virtual School (FLVS); Charter Schools USA; Lincoln Learning Solutions; Inspire Charter Schools; Abbotsford Virtual School; Alaska Virtual …

Online School Solutions Market Innovative Trends Implemented by Manufacturers Steering Growth …

Key Companies: K12, Abbotsford Virtual School, Mosaica Education – SoccerNurds …

Letter to the Editor: Conder calls failed passage of family court bill ‘a sad day’

… attempt to counsel and report the trauma that COVID-19 caused by having virtual school resulting in cases not be reported or just simply ignored.

NJ Homeowners Eligible For $3252/yr In Mortgage Relief

A New 2021 Mortgage Relief Program Is Giving $3,252/yr Back To Homeowners. Check If You Qualify For This Program. (It’s Fast & Easy).

Immigrant families are leaving DC’s public schools. Will they return?

In interviews, immigrant students at Cardozo Education Campus said this has been a difficult year, navigating virtual school in a language they do not …

Student’s art explores isolation during pandemic

Visual arts teacher Rosanna Magliaro was overwhelmed by the creation for her class in the St. Clair Catholic district school board’s virtual school.

Editorial: An assistant principal at Indio High School offers lessons to all of us

… efforts to track down the hundreds of students who have vanished from virtual school during the pandemic-induced remote learning of the past year.

Virtual Schools Market 2021 Will Reflect Significant Growth in Future with Size, Share, Growth, and …

… Growth, and Key Companies Analysis- K12 Inc, Connections Academy, Mosaica Education, Pansophic Learning, Florida Virtual School (FLVS), etc.

Climb your career ladder with these entrepreneurship training platforms

MetamorphosisEdu is a virtual school that teaches entrepreneurship to high school students from classes 6 to 12. This Hyderabad based edtech …

Failure to get second Family Court judge was a sad day for Owensboro

… attempt to counsel and report the trauma that COVID-19 caused by having virtual school resulting in cases not being reported or just simply ignored.

Clarke County School District students go sit outside library to get access to internt for virtual school

A child attends “virtual school” outside the Clarke County Public Library in 2020. Content Exchange …

Hot rods already are insufferable — what about summer?

… school secretary, Peggy Cheeley, who stepped up to help us with our son’s care during the school day as his parents worked during virtual school.

Parents talk about the future of Guam they envision for their children

This year, as her daughter enters the third month of virtual school, Luces has played the role of a second teacher. Watching her daughter grow made …

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… with all of the possible distractions. [During the transition between public school and virtual school, I have had to adapt to change in many ways.] …

House budget would roll back virtual school choice

Current law requires school districts to offer at least three virtual school options to students within their district, though the statute also allows out-of- …

Taking Lessons From the Pandemic, Wichita’s Virtual School Alters Its Approach For Fall

Last spring, Wichita families clamoring for online learning options quickly snapped up 500 spots at Education Imagine Academy, a K-12 virtual school …

Sturgeon Lake School providing remote learning through locally developed program

… Kapawe’no First Nation and all over Northern Alberta that are going to this virtual school system, they come in on Chrome Books,” says Peterson.

Fact check: ‘Betty’ comic from 1997 showed kids attending virtual school in 2021

46 from February 1997. It was reprinted in 2015 under an even more-futuristic title that placed it in 2104. While the comic nailed virtual school in 2021, …

SAISD students can graduate early with new night virtual school

Kathaleen De Hoyos may not have been able to look forward to graduating high school in June without San Antonio Independent School District’s new …

What you need to know about COVID-19 in Ottawa on Monday, April 5

Experts are urging the province to vaccinate essential workers as hospitals reach capacity. When virtual school becomes tedious and lockdowns cause ..

The pandemic has upended personal finance education in schools

The trials of virtual school. While teachers and students across the country have adapted, the switch to virtual education has been challenging.

Lawmakers weigh bills to establish virtual learning in public schools

Kathy Szeliga, a Republican from Baltimore County and the sponsor of one of the bills, said “some students and families are truly thriving” in a virtual …

Memphis teen hopes to encourage others through virtual learning song

— J’Miyahh Claxton, 13, has felt the pains and frustrations of virtual school just like many of her classmates. “It’s been kinda boring! Cause I’m a person …

Fort Bend ISD begins conversations about virtual learning for 2021-22 school year

The district is still drafting the specific eligibility criteria for the virtual school. FBISD Chief of Schools Joe Rodriguez said priority will be given to students …

Olathe Virtual School now accepting applications for 2021-2022 school year

OLATHE, KS (KCTV) – Olathe Public Schools is starting a virtual school for students who want to remain remote. The Olathe Virtual School is now …

Letter: A virtual school, like the one planned for the Jordan School district, is problematic

Letter: A virtual school, like the one planned for the Jordan School district, is problematic. (Rick Egan | The Salt Lake Tribune) A student does his …

Oklahoma Virtual School Finds Nighttime Is The Right Time For Learning

Oklahoma Virtual School Finds Nighttime Is The Right Time For Learning. Join the conversation (. ) Monday, April 5th 2021, 6:44 pm. By: Brian Mueller.

BYU study: In-class beats online learning, but extra sleep benefits mental health

“On the one hand, if you do virtual school, teens get more sleep and that’s a good thing. On the other hand, I was quite struck by that enormous gap in …

Princeton Symphony Orchestra Offers School Visits, Instrument Introductions, and More with Virtual …

Virtual school musician visits and online instrument demonstrations are geared to engage the younger set, while discussions of Bach and Youth …

Todd Bloomquist, Director of School Improvement for Grants Pass School District

Today, the Grants Pass SchoolDistrict announced their virtual school option for next school year. The flexible learning experience (GPFLEX) is the …

JCPS counseling hours spiked as students struggled through NTI

… halls here remain quiet because of the hybrid schedule and other students remaining in virtual school. He said he’s thankful for the staff at Iroquois.

Registration open for Iowa City Community School District’s new school: ICCSD Online

The virtual school will also offer honors and AP courses. As previously reported by The Daily Iowan, ICCSD’s efforts to create a fully online curriculum …

Virtual Schools Market Sales Revenue, Consumption, Growth Rate by top Manufacturers like K12 …

Some of the key manufacturers operating in this market include: K12 Inc, Connections Academy, Mosaica Education, Pansophic Learning, Florida Virtual …

Local legislators introduce new bill to ease educational transition for military children

… to participate in both virtual school enrollments and advance enrollments as they prepare to move to a new military installation with orders in hand.

LCS opens enrollment for Leon County Virtual School, hopes for more in-person attendance

Superintendent Rocky Hanna said the virtual school, which has been around for a while, is different from what the last year online might have looked like …

COVID-19 catapulted Lee Virtual beyond its 328-student comfort zone. It might never go back

The event would celebrate the 10th year of teaching and learning at Lee Virtual School, Lee County’s online K-12 school. The in-person celebration …

The budget would leave many parents with one option, or no option at all

A budget bill in the House has the potential to end many virtual school options and funnel students into Florida Virtual School. Current law requires …

Teachers warn that some students have ‘checked out’ of school, and it will be hard to get them back

In October, he lost four more students — kids who he knew benefited from in-person learning — when they switched to virtual school and lost their …

High school parents torn about full return to in-class school

“Doing virtual school is affecting my son’s grades because he’s not motivated at home. It’s very difficult to be motivated all day long when you’re alone …

KCS virtual learning enrollment postponed for 2021-2022 school year

If approved there will be 3 virtual school options for students. That includes one for Elementary, Middle and High School, each of the virtual schools …

Louisville Christian School Offering Full-Time Virtual School Option

Darin Long, Superintendent of Christian Academy of Louisville tells Spectrum News 1, “Education is going to look a lot different. Brick and mortar …

These London, Ont., students were asked to make videos about racial justice. They nailed it

Elementary school students from Blessed Carlo Acutis Continuing Education and Virtual School, in the Huron Perth Catholic School Board, explain in …

Mark Richards named Vice Principal at TA starting next school year

… as an educator and has served as secondary Vice Principal at St. Isidore Virtual School and a teacher at St. Thomas Aquinas High School.

Knox County Schools postpones enrollment window for virtual learning

If approved, this rule would require virtual students in Tennessee to un-enroll from their base school and enroll in a virtual school approved by the …

LRSD board to consider mask mandate, creation of virtual school

… permanent virtual school within the district. The administration recommends the continuation of its universal mask requirement in all LRSD buildings.

Climber Colin Duffy, 17, on How School Going Virtual Has Helped Him Find Training Time for …

“It’s not super easy to balance everything,” Duffy, of Broomfield, Colorado, tells PEOPLE during the Team USA Tokyo Olympics Media Summit, “but I just …

Lee County schools to transition virtual students back to in-person learning; what to know

Students currently enrolled in Lee Virtual School who signed up during the 2020-21 school year due to the pandemic, will automatically be transitioned …

Lawmakers weigh bills to establish virtual learning in public schools

Kathy Szeliga, a Republican from Baltimore County and the sponsor of one of the bills, said “some students and families are truly thriving” in a virtual …

Knox Co. Schools postpones enrollment while state ponders virtual learning

… this rule would require virtual students in Tennessee to un-enroll from their base school and enroll in a virtual school approved by the state. Thomas’ …

Feezor first principal for Davie Virtual School

Davie County Virtual School fills an ongoing need for Davie families and provides students with an option that will be in place for years to come, even …

AGO Virtual School Programs spring into classrooms with live dance, architecture, music and art …

Registration is now open, including for the next three weeks of Virtual School Programs. The next session of adult, youth and children’s courses begin …

BBB: Extortion scams target virtual students who agree to cheating

In many cases, it’s starting out with students looking for legitimate tutoring help with their virtual school work but if they agree to anything considered …

Virtual School Market 2021 Growth Analysis | Charter Schools USA,Acklam Grange School …

The global Virtual School market research report is a detailed analysis of the Virtual School industry verticals. The report provides both qualitative …

ACLU signs on to BB gun lawsuit in support of suspended virtual student

Two months after WDSU Investigates first reported Ka’Mauri’s story, a bill was signed into law to protect the rights of virtual school students and require …

Shelbyville School Board discusses opening virtual school

Her cost scenario for opening a virtual school is projected to employ 17 teachers outside contract at a total of $258,634.29. Board member David Finkel …

Whitmer urges virtual school classes, no youth sports for two weeks

Whitmer urges virtual school classes, no youth sports for two weeks … Lansing — Amid the spike in COVID-19 cases and hospitalizations in the state, Gov …

3 Alabama educators plead guilty to virtual school scam

… of neighboring ACS, suggested that Sisk could obtain more students for his virtual school by contracting with a company owned by Holladay’s friend, …

Kids get back into the barn with Windsor teacher’s online horse camp

“it’s been a tremendous success for my students in the virtual school and they’ve been very, very engaged and they look forward to it every week.

Fayette’s virtual academy had ‘rocky start’ during pandemic, but will stay open in 2021-22

Fayette County has the only stand alone K-5 virtual school in Kentucky, Interim Program Director Jamie Burch told Fayette school board members at a …

Alabama school funding fraud case: Updates on 6 indicted educators

… to inflate the enrollments of Athens City and Limestone County through virtual school options in order to get additional state funding began in 2015.

Charlotte County school district to discontinue Innovative E-Learning

Michael Riley, a spokesman for the school district, told WINK News students can enroll in Charlotte Virtual School if families wish to continue attending …

Palm Beach County public schools to end distance learning this summer

Parents who are reluctant to send their children back to campus in the fall still have a school district option: the district’s virtual school. Enrolling in the …

Global Online School Solutions Market 2021 Future Growth – K12 Inc, Abbotsford Virtual School …

For competitor segment, the report includes global key players of the market as well as some small players: K12 Inc, Abbotsford Virtual School, …

Absenteeism Is the Wrong Student Engagement Metric to Use Right Now

For some older students, virtual school can offer a way to set aside their schoolwork in the middle of the day and participate in paid employment or …

Finally, the Google News alert for cyber school.


Martell says a key to forming a charter school will be proposed state legislation that would require students to attend their district’s cyber school, but …

Punxsutawney Area School Board views preliminary budget numbers

Cyber school costs were about double what they had been in last year’s budget, and make up about 15 percent of the expenses. “So, when you go down …

Vision Committee members tour new JMCSS additions

A school bus dropped the group off at the closed Malesus Elementary School. The building is being renovated for the new Cyber School program, …

Redbank remains committed to reaching contract settlement

Recent federal grant monies related to the pandemic are being allocated to the district’s needs, particularly the increase in cyber school expenses.

Redbank considers uses for COVID funds

… that the finance committee examine and prioritize potential expenses, noting that one important consideration is the district’s cyber school expenses.

South Middleton school board tables proposal to launch in-house virtual academy

“I second that, for all those reasons,” board member Stacey Knavel said. South Middleton School District may establish its own in-house K-5 cyber …

Loyalsock school district may see tax increase

A major driver of the increase in expenditures is the cost for cyber school enrollments which is approximately $350,000 more than last year. Egly noted …

JMCSS says school reconstruction on schedule, new projects underway

The Malesus remodel for the STEM and Cyber School program has not received the federal funding, but Superintendent Dr. Marlon King says they …

Conneaut draft budget balanced, no tax increase expected

… and asynchronous capabilities, meaning students will have the option whether to attend cyber school according to a schedule or on their own time.

April 9, 2021

Plugged In | 4.9.21 – Aurora Institute 2021 Survey, Webinar Announcement, and More

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And from the neo-liberals to conclude the week.

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Aurora Institute - Plugged In
Aurora Institute 2021 Survey
Take Our Survey
As a valued part of the Aurora Institute community and ally for educational systems change, we are seeking your responses to six important questions on the issues and policy barriers you are facing in this critical time in K-12 education.

Your insights are critical for developing field research, advocacy, and recommendations for K-12 education policy. In addition, your responses help guide our thinking as we shape convenings and publications for the field.

We would greatly appreciate your response by April 13, 2021. Thank you very much for your contributions and for your important work in the field.

Take Survey
Announcing Aurora Institute Internships
Aurora Institute Internships
Our new internship program  is designed as a fully immersive experience for motivated undergraduate and graduate students who seek to support national advocacy, policy, communications, and event work in the nonprofit sector. Selected interns will be exposed to the intricacies and nuances of building a better K-12 education system for the nation’s youth. The internship will include work on targeted projects and multiple learning and networking opportunities. Interns will receive structured support, mentorship, and professional development opportunities for the duration of the internship. We are currently recruiting for Summer 2021 interns. Applications are due by April 30, 2021.
Learn More
Upcoming Events
Aurora frequently hosts webinars and convenings with the field’s leading experts to explore trends, tackle pressing problems of practice and policy, and share emerging knowledge from research. The following opportunities to learn and network are open for registration.
Let’s Hear It from the Next Generation! Virtual Panels with Mastery Collaborative Youth Advisors

Let’s Hear It from the Next Generation! Virtual Panels with Mastery Collaborative Youth Advisors

April 22, 2021 | 3:30 PM ET
What do middle and high school students wish all adults magically knew about them? You’re invited to a conversation with Mastery Collaborative Youth Advisors, co-hosted by the Mastery Collaborative (MC), CompetencyWorks, and KnowledgeWorks on April 22, 2021, from 3:30 – 5:30 PM ET. Please join as NYC public school students speak out about these topics and more:

  • sense of belonging in school;
  • living and learning through a dual pandemic;
  • how race, racism, and anti-racism show up in school; and
  • MC schools’ use of culturally responsive-sustaining education (CRSE) and mastery-based learning.

Education Domain Blog

Center for Policy and Advocacy March 2021 Updates
Center for Policy and Advocacy March 2021 Updates

Learn what’s happening in statehouses around the country to support education innovation. Actions in 14 states are highlighted, including new broadband investments in Minnesota and Texas, changes in graduation requirements in Ohio and Washington, and funding considerations in Oklahoma. We’re also watching 10 bills of relevance to personalized, competency-based education.

Read More
One Year In: Innovative Approaches to Learning During a Pandemic

This time last year, I was visiting Ednovate’s public high schools in Los Angeles with school leaders from NewSchools’ innovative schools portfolio. Each of these leaders was designing and launching new, innovative public schools like Ednovate. Little did we know that these school leaders would have to completely redesign their approach to adjust to the realities of the pandemic.

Read More

Featured Resource

A Strategic Reflection on the Field of Competency-Based Education

 A Strategic Reflection on the Field of Competency-Based Education

Each year, we reflect on the growth, change, and needs in the field of competency-based education. As part of this process, we host a webinar, A Strategic Reflection on the Field of Competency-Based Education . This year, the webinar included Aurora Institute’s President and CEO Susan Patrick, Research Director Eliot Levine, and Policy Director Fred Jones, along with Chicago Public Schools’ CBE Social Emotional Integration Specialist Tonya Howell and CBE Project Manager Damarr Smith. Use the link below to watch the webinar and download the associated slides. In addition, this CompetencyWorks blog post features links to all of the resources mentioned in the session.


Plugged In Headlines: News About Education Transformation



Innovative School Models

Greencastle-Antrim School Board goes with competency-based calendar instead of traditional schedule
Herald Mail

Competency-based elementary coming to Post Falls
Coeur d’Alene/ Post Falls Press

3 pathways for continuous school improvement

Additional career paths available to Idaho students other than college

Formative assessment for any learning landscape

Frustration and Confusion are Important Learning Elements
Observatory for Educational Innovation

Personalization, Play, Passion Projects: How One Innovative Atlanta School Is Offering Alternative Learning Like Urban Farming and Robotics During the Pandemic
The 74


Superintendents share reopening strategies in Ed Dept ‘Lessons from the Field’ session
K-12 Dive

How the Pandemic Is Shaping K-12 Education (in Charts)
Education Week

OPINION: How to keep our most vulnerable students from losing ground in the pandemic
The Hechinger Report

Education Through the Pandemic: From a Four-Fold Increase in F Grades in Connecticut to Expanding Mental Health Services For Colorado’s Students, 8 Ways States Are Confronting COVID-19
The 74

Education Policy

(ND Gov.) Burgum signs ‘pathways to graduation’ bill, providing flexibility to promote personalized learning
Devils Lake Journal

Bill gives schools flexibility in meeting needs of each student
Arizona Capitol Times

Educational Equity

Anti-Asian Violence: What Schools Should Start Doing About It
Education Week

Diverse Leaders are Changing Education

Broadband Connectivity

What You Need to Know About the Emergency Connectivity Fund
THE Journal

Educator Workforce

As Pandemic Upends Teaching, Fewer Students Want to Pursue It
The New York Times

Diversity debate over teaching licenses creates confusion for Minnesota’s teachers of color.
Sahan Journal

What diverse teacher preparation programs get right

An Accidental Experiment: An Emergency Teacher License Gives An Unexpected Boost To Teacher Diversity

Aurora Institute in the News



The Canopy Project: A look at innovation in our schools and in our system – via EducationNC

Developing a Learner-Centered Culture – via Medium

Join Our Community
Our Center for Policy  leads the multi-stage evolution of policy necessary for the growth of effective student-centered learning models toward the goals of high-quality learning and equity. Our policy priorities are designed to ensure the nation’s education system is fit for purpose and help move states forward from their current state of education to future systems.
CompetencyWorks is an online resource dedicated to K-12 competency-based education. Drawing on lessons learned by innovators, we share knowledge through a practice-focused blog, research reports on emerging issues, policy advocacy, and resources curated from across the field.
The Aurora Institute hosts a resource library containing more than 200 materials. Working collaboratively with diverse experts in the field, the Aurora Institute produces reports, books, policy briefs, blog posts, webinars, and related resources on key topics and tough issues that equip and empower educators and leaders to catalyze and scale personalized, next-generation learning models.
Aurora Institute

The mission of Aurora Institute is to drive the transformation of education systems and accelerate the advancement of breakthrough policies and practices to ensure high-quality learning for all.

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Expanding possibilities for alumni engagement

As I say each week…  From the neo-liberal, educational privatizers masquerading as an academic body – so the term research here is used VERY loosely (as none of this actually represents methodologically sound, reliable, valid, or empirical research in any real way).

Check out this week’s highlights from the Christensen Institute. 
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