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September 28, 2011

PRESS RELEASE: Adaptive Learning Management Systems (ALMS) Introduces New Cloud & Mobile Services

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Press Release
 For more information:
1.617.399.1774 (direct)
1.617.642.1767 (cell) USDLA 21st Century Sponsor, Synaptic Global Learning (SGL) Launches Adaptive Learning Management System (ALMS) New Cloud & Mobile Services

The next generation of the Adaptive Learning Management System (ALMS), that supports classroom and online instruction with incredible success by increasing student online course completion rates, is being adopted by national and international K-12 and university practitioners. ALMS – 4DL HITE Technology moves away from the one-size-fits-all online LMS platform and provides instructional content that responds to users’ learning preferences in real time. Educational programs that have used ALMS – 4DL HITE demonstrate the highest rate of course completion in online education (90-95%).

New! ALMS Cloud Service:

ALMS – 4DL HITE Technology is now available on Amazon Elastic Cloud Computing (EC2). End users can take advantage of ALMS highly scalable architecture to support 100,000 to 500,000 users, with no upfront costs for the technology infrastructure.

    1. Pay as you go, even with very large volumes of online students and employees.
    2. Develop courses and upload on the ALMS CloudTM    for no upfront costs.
    3. Deploy courses on your own Virtual Private ALMS Cloud.
    4. Use the ALMS CloudTM Repository to store your courses for extended periods of time.
    5. Secure your data with advanced encryption services.
    6. Deploy your courses and training on a fault tolerant system with Fail Safe architecture.
    7. Archival support for student and employee learning performance data for 10 years is available at an affordable cost.
    8. No need for an expensive IT organization and staff leading to enormous savings.

New! ALMS Cloud-based Mobile Services:

The 4DL-HITE 7.0 version is now available to deliver ALMS-Cloud based courses on mobile devices supported by Apple and Android operating systems on iPad, iPod, iPhone, Android Phones and Windows Mobile phones. Your mobile devices will be connected to ALMS Cloud services (24×7) and online courses and training will be at your fingertips on the mobile devices of your choice. This is truly anywhere, anytime, and anyway access to your courses. The ALMS Cloud Mobile Services include:

  1. Web-apps that run on cross-platform smart phones.
  2. Web-apps that are native to Apple and Android platforms and can be purchased or downloaded in a few minutes from the Apple or Google app stores.
  3. The native apps allow you to access your courses/training anywhere, anytime without any connection to the Internet.
  4. You can also take advantage of location services and connect to fellow learners in your area by declaring your presence.

Synaptic Global Learning (SGL), a United States Distance Learning Association (USDLA) 21st Century Sponsor, has patented this learning platform. ALMS Cloud – 4DL HITE Technology dramatically increases student course completion and satisfaction rates. Student achievement is ensured because the course curriculum is presented in five different learning style formats. The patented system identifies the learners’ preferred learning style and delivers the curriculum content using varying learning strategies with continuous intelligent feedback, detailed statistical reports on individual learning performance, and real-time intervention. ALMS Cloud – 4DL HITE Technology supports the needs of 21st century learners.

 The ALMS – 4DL HITE Technology supports:

  1. A strong pedagogical framework for faculty to design courses;
  2. Connectivity to a taxonomy-based repository of content for faculty to choose content related to lessons;
  3. Content presentation with multiple learning strategies for accommodating a students learning trajectory;
  4. System embedded learning outcome assessments;
  5. Immediate feedback and revision of content presented in different learning strategies to build student competency in real time;
  6. Collection of detailed data on student learning progress to provide real time intervention for successful completion of courses;
  7. Detailed statistical reports on class and individual learning performance and outcomes; and
  8. Management of individual learning strategy portfolios for automated instructional support.

No Upfront Costs for the Technology Infrastructure and Affordable Costs and Minimal per Student Course Fees

SGL’s ALMS – 4DL HITE Technology is available to faculty and students anywhere, anytime as a hosted web-service. Any institution can create, deploy and host its courses, effective immediately, with affordable costs. Once a course is developed by an institution’s faculty, students are enrolled and charged a small technology fee (per student, per course). Institutions pay as they earn fees from learners. There are no long-term server contracts, no need for IT staff, no infrastructure costs, and no experts required for content development.

SGL’s professional staff of instructional designers, content developers, and domain experts is available to develop and launch degree and certificate programs as a professional service. SGL staff will guide faculty and students and ensure that in-class courses and online programs are fully supported (24×7) by SGL’s veteran team.

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Visit our website at

Phone: (617) 399-1774 Email:

USDLA | 76 Canal Street | Suite 400 | Boston | MA | 02114

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