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February 16, 2020

NEW! An Easier Way To Embed SoftChalk Lessons In Canvas

An item from SoftChalk.


Hello Michael,

SoftChalk has just announced a new tool that makes it easier to embed SoftChalk lessons into your Canvas courses. This new tool, “SoftChalk Link Selector”, is now available, and if you have a SoftChalk Cloud account, it’s  free for you to use!

What’s new about this tool?

  1. For faculty: Link Selector makes it easier to place your SoftChalk Cloud content into your Canvas course. No more copy and paste. The Link Selector tool lets you browse your SoftChalk Cloud content from within your Canvas course. Just point and click to select the lessons to embed in your course.

    You can embed both scored (content that reports a grade into the Canvas gradebook) and unscored SoftChalk content.

  2. For students: Link Selector improves the display of embedded SoftChalk content in your Canvas course— embedded content displays in a more responsive way and enables a larger viewport for students to see and interact with the content.

SoftChalk Link Selector is an LTI (Learning Tools Interoperability) tool—this means your Canvas admin will need to perform a one-time setup of the tool in your school’s LMS and make it available for you to use. If you’re the Canvas admin, setup information can be found in the ‘SoftChalk Canvas Integration Guide’ or view this Install Link Selector in Canvas.

For a quick look at how the new Link Selector tool works in Canvas, see these short videos:

Additional information about using SoftChalk content with Canvas can be found on our website.

If you need additional information or assistance, please contact us by emailing We are happy to assist you!

The SoftChalk Team

SoftChalk LLC 22 S. Auburn Ave. Richmond VA 23221  877-638-2425

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