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January 19, 2015

Open Scholarship Impact Challenge – Day 3: Create a Google Scholar Profile

After a more effort focused challenge in Making A ResearchGate Profile, we are back to one that isquicker for me to accomplish because I have already completed them (e.g.,Make A Profile On  The third activity from the 30-day open scholarship challenge that Impact Story conducted this past November was to “Create a Google Scholar Profile.”

As I alluded to above, this is a task that I have already accomplished.  The three steps in this task were to 1) create a Google Scholar profile, 2) add publications, and 3) make the profile public (there was a bonus step to add co-authors).

In my case, I had a Google Scholar profile already set up.


I had added all of my publications – although I’ll be honest and say that I have the auto add feature set up, so Google does add them for me.


I have made my profile public (although I will say that when I moved from Wayne State University to Sacred Heart University the process of switching was difficult because my university server would screen out and fail to forward to my GMail the verification e-mails that Google Scholar sent).


And finally, I have added all of my co-authors that have public Google Scholar profiles.


Under the homework for this challenge, the authors made suggestions like:

  1. Add missing articles
  2. Clean up your Google Scholar Profile data
  3. Learn how to export your publications list in BiBTeX format
  4. Explore your citations

I’ll be honest and say there is where I could do a bit better job.  From time to time I do go in and merge duplicate listings and delete items that were automatically generated that aren’t actually me or aren’t actually a piece of scholarly work.  But at some point I really do need to sit down with my CV and spend a day updating my Google Scholar profile so that it is complete (and things are linked to all of my full-text options that I have made available online – as almost all of my scholarship is available via open text).  I guess I can do that right after I spend a day getting all of my research into ResearchGate!

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