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December 14, 2018

Recommended Articles

Another item from one of my open scholarship networks.

[PDF] Supporting Literacy With Accessibility: Virtual School Course Designers’ Planning for Students With Disabilities

MF Rice
As more K-12 students with disabilities enroll in online courses, virtual schools and
programs are working to make courses accessible through stronger course design.
When course designers approach the issue of accessibility, they must comply with …
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Richard West Uploaded A Paper

It seems like this week has featured a lot of relevant research items from my various open scholarship networks.  Here’s another one…

Hi Michael,

Richard West just uploaded “K-12 Online Learning Journal Articles: Trends from Two Decades of Scholarship.”

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Michael, People Are Reading Your Work

A weekly report from one of my open scholarship networks.

Michael K. Barbour
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The actual report read:

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Homemade PowerPoint Games: Game Design Pedagogy Aligned to the TPACK Framework
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A history of K-12 distance, online, and blended learning worldwide

December 13, 2018

New Paper Related To Your Reading History: “K-12 Online Learning Journal Articles: Trends From Two Decades Of Scholarship”

From one of my open scholarship networks.

Dear Michael,

You read the paper “The American Journal of Distance Education, 2001-2010”. A new paper related to it was just uploaded to Academia:

Paper Thumbnail
K-12 Online Learning Journal Articles: Trends from Two Decades of Scholarship
Karen Arnesen Richard West, Brigham Young University + 2 others
Online Learning • Distance Education • Virtual Learning + 4 more
In this study, we examined the research literature in the field of K-12 online learning to identify the leading scholars, journals, top-cited articles,…
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Not a good recommendation?

December 12, 2018

Recommended Articles

Note this K-12 online learning article from one of my open scholarship networks.

[PDF] Promises and Pitfalls of Adapting Utility Value Interventions for Online Math Courses Manuscript in Press at Journal of Experimental Education

EQ Rosenzweig, CS Hulleman, KE Barron, JJ Kosovich…
A growing body of research suggests that interventions promoting students’ utility
value for an academic subject can improve their academic outcomes. However,
numerous questions remain regarding how much to adapt prior intervention …
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