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July 14, 2014

Reviews/Summaries of Virtual Schools in the U.S. 2014: Politics, Performance, Policy, and Research Evidence

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Since these came across my desk a little while ago, I wanted to pass them on to my readership…

Basically, someone over at the International Center for Home Education Research Reviews reviewed (as they called it, but it is more of a summary) each of the three sections of the Virtual Schools in the U.S. 2014: Politics, Performance, Policy, and Research Evidence published by the National Education Policy Center that I contributed to (note Part 2 is my section).

Anyway, just wanted to pass this along…

Note I have used the same tags used by the author(s) of these reviews, along with my own that I have used for this report in the past on this blog.

July 23, 2009

FLVS Game: Conspiracy Code

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conspiracy_codeAbout a month ago I first posted an entry about a presentation at the 2009 Games, Learning & Society conference about a game created for the Florida Virtual School (FLVS) called “Conspiracy Code” (see K-12 Online Learning And Games, Learning & Society 2009).

So, a week or two ago, I noticed that Scott McLeod had posted an entry entitled “NECC – My adventures with Horse & Hound magazine: Florida Virtual School, Achieve3000” on his blog Dangerously Irrelevant.  In this entry, he describes his experiences with an interview he conducted with Julie Young and Andy Ross of the FLVS about this US-history game that they use to teach the year long course.

Take a look at Scott’s entry – and the Vimeo video (which you can access by clicking on the image too), and tell me what you think.  In addition to the video, Scott has also posted this printed material:

In my earlier entry about this I mentioned that I thought the Academic ADL Co-Lab at the University of Wisconsin–Madison may be involved in this project – but have later found out that they were approached, but decided they weren’t interested as the project began to move forward (and I’d be interested in hearing some of the reasons why if anyone wanted to comment here or e-mail me privately).

Finally, after posting his original entry Scott has had some additional thoughts about gaming in education – see Do most educational games suck?

Note that I have used both my own tags and all of the tags that Scott used for his original entry as well – which accounts for the higher than usual number of tags and categories.

May 5, 2009

Related Webinars In The Next Two Days

I saw this in an entry entitled An amazing lineup of Classroom 2.0 events that was posted by Dangerously Irrelevant and wanted to make my readers aware of it.

Steve Hargadon over at Classroom 2.0 has an amazing set of webinars lined up for us this week. Here’s the relevant portion of Steve’s recent e-mail message:

[Tuesday event deleted]

Wednesday, May 6th, at 5:00pm Pacific / 8:00pm Eastern / 12am GMT: Don Tapscott, the author or co-author of 13 widely read books, including Wikinomics, discusses with me the future of education, Grown Up Digital (his latest book), and the Net Gen Education Project.  Log-in and other details at

Thursday, May 7th, at 5:00pm Pacific / 8:00pm Eastern / 12am GMT: Michael Horn, co-author of Disrupting Class:  How Disruptive Innovation Will Change the Way the World Learns, and the co-founder and Executive Director (Education) of Innosight Institute, a non-profit think tank devoted to applying the theories of disruptive innovation to problems in the social sector.  We’ll discuss his book, Web 2.0, and more.  Login and other details at

I don’t know how you get all of this great stuff arranged for us, Steve, but THANK YOU! I think I can make the first two and would do the third one too if my son didn’t have baseball practice. I’ll have to catch it on replay. Hope to see some of you participate in at least one of these!

If anyone attends one or both of these events, please let us know and provide some thoughts here. Note that I have used the same tags and categories as Dangerously Irrelevant.

March 29, 2009

E-Teaching In The Virtual High-School Classroom

I don’t know if I have posted this before, as I’ve talked about Elizabeth Murphy a number of times in over the past year and a half (see Spotlight on Elizabeth Murphy, Virtual School Project in Newfoundland, K-12 Online Learning Research Being Done In Newfoundland, Second Language Learning Online, High School Teachers’ Beliefs About Learner-Centred E-Learning, Learner-Centred E-Teaching, and TeacherTube Videos).

Anyway, I came across an item a few days ago entitled, “E-teaching In The Virtual High-School Classroom” – which is a two pager outlining her work on a project that was looking at online teaching in a provincial virtual school through the lense of activity theory

March 18, 2009

TeacherTube Videos

Last week, maybe it was the week before, I posted a message about a series of Youtube videos that had posted Elizabeth MurphyYoutube username elizmurphy – (see Learner-Centred E-Teaching).  Anyway, in interacting with her over this past week she pointed out that she has a couple of videos online at TeacherTube as well (username elizmurphy).

If folks know of other Youtube or TeacherTube resources on K-12 online learning, feel free to share them or let me know and I’ll post about them.

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