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January 12, 2012

Important Update To All MACUL Space Members

For my Michigan readers (not that MACUL does have an online learning SIG – though broadly defined)…

connecting educators & enhancing learning

A message to all members of MACUL Space

Good news to start the new year!1.  MACUL membership is now FREE!  Not a MACUL member yet?  Then join for free at this link. Join over 5,000 technology-using educators and be eligible for grants, receive announcements about professional development opportunities, receive discounts on ISTE events, publications and membership and much, much more!

2.  MACUL Space has upgraded our chat application. If you regularly use chat, you’ll probably find the new chat more friendly and reliable:

• Easy to find: You’ll find the new chat in your browser window’s footer. Click on it and start chatting (click again to close it).

• More responsive: It should snap to attention and respond to your commands better than the old chat.

• Better technology: It’s not Flash-based anymore, so it will even work on some mobile devices.

• New sounds and notifications: You can turn those off if you want. You’ll also see a visual notification when new messages are posted.

• Ignore people: Choose who you want to chat with — or click the “Ignore” button. It’s up to you.

• Pop it out: Need more space to chat? Pop it out into its own window. Give the new chat a try!

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December 6, 2011

No More Dues!

MACULFrom yesterday’s inbox, something that may be of interest to my Michigan-based readers!

connecting educators & enhancing learning

A message to all members of MACUL Space


We are thrilled to announce there will be no more dues for the same great MACUL membership over 4,000 of you have enjoyed this year. This historic move begins immediately.  Like, right now.  Invite your colleagues and friends to enjoy the benefit of your favorite professional learning network gratis.


MACUL’s mission is to ignite learning through meaningful collaboration and innovation.  In order to increase the opportunities for collaboration, the MACUL board chose to remove the barrier of fees for membership.  Several ISTE affiliate organizations (groups like MACUL in other states) have gone to a no dues membership and experienced tremendous growth.  More MACUL members mean greater opportunities for collaboration and innovation.  As a result, our organization will have bigger reach and impact throughout the state and even the nation.

Nothing changes for current members.  Your membership is still active and you won’t have to pay to renew.  Additionally by attending 2012 MACUL Conference  or any other MACUL sponsored event you will be automatically registered for a MACUL membership.


You probably have a lot of questions.  Visit for the answers: No Dues FAQ.

Get my no dues membership NOW!

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October 3, 2011

Mobile Learning – 1:1 Learning Takes Off In Michigan

MACULThis came through my inbox late last week from the Michigan Association for Computer Users in Learning (MACUL) as a part of their September newsletter.

Mobile Learning/1:1 Learning takes off in Michigan
The 2011-12 school year is here, and classrooms are looking a little different! Schools around the state have seen the impact of engaging students with the tools they excel with, from smartphones and tablets to notebooks and netbooks. 1:1 learning has hit home in classrooms and homes around Michigan, and student engagement has hit new levels as well.For the 2011-2012 school year, the FCC/SLD has awarded 20 districts nationally the opportunity to participate in a Mobile Learning trial. The trial is allowing students to take their devices home opening the door to 24/7 learning, regardless of where they are. Michigan was awarded two of these 20 trials, in Westwood Community Schools (Dearborn Heights) and Michigan Technical Academy (Redford). Both districts selected Sprint as their wireless vendor of choice, and have deployed multiple devices across several grades.Several other school districts have recently deployed independent of the FCC trial, including Oxford Community Schools, Center Line Public Schools, Berkley Public Schools, Northpoint Academy and others. They, too, have seen the impact that 1:1 learning with mobile technology can have, and have opted in ahead of the FCC’s results using district funding, grants, and eRate to help fund their projects.

For additional information, please reach out to Jeff Muglia – Sprint – 248-390-0930 or

August 21, 2011

2012 MACUL Conference – Call For Speakers

From the inbox a few days ago…  And note that MACUL has an online learning SIG.


April 3, 2011

Video from 2011 MACUL Conference Now Online!

This came through my inbox yesterday.  I’m not sure if any of the K-12 Online Learning session from the 2011 MACUL Conference are included in these videos, but just in case I thought it was worth posting.

connecting educators & enhancing learning

A message to all members of MACUL Space

2011 MACUL Conference Extras
It’s already been two weeks since 2011 MACUL Conference ended and the information sharing is continuing in your districts, on Facebook, and at MACUL Space.  We’re still sifting through photos and video from the event.  REMC MI Streamnet has just posted selected videos from the conference and they are now available to you for free including Rushton Hurley’s opening keynote and the amusingly entertaining closing keynote from Hall Davidson.  Current videos are available here.
Content will also be available at such as photos and conference blogs.  Please browse through and tag yourselves and your colleagues.  Feel free to share your blogs with us and we’ll select our favorites to post on Facebook and MACULblog.  We’ll also post your best photos and video.  Send your submissions to: with “MACUL Conference Submission” in the subject line.
MACUL Space Profile Photo Challenge
Got a favorite tech tool?  Feel like showing it off?  This week, we’re asking all MACUL Space members to find a photo or image of your favorite gadget or website and share a few words about it in your status.  Why is it so great?  What ways have you found to maximize it’s use in the classroom?  It could be your new iPad.  It could be your cellphone. It could be a great website.  Be creative and share.  You may learn something from a new MACUL Space friend when you ask them about their photos.  We’ll feature our favorites at MACUL Space.
ISTE Conference Bonus for MACUL Members
Sometimes it pays to be a MACUL member.  Literally.  March 31st was the last day for super early bird registration specials for the upcoming 2011 ISTE Conference in Philadelphia, PA – June 26-29, 2011. However, MACUL members get a May 1st extension – a $70 savings off the full registration price.  Just indicate that you are a MACUL member during registration.  2011 ISTE Conference information can be found here.
Educational Technology Leadership Conference
You’ll also get MACUL Member savings when you register for 2011 ETLC Conference at Muskegon Community College on April 21, 2011.  Nearly 50% of the full registration fee will be discounted, but don’t worry if you’re not a MACUL member.  The $89 registration comes with a 1-year MACUL Membership ($40 value).  For details on this offer, to register and to view a full list of presenters and sessions visit

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