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August 13, 2020

TUC GSOE Diversity Now Webinar Series: Accessibility for All K-12 Students in Remote Learning

Here’s the specific notice for next week’s TUC GSOE Diversity Now webinar.

Diversity Now Webinar Series


Accessibility for All K-12 Students in Remote Learning

In these times of widespread remote learning, accessibility has become trending topic. For many, learning is considered accessible as soon as learners have a computer with internet access, but accessibility is so much more! Join the GSOE at TUC, and a nationally renowned panel that includes Dr. Mary Rice and Raymond Rose, as they explore the concept of accessibility from various perspectives. For example, students with identified disabilities can have unique accessibility needs when working online. However, students without disabilities or who have not yet been identified as having a disability may also experience challenges with accessing curriculum.

Dr. Mary Rice spent two years as a researcher in the country’s first research center focused on K-12 online learning (i.e., the Center on Online Learning and Students with Disabilities), while Raymond Rose has been involved in online education since the mid ’90s when he helped envision, create, and administer the first virtual high school in the US. Both have spent their careers advocating to ensure that online learning is accessible for all learners.

So be sure to join Mary and Ray as they discuss the importance of proactive planning (as opposed to retrofitting accessibility) for instruction. Still have questions? Mary and Ray will help.

To register, visit

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