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February 27, 2017

NZC Online Newsletter

One for my Kiwi readers.

28 February 2017
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Kia ora and welcome to the February newsletter for NZC Online. In these newsletters we keep you up to date with resources, stories, and research to help you implement your school curriculum. Our theme for the February edition is curriculum design and delivery.
What’s new on NZC Online?
Curriculum delivery
This blog post describes some key considerations for the implementation of your school curriculum. It includes a series of questions and school stories to enable you to reflect on and refine your curriculum delivery.
Have you seen?
Reviewing your curriculum – What is important to your community
The New Zealand Curriculum includes the expectation that schools will listen to the ideas of students, parents, families, whānau, and the wider community when designing their school curriculum. This section provides ideas, resources and school stories to help you develop a deeper understanding of the values and expectations of your community.

Making it our curriculum
This short video shows how Matakohe School worked together as a community to redesign their school curriculum. Find out how they collaborated with students, parents, whānau, and the local high school to develop a graduate profile that reflects common values and aspirations.

For the calendar
This year Anzac Day and Earth Day fall in the school holidays. Check out our resource pages to try and incorporate learning around these events before the end of term one.

Earth Day, 22 April 2017
Earth Day is a global event where people honour the natural environment and raise awareness of environmental issues that trouble the world. By taking part in Earth Day students have the opportunity to learn about the future focus issue of sustainability.

Anzac Day, 25 April 2017
By examining this national event students can develop key competencies, explore values such as respect and honour, and examine the social science concepts of identity, continuity, and change.

Have your say
NZC spotlights – Quick survey
We are in the process of creating a series of NZC spotlights which are PLD support packages that explore The New Zealand Curriculum. What do you want to see under the NZC spotlight? Please fill out this quick 3 question survey to help us develop PLD packages that are right for you.
NEW on Educational Leaders
Spiral of inquiry: leaders leading learning
This resource from Educational Leaders promotes the leadership of collaborative, evidence-informed inquiry in ways that keep learners’ progress at the centre. It provides field-tested tools and ideas to support leaders and teachers to apply spirals of inquiry, learning and action with their learners.
Your feedback helps
We would love to hear from you if you have ideas to make the website easier to use, or better for you, or if you have ideas for future blog posts or newsletters.

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[AECT] March 8th Webinar

Notice of another webinar.

AECT Webinar
“What are we preparing our students for? An argument for alt-format dissertations”

March 8th at 4:00 PM EST
[Webinar Registration]

     Hosted by: Feng-Ru Sheu, Kent State University
Presented by: Rick West, Brigham Young University

Most scholars agree that the main purposes of the dissertation are to train students in proper research methodology and to contribute original findings to research. However, some worry that the traditional dissertation format is not conducive to either of these goals. Research has shown that dissertations rarely get disseminated into academic journals, and academics rarely cite dissertations that have not been published as articles. Additionally, some scholars argue that the traditional dissertation format is a poor training tool because it does not prepare scholars for future professional pursuits. Many departments, including mine, now offer alternative-format dissertations, including the option of defending a series of articles. In this webinar, Dr. West will share some of the research about alternative-format dissertations and our experience at BYU. He will discuss what lessons we have learned, and engage you in a discussion about the strengths and weaknesses of the alternative-format dissertation and how it might be used to improve scholarship in our field.

Click Here to Learn More and Register.

Michigan Virtual Learning Research Institute Just Uploaded A Video

From the inbox over the weekend.

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Michigan Virtual Learning Research Institute
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Join the Digital Leadership Webinar on Feb 28

Note this webinar tomorrow.

Illinois Virtual School – Professional Development
All welcome to attend! Please forward this exciting opportunity to all your friends and colleagues!
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Digital Leadership
Tuesday, February 28, 2017
6:30pm – 7:30pm
Come explore the profound effect digital technology has on the professional lives of educators. Learn ways to embrace technology and leverage digital resources to improve your school’s programs and instruction. Modernize your behaviors and leadership practices to create a transparent, relevant, engaging, and inspiring educational environment.
Register today at

This webinar is only $10 and is worth 1 PD Clock Hour.

Visit our PD Portal at for our complete list of professional development opportunities.
Professional Development hours will be provided through the Peoria County ROE #48.
For more information, contact Danielle Brush Lewis at
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Free AECT RTD Webinar on April 5 [Dr. Charles Reigeluth]

Note that this webinar may be of interest to some…

The AECT Research & Theory Division would like to invite you to join us for this FREE professional development webinar.


Research to Make a Difference


Dr. Charles Reigeluth,

Professor Emeritus,

Instructional Systems Technology,

Indiana University Bloomington (

Time & Date:

2:00pm (EST), Wednesday, April 5, 2017



Could you improve the kinds of research you are doing?  Your chances of getting published?  Your impact on the real world?

Dr. Reigeluth will discuss a variety of topics that may help you to answer these questions, which may be crucial to the success of your career.

  • Different purposes for your research (e.g., to improve practice or to advance theory),
  • Different kinds of knowledge you may want to produce for each purpose (descriptive theory or design theory) and the appropriate forms of such knowledge (e.g., conditional and probabilistic),
  •  Different kinds of research methods for producing each kind of knowledge (research to prove or research to improve – confirmatory or exploratory),
  •  When in the history of a given focus area each kind of research method is most useful,
  • Different methodological issues for each kind of research (e.g., validity or preferability),
  • Specific methods you might find helpful (e.g., design-based research, formative research, grounded theory development).

This discussion will focus on highly practical issues for improving the research you do – ones that you likely have not encountered in research courses or projects.


Questions: Contact Feng-Ru Sheu, Webinar coordinator at

Enilda Romero-Hall, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor

College of Social Science, Mathematics, and Education
The University of Tampa
Department of Education | Plant Hall, Room 439
(813) 257-3372

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