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July 13, 2015

Grow Together, Learn Together

From yesterday’s inbox…

Standards booklets for your team.
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ISTE Standards booklets for EVERYONE!
Now is the perfect time to stock up on ISTE Standards booklets for every educator in your school.  The family of ISTE Standards works in concert to support students, educators and leaders with clear guidelines for the skills, knowledge and approaches they need to succeed in the digital age.

The booklet set includes 10 of each of the following:
ISTE Standards for Students
ISTE Standards for Teachers
ISTE Standards for Administrators
ISTE Standards for Coaches
ISTE Standards Curriculum Planning Tool

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Discover hundreds of tools and activities that support collaborative, student-centered learning, presented in order of complexity and difficulty to help you to build confidence and skills in each area. Explore how technology tools can support your instructional goals and help you meet the individual needs of visual, auditory, kinesthetic and multilingual learners
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June 19, 2013

Academic Partnerships Publishes Guide to Quality in Online Learning

This came through my inbox over the weekend…  A nice overview, but the title is misleading in that you think there ay be competencies or standards included; and the document itself is just a review of what is currently out there (and misses some thing like the SREB and iNACOL standards for online teaching and online course design, research-based standards from ECOT and VHS Collaborative).  You can access the report directly by clicking here.

Academic Partnerships Publishes Guide to Quality in Online Learning

Publication Provides Insight into Key Quality Issues in Online Education from Higher Education Experts

Published: Tuesday, Jun. 11, 2013 – 7:13 am

DALLAS, June 11, 2013 — /PRNewswire/ — Academic Partnerships (AP), one of the largest representatives of online learning in the United States and around the world, today announced that it has published in both English and Chinese a pioneering primer on the key quality issues in online education.  Edited by international higher education authorities Stamenka Uvalic-Trumbic and Sir John Daniel and authored by learning experts Neil Butcher and Merridy Wilson-Strydom, A Guide to Quality in Online Learning is designed to provide insight into opportunities presented by online learning and is available to readers free of charge.

“The most rapidly developing trend in higher education is the utilization of technology for the delivery of instruction by universities around the world,” said AP Chairman and CEO Randy Best.  “We have long been committed to ensuring that our partner universities retain their exceptional quality as they bring their academic programs online to reach global audiences.  The editors and authors of A Guide to Quality in Online Learning are remarkable experts who share AP’s commitment to quality, and we are delighted to offer their insights to the global education community.”

AP Senior Advisor Stamenka Uvalic-Trumbic said, “Individuals, institutions, and professional bodies in many countries are addressing the challenge of how to assure that online learning provides a top-quality experience for students.  Our publication addresses the issues associated with what has become a truly global phenomenon.”

“We hope it will be useful not only to those who are considering online learning, but also to institutions that have already embraced it,” added AP Senior Advisor Sir John Daniel.

Structured in the form of 16 frequently asked questions, the guide distils extensive experience and research into a compact and readable account, while also providing a detailed bibliography should readers wish to explore particular issues in more detail.

Reflective of AP’s commitment to expanding access to knowledge, A Guide to Quality in Online Learning is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License and, as such, may be copied, distributed, transmitted, and adapted free of charge and without prior permission.

The guide is available through Academic Partnerships by clicking here (English version) and here (Chinese version).  It is also available through The Open University of China (China Central Radio and TV University) by clicking here.

About Academic Partnerships

Academic Partnerships (AP) helps universities convert their traditional degree programs into an online format, recruits qualified students and supports enrolled students through graduation.  Serving more than 40 public universities in the United States and numerous top foreign institutions, AP is guided by the principle that the opportunities presented through distance learning make higher education more accessible and achievable for students in the United States and around the world.  The company was founded by social entrepreneur Randy Best, an 18-year veteran of developing innovative learning solutions to improve education.  For more information, please visit

Contact: For Academic Partnerships Jaquelyn M. Scharnick +1.214.438.4144

SOURCE Academic Partnerships

Read more here:

July 8, 2010

Education Next: Virtual Education And Common Core Standards Podcast

inacolThis was posted in one of the iNACOL forums a day or so ago (and is a follow-up from Common Core Standards Webinar – June 30 From 3-5pm EST).

Virtual Education and Common Core Standards

By Paul E. Peterson and Chester E. Finn, Jr. 06/23/2010

Education Next’s Paul Peterson and Chester E. Finn, Jr. talk this week about whether common standards create economies of scale for virtual learning products.

Listen to the Podcast at…core-standards/

September 23, 2009

Common Core State Standards Available For Comment

inacolThis was posted to one of the iNACOL forums earlier this week.  I asked about this issue a few weeks back (see Affects On Virtual Schooling?) – appears now we are getting closer to it being a reality.  Feel free to comment on the standards in the manner outlined below.

September 21, 2009
NGA Center, CCSSO Release First Official Public Draft of the College- and Career-Readiness Standards

WASHINGTON—The National Governors Association Center for Best Practices (NGA Center) and the Council of Chief State School Officers (CCSSO) today released the first official public draft of the college- and career-readiness standards in English-language arts and mathematics as part of the Common Core State Standards Initiative, a process being led by governors and chief state school officers in 51 states and territories. These standards define the knowledge and skills students should have to succeed in entry-level, credit-bearing, academic college courses and in workforce training programs.

June 11, 2009

Reminder: iNACOL Quality Standards for Online Programs Feedback Surveys Due

inacolAnother reminder about this survey that showed up in my inbox.

Dear Online K-12 Professionals,

The International Association for K-12 Online Learning (iNACOL) requests your participation in an important survey related to quality standards for online programs.

As part of our effort to establish a set of iNACOL quality online program criteria, we would like your input as part of the process. A committee from a wide variety of backgrounds (including K-12 online program leaders, accrediting associations, higher education, etc.) has worked over the past year to develop the standards listed in the survey link below.

We would appreciate your feedback on the questions posed in our survey. Your insights and experience will help to ensure that the iNACOL online program quality criteria are truly reflective of the best practices in K-12 online learning.

You can access the survey by COPYING & PASTING the following link into the address bar of your web browser.

If there is someone on your staff who you feel is more appropriate to complete this survey, please feel free to forward this request on to that person.

The approximate time needed to complete this survey is 20-25 minutes. The deadline for completing this survey is Monday, June 15, 2009.

Any questions should be sent to Allison Powell at

Thank you in advance for your participation.

The iNACOL staff

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