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March 18, 2023

Now Available: WWC Study Review Protocol, Version 5.0

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An item from the folks at IES.  While I’ve expressed my concerns about the nature of the “gold standard” required for inclusion in the WWC (see here and here), it is always important to pass this information along.

of Education Sciences

Now Available: WWC Study Review Protocol, Version 5.0

The Study Review Protocol, Version 5.0 is now available on the What Works Clearinghouse (WWC) website. The Study Review Protocol guides all studies reviewed under the WWC Procedures and Standards Handbook, Version 5.0, including studies cited as evidence for U.S. Department of Education grant competitions, studies that the Department funded, and studies identified for systematic reviews of evidence.

The Study Review Protocol, Version 5.0 supplements the WWC Procedures and Standards Handbook, Version 5.0 in several ways. For example, the Study Review Protocol provides outcome domain names with examples of outcomes that fall within each domain and examples of independent outcome measures. The Study Review Protocol includes direct hyperlinks to relevant content in the Handbook.

Please send any questions about the Study Review Protocol, Version 5.0 to the WWC Help Desk at

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