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June 19, 2022

EBSCO Alerts

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ebscoFirst, the alert for virtual schools.

1. TI- True Stories From Virtual School.
JN- New York Times Magazine
PD- 9/12/2021, p42-45
PG- 4p
DT- 20210912
PT- Article
AB- The article focuses on teachers started reporting that students were in class on Zoom while, for example, moving boxes at a warehouse and the norm  was that the camera be on, but especially as time went on, the kids often had it pointed at the ceiling. Topics include the teachers could tell when kids were at work because it’s a higher ceiling than their bedrooms’, and the student- a top student, a great kid the kids were in class onscreen, and he was in his car driving to work.
DE- Virtual schools
IS- 00287822
AN- 152416810

2. TI- The Virtual School Libr@ry: A Necessity for Today’s School Library Program.
AU- Proske, Joanie
JN- Literacies, Learning & Libraries
PD- 2010, Vol. 3 Issue 1, p5-20
PG- 16p
DT- 20100101
PT- Article
AB- The author discusses the importance of virtual school libraries. She cites her experience being a teacher-librarian in which she realized the advantage of virtual library, prompting her to establish the program through the help of her other teachers. The author points out that virtual libraries significantly support school library programs as a dynamic driver to digital resources.
DE- Digital libraries
DE- Academic libraries
DE- School libraries
DE- Web archives
DE- Digitization
DE- Library media specialists
IS- 19181779
AN- 79782361

JN- Publishers Weekly
PD- 6/13/2022, Vol. 269 Issue 25, p66-76
PG- 9p
IL- 8 Color Photographs
DT- 20220613
PT- Article
AB- The article discusses difficulties faced by librarians and educators during 2021–2022 school year. Topics discussed include opening of schools and fluctuating Covid spikes causing difficult staffing challenges, new workload that involves librarians taking additional sanitization measures and enforcing their district’s masking policies, and educators made to provide remote learning for their students when schools were closed and its affect on their everyday work.
DE- Librarians
DE- COVID-19 pandemic
DE- Sanitation
SU- Online education
SU- Educators
FT- 4809
IS- 00000019
AN- 157425543

4. TI- Help Make 2019 a Learning Summer.
JN- Canadian School Libraries Journal
PD- Spring2019, Vol. 3 Issue 2, p1-1
PG- 1p
DT- 20190401
PT- Article
AB- The article offers information on the initiatives to keep students engaged in activities that they will enjoy and profit from all summer long. Topics discussed include make use of your virtual school library learning commons, utilize social media to communicate and engage students and build community, and communicate with parents and caregivers regarding summer programs available.
DE- School libraries
DE- Social media
SU- Student engagement
SU- Parents
SU- Caregivers
FT- 906
IS- 25607227
AN- 138875751

5. TI- Letter: Questions For Arne Duncan.
JN- New York Times Magazine
PD- 10/3/2010, p8
PG- 0p
DT- 20101003
PT- Article
AB- It is unfortunate that Deborah Solomon chose to characterize online education as a ”horrible” alternative to the traditional classroom in her interview with the secretary of education. Solomon shortchanges online education by suggesting that online students are learning from a machine instead of ”a beloved high-school teacher.” Solomon should do her homework: online education connects students with highly qualified, experienced teachers — human beings who become beloved to their online students through message boards, chats, e-mails, videos, Skype and more. The machine is simply a conduit for human interaction. In fact, the 2010 online teacher of the year, Teresa Dove of the Florida Virtual School, credits the online environment with allowing more interaction and feedback to her students, noting that, ”You might be separated geographically, but spending that one-on-one time with the kids is the biggest asset for an online instructor.” SARAH BEAN Alexandria, Va. [ABSTRACT FROM PUBLISHER]
AB- Copyright of New York Times Magazine is the property of New York Times and its content may not be copied or emailed to multiple sites or posted to a listserv without the copyright holder’s express written permission. However, users may print, download, or email articles for individual use. This abstract may be abridged. No warranty is given about the accuracy of the copy. Users should refer to the original published version of the material for the full abstract. (Copyright applies to all Abstracts.)
DE- Online education
DE- Virtual schools
DE- Internet in higher education
SU- Letters
SU- Interviewing
SU- Solomon, Deborah, 1957-
SU- Duncan, Arne, 1964-
FT- 165
IS- 00287822
AN- 54075316

6. TI- From the Editor’s Desk.
AU- GallowaySolowan, Diane
JN- Literacies, Learning & Libraries
PD- 2010, Vol. 3 Issue 1, p2-2
PG- 1p
DT- 20100101
PT- Article
AB- The author reflects on the interest of the educators to embrace change to improve learning and teaching in Canada. She commends the effort of the trained teacher-librarians who were enjoying the weird combinations of their teaching and learning strategies. The author also recognizes how such educators created virtual school libraries and incorporated Web 2.0 tools into daily teaching practice to establish evidence-based practice in the field.
DE- Educational technology
DE- Library media specialists
DE- Web 2.0
DE- Digital libraries
DE- School libraries
SU- Educational innovations
GE- Canada
IS- 19181779
AN- 79782359

Next, I also received the alert for cyber schools, but again there were no relevant items.

Finally, I did not receive the alert for K-12 online learning.

April 25, 2022

Save Until May 3 + Hear From Grey’s Anatomy Star Greg Tarzan Davis!

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An item from the folks at ISTE that may be of interest to readers.

Prices for ISTELive increase in just days! Sign up to hear from “Grey’s Anatomy” star and former teacher Greg Tarzan Davis about limitless thinking and sparking joy in education.

You’ve Seen Him On Screen, Now He’s Talking About Sparking Education Joy!

Before taking to screens big and little, Greg Tarzan Davis was an elementary school teacher. So when he says the possibilities for today’s learners are limitless, his words are backed by experience. He also understands that educators could use a motivational refresh right about now – and that’s what he’ll deliver at ISTELive 22!

You don’t want to miss what Davis shares about his mantra, “Limitless thinking. Limitless living.” Or the story of how a high school teacher inspired him to pursue his acting passion.

But you’ve got to register to get the scoop from Davis and our other Featured Voices that include teachers, librarians, tech directors and superintendents.

Prices go up May 3!


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International Society for Technology in Education
621 SW Morrison Street, Suite 800, Portland, Oregon, 97205 USA
Virginia: 2111 Wilson Boulevard, Suite 300, Arlington, VA 22201 USA


April 9, 2022

Virtual Schooling In The News

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InTheNewsBeginning with the Education Dive.


We need a ‘Bill of Rights’ for pandemic recovery

A former Education Department deputy assistant secretary suggests a 5-point plan of action for supporting student success.


Connected classrooms built on the cloud

For this school year and beyond, District IT teams are equipped with tool kits of IoT and technology that create more connected classrooms and power the best learning experiences for all.

Next, the District Administration Daily Newsletter.


Matt Zalaznick

Across the country, educators are building on the innovations of the remote and hybrid learning eras to reach a new normal of more advanced use of educational technology. Read More >>


Students involved in fights in Des Moines Public Schools are getting pulled from classrooms and shifted to virtual learning under a new policy that launched this school year. Read More >>

Moving on to EdSource Today.

By Louis Freedberg, former executive director of EdSource
The number of students missing class has spiked during the Covid-19 pandemic, compounding a larger problem of decreasing enrollment.
As California school districts face the prospect of a precipitous drop in funding next year due to these trends, we talked to administrators about the ways they are trying to increase attendance and enrollment — whether by engaging families through porch visits or creating a homeschooling option through the district.

Similarly, the Education Week.

Conceputal image of school disruptions from COVID-19, from 2020 to 2022.
Forever Changed: A Timeline of How COVID Upended Schools
COVID-19 has shaken the education landscape. Here are key milestones.
Read More
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Girl using smartphone with notifications of social media icons
Cellphones in Schools: A Huge Nuisance and a Powerful Teaching Tool
If you can’t beat cellphones, find ways to make them work for learning.
Read More
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Illustration of remote and in-person instruction.
Teachers Are Transferring Their New Virtual Teaching Skills to In-Person Instruction
Many educators are embracing technology in deeper ways than ever before.
Read More
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The Teaching Strategies Educators Say Will Outlast the Pandemic
Teachers and school leaders share the interventions they plan to continue.
27TL SR Survey 03092022 1186689142
Read More
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What’s Getting in the Way of More-Effective Digital Learning?
Educators are running into hurdles as they broaden their use of technology.
Illustration of confused/distracted person.
Read More
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‘Flipped Classes’ After the Pandemic: Why These Teachers Say They’ll Never Go Back
Teachers say the model helps reengage students.
Futuristic education technology and smartphone application. Girl student on top of phone and teacher on a laptop. Virtual college or school. E-learning
Read More
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Flipped Learning: How It Works
Three teachers talk about how they use flipped learning (and why).
Flipped Learning: How It Works
Read More
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FCC Rolling Out $1 Billion in Additional Funding for At-Home Internet Connectivity
The funding is part of a measure to boost student and teacher connectivity.
Read More
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Millions Toward Tutoring: Funders Bank on the Recovery Strategy Despite Big Challenges
A $100 million philanthropic initiative aims to ramp up tutoring programs.
First grade teacher Ashley Sides helps Emily Hernandez with a worksheet during a tutoring class after school at Roy Clark Elementary school in Tulsa, Okla. on Oct. 21, 2021.
Read More
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How to Decide Whether to Ban Laptops in the Classroom
The scientist whose research led to blanket laptop bans argues against them.
Image of a child's hand on a keyboard.
Read More
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Pandemic Tech Tools That Are Here to Stay
Videoconferencing platforms, SEL supports, and digital math tools took root.
Illustration of tablet computer.
Read More
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Also, the various newsletters from ASCD.

How the pandemic has elevated edtech use in schools
How the pandemic has elevated edtech use in schools
(Max Mumby/Indigo/Getty Images)
Many teachers are building upon the technology use initiated during remote and hybrid instruction, saying the use of digital tools has become more advanced. Jennifer Haller, an instructional technology consultant at the Hamilton County Educational Service Center, says she expects teachers’ more sophisticated use of technology to continue, such as using voice notes embedded in YouTube videos to offer students a deeper dive of lessons.

Full Story: District Administration (4/4)


How to use tech in education that is engaging, healthy
How to use tech in education that is engaging, healthy
Appropriate use of certain digital technology tools in the classroom can help counteract the isolation that some students feel after being on social media, writes Fred Fransen, CEO of the nonprofit Certell, which creates Poptential resources. In this article, Fransen explains how one teacher uses multimedia clips to connect pop culture with history lessons and addresses other benefits, such as giving students a choice in how to demonstrate their learning.

Full Story: SmartBrief/Education (4/5)


Culinary students connect virtually with industry pros
Culinary students connect virtually with industry pros
(Jacques Demarthon/AFP/Getty Images)
Graduating seniors at an Alabama high school who are enrolled in the school’s culinary program got an opportunity to interact with industry professionals through a virtual immersion experience. Students asked questions of the professionals and viewed culinary demonstrations.

Full Story: WBRC-TV (Birmingham, Ala.) (4/6)


Pandemic school disruptions persist in 23 countries
Around 405 million students in 23 countries are still missing out on their education because of pandemic-related school closures, UNICEF warns. COVID-19 case counts fell in every region recently while death counts climbed, likely caused by a change in reporting methods, the World Health Organization says.

Full Story: BBC (3/30),  The Associated Press (3/30)

Making Hybrid Learning Accessible and Equitable
The pandemic has forced K-12 schools across the US to include more permanent online education options. Changes that started as an emergency shift to online learning, quickly showed potential for long-term opportunities. Learn how K-12 school districts continue to narrow disparities in access to hybrid learning. Download the infographic.

Other News

Back to the regular Google News alert for virtual school.

Hub Virtual School gets own building – Medicine Hat News

Nearly two years since its inception, Medicine Hat Public School Division’s Hub Virtual School and Pathways Program finally have a physical campus, …

‘It was an amazing experience’ – Niagara parents tout the benefits of online learning

Some Niagara parents plan to keep their children in virtual school — and the decision has little to do with COVID-19.

TECCA working with DESE to create new metrics to examine virtual schools that show ‘truer story’

MCAS rates for students at TEC Connections Academy Commonwealth Virtual School (TECCA) were above the statewide average in 2021, …

Virtual Schools Market is Booming Worldwide with Aurora College, Acklam Grange, Florida …

… Worldwide with Aurora College, Acklam Grange, Florida Virtual School … K12 Inc, Florida Virtual School (FLVS), Wey Education Schools Trust, …

Maryville City Schools looking to move virtual, alternative schools and Central Office into …

MCS already had announced plans to open a Maryville Virtual School at Fort Craig for the 2022-23 school year. During a budget retreat Thursday morning …

Atlanta Virtual Academy accepting applications to enroll for next year

Classes begin Aug. 1. ExploreAs COVID surges, metro Atlanta parents seek virtual school options. Eligible students can choose to enroll in …

Family-Friendly Short Courses Are Gaining Favor – The New York Times

Then came Covid-19, and its trifecta of remote work, virtual school, and the need for activities in the open air.

Should schools go virtual on days of possible tornadoes? – Southwest Times Record

Local school officials are considering whether they might transition to virtual school amid predictions of tornado outbreaks.

Virtual Schools Market Trends – ChattTenn Sports

The virtual school is those type of school in which student attend school from home and the teacher teaches students through the internet. It is.

The Regional Roundup: April 4th – WHYY

‘No more Zoom’: Chester County families rally against virtual school · Courts & Law · Chester County judge reinstates West Chester school board …

Online Greenfield-based school opening learning workspace in Hadley

Greater Commonwealth Virtual School intends to use space that last housed a karate studio at Mill Valley Commons, 1 Mill Valley Road, to create a ..

Obituary for Larry Dean Farmer, Clifty, AR – The Northwest Arkansas Democrat-Gazette

by Florida Virtual School – November 24, 2021. OBITUARY SUBMITTED BY: Westfield Chapel 3236 W Huntsville Ave, Springdale, AR

Local High School Junior Publishes First Novel | Bridgewater/Raritan, NJ News TAPinto

RARITAN, NJ – Local resident, and high school junior, Paul Fusca was home for virtual school during the early part of the pandemic, so he decided …

Watch now: Leading a school district like Sioux City (and soon Lincoln) is drummer Paul …

The virtual school would be open to students across the state according to Gausman. Tim Hynds, Sioux City Journal …

Laconia High School computer science students will participate in drone event at Fiserv Forum

… Courtney Speer said Monday Nettleton took the initiative this school year to have its own virtual school for students served by the district.

Hub Virtual School gets own building | The Star

Nearly two years since its inception, Medicine Hat Public School Division’s Hub Virtual School and Pathways Program finally have a physical campus …

The future of virtual school in Arkansas – YouTube

Virtual schooling took during the pandemic and has changed the classroom forever, but what will the future of virtual school look like in …

The future of virtual school in Arkansas – THV11

The future of virtual school in Arkansas. For most schools across Arkansas, virtual academies are staying for the coming school years.

ECSS to hold virtual school Tuesday – The Atmore Advance

ECSS to hold virtual school Tuesday. Published 5:09 pm Monday, April 4, 2022. By Staff Reports. Escambia County School System officials announced …

Meteorologist Carrigan Chauvin’s virtual school trip to Dularge, LA | CW39 Houston

Students at Dularge Elementary watched Meteorologist Carrigan Chauvin’s coverage on Hurricane Ida and had questions prepared to be answered as she …

Behind the screen: students left reeling from virtual year | Communities |

As a new reality of mental health issues surface, students have become more aware of emotions around them. The transition from virtual school to …

Selma City Schools goes virtual Tuesday due to severe weather threat | News |

Virtual school. Facebook · Twitter · WhatsApp · SMS · Email; Print; Save. Facebook · Twitter · WhatsApp · SMS · Email; Print; Save.

Online academy opens fall enrollment | People |

The virtual school offers students a complete experience through opportunities to develop social and emotional skills in addition to critical …

Global Virtual Schools Market Trend Analysis and Major Factors Forecast Report till 2028 – Mianeh

K12 Inc · Connections Academy · Pansophic Learning · Florida Virtual School (FLVS) · Charter Schools USA · Lincoln Learning Solutions · Inspire Charter …

lint schools to host COVID-19 spending forum for Latino community –

“It was really challenging and virtual school made it that much more difficult for parents to be able to support their school-age children with …

Virtual School Learning Option May Stay | News |

Moore County Schools is moving to maintain its online learning option long-term by reorganizing the Connect Virtual Academy as a standalone …

2022 Quinte Region Virtual Science and Technology Fair results – INQUINTE.CA

From this event, three participants: HPEDSB Virtual School Grade 7 student Surya Santhakumar, Eastside Secondary Grade 9 student Nina Graciano, …

Results: Quinte Regional Science and Technology Fair

Best in Fair Intermediate: Surya Santhakumar, HPEDSB Virtual School. Best in Fair Senior: Nina Graciano, Eastside Secondary School.

Irfan: Tough academic schedule harming Ottawa students’ mental health

Virtual school students also suffer: they are isolated behind screens and don’t even have the luxury of social connections.

2022 ILEARN gives administrators another chance to track pandemic impact on schooling – WFYI

Tags:ILEARNpandemicCOVID-19Education WeekIndiana Department of EducationIndiana General Assemblyvirtual school. Support independent journalism …

CDC Survey Finds the Pandemic Had a Big Impact on Teens’ Mental Health – CNET

While virtual school made it difficult, students who could virtually connect with friends and family did fare better. Mental health resources in …

Educating Through COVID: From Pennsylvania’s Deepening Teacher Shortage Emergency …

7 MICHIGAN – Detroit Virtual School Experiencing Difficulty As New Phase of … of an all-virtual school founded in Detroit during the pandemic

Illinois, Michigan, and Ohio State Earn Weekly Tennis Honors – Big Ten Conference

Florida Virtual School. Went undefeated in singles play to help the Illini go 2-1 on the weekend; Defeated Michigan’s No.

Child Fraud Is on the Rise: How to Protect Your Kids – TheStreet

Spending more time online and engaging in numerous online activities on the internet – whether it’s for virtual school or playing video games – is …

6 Actions to Improve Your Kids’ Mental Health | Psychology Today Canada

Whether due to social isolation, community restrictions, the difficulty of virtual school, stress in the family from being in close quarters, …

CMS board votes to continue virtual elementary and middle school option | WFAE 90.7

In 2022-23 the virtual school will serve grades four to 12. Fourth grade will be eliminated in 2023 and fifth grade in 2024.

Virtual School Approved In Dubuque School District – 70s, 80s, & 90s – KIYX

The Dubuque Community School District has officially received approval from the Iowa Department of Education to begin offering a fully virtual …

Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools will phase out virtual learning for youngest students. Here’s why.

After the 2023-24 school year, CMS will offer a secondary virtual school for grades 6-12 and eliminate the elementary school option.

TSSAA again tables sanctioning lacrosse, adds to virtual school regulations – Williamson HomePage

TSSAA virtual school members may choose either (a) to have their own sports’ teams or (b) to allow their students to participate in all sports at …

Global Virtual Schools Market Research Report 2022 to 2031 – Bloomingprairieonline

… Pansophic Learning (United States), Florida Virtual School (United … Abbotsford Virtual School (Canada), Acklam Grange (United Kingdom), …

LiteracyPlanet launches online school for teachers – Education Technology

Australia-based online learning platform, LiteracyPlanet, has launched an interactive virtual school for teachers. Intrepica Academy consists of a …

Program connects with rural LGBTQ+ students – Toronto Star

Hub Virtual School gets own building. canada. Hub Virtual School gets own building · Trio of local teachers nominated for first-year award. canada …

Roanoke City schools plan safety summit after two gun violence incidents in the district in March

School leaders announced plans for a virtual school safety summit to be livestreamed on the school’s YouTube channel.

Judge rules on motion in Pennsbury free speech, censorship case – Bucks County Courier Times

… in-person and virtual school board meetings. According to the complaint, the alleged free-speech violations primarily date back to Dec.

Cyber School Market Growth Status 2022 – Florida Virtual School (FLVS), Lincoln Learning …

Cyber School Market Growth Status 2022 – Florida Virtual School (FLVS), Lincoln Learning Solutions, Pansophic Learning, Charter Schools USA, …

Dubuque Community School District will offer fully virtual school in fall of 2022 –

Lange says the virtual school’s teaching staff will be hired from within the district. Currently 250 students in the district are using online …

Transgender students say Hamilton schools need to do more to protect and support them – CBC

… transgender daughter Keeyan has had issues with her Grade 4 teacher in the Catholic board’s virtual school since the start of the school year.

Virtual School Market 2022 Major Growth by Key Players: -2028 Forecast and Outlook

Virtual School Market Report research report is a wide-ranging analysis and Impact of COVID19 in the global market and the in-detail information …

Legally Conned | Opinion | The Harvard Crimson

To be sure, students knowingly signed up for virtual school, at least after Spring 2020. But not all students have the financial means to take gap …

Eastern Iowa School District To Offer Online School This Fall – 98.1 KHAK

The virtual school will be an option for grades six through twelve during registration this spring. Want to keep up to date with the latest in …

Local school districts continue to prioritize in-person learning – Williamson Herald

… from parents and students before 2021-2022 to create a brand-new virtual school due to the “personnel it would require and stipulations around …

Virtual Schools Market SWOT Analysis including key players K12 Inc, Connections Academy …

Competition Analysis : K12 Inc, Connections Academy, Mosaica Education, Pansophic Learning, Florida Virtual School (FLVS), Charter Schools USA, …

Art competition looking for students to participate | Local News |

… students attending Citrus County elementary, middle and high schools, including public, private, home schooled and virtual school students.

Linsey Davis On Her Parenting Essentials & Kids Book ‘How High Is Heaven?’ – SheKnows

My son is back to virtual school … So I sat in his room for a bit this morning while he learned “calendar math” and found myself lamenting all …

Major gas thefts being reported throughout U.S. – YouTube

THV11. THV11. •. 453 views 2 days ago. New · The future of virtual school in Arkansas. THV11. THV11. •. 57 views 2 days ago. New. Show more.

Parents speak out against closing virtual school in Williamson County

Williamson County Schools announced last month virtual school Discovery K-8 would be closing ahead of the next academic year due to low enrollment …

Friday Feature: Great Minds School | Cato at Liberty Blog

When they saw the impact mediocre—or worse—remote instruction was having on children, they decided to move the launch date up. Great Minds Virtual …

Laptops, staffing, a brand new gym: Federal funds help Oregon school districts improve …

Laptops, staffing, a brand new gym: Federal funds help Oregon school districts improve physical and virtual school spaces.

Multiple options for summer school | News, Sports, Jobs – North Fort Myers Neighbor

There is also a credit retrieval program offered virtually through Lee Virtual School for eighth grade students. There are a handful of programs, …

Virtual Schools Market Growth Expected to See Next Level | Pansophic Learning, N High …

… Beijing Changping School, Basehor-Linwood Virtual School, Aurora College, Alaska Virtual School, Acklam Grange, Abbotsford Virtual School.

E-school Market Growth Status 2022 – Florida Virtual School (FLVS), Charter Schools USA …

E-school Market Growth Status 2022 – Florida Virtual School (FLVS), Charter Schools USA, Lincoln Learning Solutions, K12 Inc, Connections Academy and …

DoDEA Americas Seeks To Hire Substitute Teachers

DoDEA Virtual School · School Calendars · School Report Cards · Education Facility Specifications · Blueprint for Continuous Improvement · Privacy.

NJ school report cards portray plunging participation in pandemic – New Jersey 101.5

Disciplinary incidents plunged 89% from before the pandemic – but so many virtual school days limited the opportunity for teachers to observe …

Zirnis Combine Interview – YouTube

: · NAHL Top Plays – March 7-13, 2022 · Sponsor Spotlight: Apex Learning Virtual School · NAHL Stars of the Week – March 28-April 3, 2022 · NAHL Top Plays …

Crafting a Cybersecurity Landscape That Works for Women – CPO Magazine

In September 2020, when the academic year began with virtual school, more than a million Americans left their jobs, with women leaving the …

Finally, the Google News alert for cyber school.

Latest police and fire news | Frontpage |

ACV partners with Titusville cyber school. By Ryan S. Pugh, CLARION NEWS Writer; Mar 31, 2022. FOXBURG – Allegheny-Clarion Valley School District …

SUBURBAN NEWS: Montgomery County awarded grants to support crisis services and …

Free SAP training to elementary school level SAP Core Team staff and cyber school staff who serve Montgomery County students.

Gloucestershire cyber school rated ‘Good’ in first Ofsted inspection

A specialist ‘cyber school’ has clicked with Ofsted to get an overall ‘Good’ grading from its first-ever inspection. SGS Berkeley Green UTC, …

Cyber School Market to Develop New Growth Story | Aurora College, Pansophic Learning, N …

The latest version of the 2022 market study on Cyber School Market comprising 100 with market data Tables, Charts, Graphs, and Figures which are …

Cyber School Market Growth Status 2022 – Florida Virtual School (FLVS), Lincoln Learning …

The Cyber School report gives a brief understanding of the consumer trends, demands, customer behaviors for certain products and services, technology, …

Michigan Per-Pupil Revenues Soar Again – Mackinac Center

Time to Fund Cyber School Students Fairly — Again · Ben DeGrow | February 12, 2021. Read more. The Mackinac Center for Public Policy is a …

‘Beautiful son’ found dead in River Severn 10 years after brother passed away – Gloucestershire Live

READ MORE: Gloucestershire cyber school celebrates ‘Good’ Ofsted rating. “I want to be able to do something to help. I’m thinking about the family …

Cyber School Market 2021 with Top Countries Data Analysis by Industry Trends, Size, Share …

Executive summary: The latest report on Cyber School market strives to provide a conclusive overview of the current and future market scenar.

Cyber School Market Growth Status 2022 – Florida Virtual School (FLVS), Charter Schools …

This comprehensive report curated on the worldwide Cyber School industry offers a detailed market study based on quarterly analysis, …

Pennsylvania College of Technology hosts science festival | Education |

The Commonwealth Charter Academy, a cyber school for the entire state of Pennsylvania, had a setup where kids could make a vinegar and baking soda …

Gloucestershire schools where pupils miss the most lessons

File photo of someone entering their computer password Gloucestershire cyber school rated ‘Good’ in first Ofsted inspection gloucestershirelive …


March 9, 2022

Pisces March Webinar

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Note the second of two sets of vendor webinars that may be of interest to folks.

Please join us to learn more about how Pisces can empower your academic support staff to enhance student engagement and learning. 

Pisces, powered by your tutors, teachers, and instructors, gives your students the resources to participate in a meaningful learning experience!

Please see the webinar schedule below.

We are accepting pilots for the spring!

Overview & Pricing

One-stop online tutoring platform with detailed usage reports.

This webinar will feature a tour of our Pisces online tutoring platform, including private and group tutoring modes, appointment scheduling, online paper center, audio/video/screen sharing, and detailed usage reports. The webinar will be followed by a general Q&A session, and participants are encouraged to bring any questions they might have. Learning center directors and staff would benefit from attending this webinar.

Mar 15, 2022 02:30 PM ET / 11:30 AM PT

Mar 22, 2022 03:30 PM ET / 12:30 PM PT

Mar 30, 2022 01:00 PM ET / 10:00 AM PT

Support learners remotely with the versatility of academic support in real-time, offline, on-demand, and scheduled appointments…all in one platform.

This webinar will focus on the Pisces features that are of particular interest to instructors, tutors, and other leaders inside of Pisces. In particular, we will look at the live and drop-off modes available in the system, setting your availability for scheduled appointments, and the features available in the collaboration space. The webinar will be followed by an open Q&A, and attendees are encouraged to bring any questions they might have. Learning center directors and staff would benefit from attending this webinar.

Mar 17, 2022 03:30 PM ET / 12:30 PM PT

Mar 24, 2022 07:00 PM ET / 4:00 PM PT

Mar 30, 2022 03:30 PM ET / 12:30 PM PT

All the best,


Todd Hopkins
Director, Business Development
Link-Systems International
4515 George Road, Suite 340
Tampa, Florida 33634

August 3, 2021

Sign up for free online SoftChalk training in August

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The second of two items from the folks at SoftChalk.

Do you want to master SoftChalk?

If so, these Short Courses are calling your name! Each live, one-hour webinar highlights SoftChalk Cloud and Create tools and activities. Participants will also be given an opportunity to ask the instructor questions.


Upcoming Short Courses in August:

  • Getting Started 1: An Overview of SoftChalk Cloud
  • Getting Started 2: An Overview of SoftChalk Create
  • TextPoppers, Images and Hyperlinks
  • Enhancing Text with SoftChalk Create
  • Navigation Features and Sidebars
  • Embedded Media
  • Quizzes and SoftChalk ScoreCenter
  • Interactive Presentation Learning Activities
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