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October 6, 2021

Register now — Students Take the Driver’s Seat on Day 3 of of the Aurora Institute Symposium 2021

And from the neo-liberals.

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The Time Is Now: Students Take the Driver’s Seat

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The Aurora Institute Symposium is the leading conference for transforming K-12 education systems, advancing breakthrough practices and policies, and implementing personalized, competency-based learning.

Who should attend and why? Attendees include K-12 system and school administrators, teachers, and nonprofits working in next generation learning, actively implementing personalized, competency-based designs, as well as policymakers, researchers, and other experts in K-12 advancing the future of learning. It is the premiere event for learning about cutting-edge promising practices, the latest policy developments and research, and future-focused trends in teaching and learning. This year’s virtual event is designed to build the capacity of the field to implement equitable, whole child, personalized, competency-based systems. More than 40% of Symposium breakout sessions feature students as speakers.

When the Symposium comes to a close on October 27th, students will be driving the conversation. Join Jemar Lee — a young, nationally respected advocate for learner-centered education and an educational entrepreneur — in conversation with four high school students for the closing keynote. Learn from the students’ experiences in student-centered environments and with innovations in the field, and aspirations for the future of school that adequately meets their needs.

Through keynotes and more than 55 sessions highlighting breakthrough practices and policies, the Symposium inspires attendees, equips them with new knowledge and best practices, and sparks action by leaders to implement new learning designs. Session strands include: Shifting to Competency-Based Education; Transforming Education Systems; Whole Child Personalized Learning; Designing New Learning Models/Redesign; Enabling Anytime/Anywhere Learning; Modernizing Professional Learning; and more.

Join us virtually October 25-27, 2021.

Aurora Institute members can attend the Symposium free of charge. Become an Aurora Institute member today, then register to attend the Symposium here.

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  • The @Aurora_Inst Symposium will close with a panel of students discussing their experiences with #PersonalizedLearning and #CompetencyEd. Join me in registering to attend: #Aurora21
  • Join me and @Aurora_Inst virtually at #Aurora21 on October 25-27. Looking forward to hearing from students during the closing keynote! Register to attend:
  • Attend the leading conference for transforming #K12 #edu. #Aurora21 will close with a panel of students discussing their experiences with #PersonalizedLearning and #CompetencyEd. Registration to attend virtually on October 25-27: @Aurora_Inst

For questions, please contact the Aurora Institute Symposium team. We look forward to seeing you at the Symposium.

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The mission of the Aurora Institute is to drive the transformation of education systems and accelerate the advancement of breakthrough policies and practices to ensure high-quality learning for all.


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