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January 9, 2018

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JANUARY 8, 2018
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2017 Digital Study Trends Survey We asked over 1,000 students about their use of technology in college learning & studying. Key Findings 60% of students feel that digital learning technology has improved their grades, with a fifth saying it “significantly” improved their grades. More than 61% of students agreed that digital learning technology is extremely […]

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The viability of online competency based education: An organizational analysis of the impending paradigm shiftOver the past several decades, workplace demands have changed from having an industrial emphasis on physical inputs and natural resources, to a knowledge based economy with a reliance on intellectual capabilities (Block, 1990; Ronchi, 1985; Sum & Jessop, 2013). The knowledge economy is defined as “production and service based on knowledge-intensive activities that contribute to […]

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Best Practices Framework for Online Faculty Professional Development: A Delphi StudyOnline learning is now a common practice in higher education. Because of the continued growth in enrollments, higher educational institutions must prepare faculty throughout their teaching tenure for learning theory, technical expertise, and pedagogical shifts for teaching in the online environment. This study presents best practices for professional development for faculty teaching online. In this […]

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Student Actions and Community in Online Courses: The Roles Played By Course Length and Facilitation MethodFostering a strong sense of community among students within online courses is essential to supporting their learning experience. However, there is little consensus about how different facilitation methods influence students’ sense of community or behaviours. This lack of understanding means instructors do not have the information they need to select an appropriate facilitation method when […]

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Striving Toward Openness: But What Do We Really Mean?The global open education movement is striving toward openness as a feature of academic policy and practice, but evidence shows that these ambitions are far from mainstream, and levels of awareness in institutions is often disappointingly low. Those advocating for open education are seeking to widen engagement, but how targeted and persuasive are their messages? […]

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CES 2018 Is LivestreamedYou could have a front-row seat at more than 65 conference sessions at CES 2018. Don’t miss the industry leaders and visionary speakers presenting at the global stage for innovation. CES 2018

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Humanities research in the digital ageSince the earliest civilizations, people have recorded their thoughts and experiences through storytelling, art, philosophy and other forms of expression. In today’s digital age, scholars are advancing humanities research with tools like visual mapping and computation to better probe questions of what makes us human. Stanford University

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Sasha’s Story: First-in-family educational successNew Psychology student shares advice on overcoming social hurdles, finding balance, and putting education first Athabasca University

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Mixed Reality | Product SpotlightIt was a typical London bus shelter, except that where a typical digital six-sheet poster would have been, commuters instead looked out onto Oxford Street, with its red double-deckers and daily comings and goings. And then the unbelievable began to happen. Library Journal

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