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January 25, 2021

Reminder: FETC is available for 30 days post event

Another FETC item…


 FETC® is available until Feb. 28!

That’s right. You can access any sessions you miss next week for a full 30 days after the live virtual event ends – so you don’t have to miss a single opportunity to learn from dynamic keynoters and top experts covering all aspects of ed tech.

If you know any colleagues not registered to attend yet, forward them this email to give them easy access to the registration portal.


Access Registration Portal Here Use Source Code: FETCVAH3 

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January 23, 2021

Download White Papers from the top K-12 Product and Solution Providers

Another item from the folks at FETC.

Find research-based solutions for your district from the top exhibitors at FETC.

Click on the white paper title below to download and engage with exhibitors at their virtual booth within the platform.  Visit to get started!



Manage Any Device From Any Location with FileWave’s Unified Platform

FileWave provides schools with multi-platform device management software, to fully manage the lifecycle process of imaging, deployment, management, security, tracking, and maintenance. FileWave is all-inclusive and solves managing a growing population of devices, by ensuring organizations have the complete solution that supports all (MacOS, iOS, Windows, Chrome OS, and Android).

Lumens VC-A52S Full HD PTZ Camera Supports Classroom Learning at Baylor University in Waco, Texas

Lumens offers several classroom solutions. We offer document cameras, PTZ cameras and a lecture capture system. Lumens supports K-12 and higher-ed. In the case with Baylor University, Lumens supported the education institution with the VC-A52S Full HD PTZ camera. The cameras were placed in the classrooms at the university.


Hybrid Classroom Solutions with Connection Public Sector Solutions and ViewSonic

Whether you’re in the classroom, teaching from home, or reaching students using a combination of both—ViewSonic delivers a number of hybrid learning options that allow you to teach from anywhere.

5 Best Practices for Blended Learning

In this whitepaper, Sean R. Coffron, Ph.D. and Instructional Technology Training Specialist at Manassas City Public Schools, dives into how to develop an effective blended program that can drive student achievement. His review of the published literature reveals five clear best practices for a successful blended learning environment.



Howard Technology Solutions – For All Your Technology Needs

Howard Technology Solutions, along with our own brand of computer hardware, is the re-seller of a wide array of innovative educational technology. From the learning tools for your home or classroom to the professional installation to get things running, we are your total solutions provider.

Incident Response and Proactive Services from 2020 & 2021 Insights

This report brings together insights and observations of 2020 intrusions to help organizations defend against and recover from these cyber attacks. Understand a clear picture of how adversaries are adapting to today’s realities and view concrete recommendations that you can implement in your organization to improve your cybersecurity readiness.




Did you know that your trusted two-way radio provider can also keep your students and staff connected off-campus? Whether schools are practicing hybrid, modified, or distance learning ensure a reliable internet connection is readily available. Providing academic success for all starts with a strong private LTE network connection.


Trinity3 Technology & FireFly Computers are now Trafera!

Bringing everything that was great about Trinity3 and FireFly together as Trafera; the new #1 provider of Chromebooks and classroom technology in North America, we’ll be able to bring you even better prices, greater product availability, and a wider range of products and services, without sacrificing the fast, personalized service you deserve.



Beacon Educator celebrates 6 million hours of online professional learning!

Beacon Educator delivers asynchronous and highly engaging online professional learning courses for K-12 educators, administrators, and educational personnel. Choose from expertly facilitated courses or self-paced modules. Program areas include ESOL, Reading, Gifted, Autism, Students with Disabilities, Math, Professional Growth, Alternative Certification, Ethics, Diversity, and other contemporary topics.

How to Make the Most Out of Distance Learning

No matter what learning model your school or district is returning to in 2021, educators need to be prepared for the possibility of some form of virtual learning. Download the Kajeet Distance Learning Survival Guide for 11 actionable tips and over 30 helpful resources.


Deepen Comprehension With Digital Tools

Digital literacy is an important component of twenty-first century education, and students are expected to navigate, comprehend and analyze content that is continually created. When practicing comprehending with digital resources, using tools to track and interact with the media is key to students’ mastery of text.

Active Learning: more important than ever

COVID-19 accelerated the shift toward blended learning and put active learning in the spotlight. It is known that active learning engages students. It’s a well-established fact that engaged students learn better. The pandemic has emphasized the need to incorporate active learning into our instruction across a range of learning environments from virtual to hybrid to socially distanced classrooms.


Systematic Phonics & Phonemic Awareness with Scholastic

Scholastic F.I.R.S.T., an adaptive foundational reading program for students in PreK–Grade 2, provides developmentally appropriate and personalized practice in the 44 sounds of the English language. F.I.R.S.T. helps students to hear, identify, and manipulate each sound automatically so their brain energy can focus on reading with understanding and enjoyment.

Transitioning from Classrooms to Distance Learning

The paper approaches the complexities of distance learning from several angles, making it helpful to administrators, teachers, superintendents, and parents alike, including:

  • Web filtering
  • Student safety alerts
  • Device management
  • Remote classroom management

Future of Education Technology Conference | 360 Hiatt Drive | Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33418 |  1-800-727-1227

FETC starts in 4 days! Here’s what you need to know

I guess it is actually three days at this point.


We look forward to hosting you and thousands of
your peers next week for the first-ever virtual
Future of Education Technology® Conference!

Below are some details to help you plan and make the best use of your time accessing FETC®. But first, if you haven’t already, add the event dates (Tuesday, January 26 – Friday, January 29) to your calendar.

Browse the agenda now and register for sessions you wish to attend to have them added to your personal agenda and to receive session reminders. Presentations will be made available for on-demand viewing for 30 days post-event, so pick the session in each time slot that piques your interest most and plan to watch the other sessions later at your convenience!
Plan Your Agenda Now

Discover products and services, download useful resources, watch product demos, enter to win exciting raffles, grab swag and more from our extensive list of exhibitors! Bookmark those you’re interested in so you can easily find them later. Request in advance 1:1 video meetings to ensure you have a dedicated time to speak with a product expert guaranteeing all your questions get answered.

Access the Virtual Expo at any time convenient for you!
Product experts will be available in their virtual booths
from 11 a.m. – 5:45 p.m. ET daily.

Browse Exhibitors Now

Add details to your virtual profile to get more relevant recommendations of other like-minded attendees you should connect with. Your profile has been pre-populated with information you provided during registration, but the more data you feed it the better the AI works.

Get Connecting

Take me there now! Use Source Code: FETCVAH4

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January 22, 2021

Download White Papers from the top K-12 Product and Solution Providers

The second of two FETC items.

Find research-based solutions for your district from the top exhibitors at FETC.

Click on the white paper title below to download and engage with exhibitors at their virtual booth within the platform.  Visit to get started!



What exactly is “K-12 Data Analytics” anyway?

K-12 Data Analytics defined  – includes discussions about dashboards, alerts, reports, KPI, predictive analytics and more. K12 Education is different than it was a few months ago. Now more than ever Data is important – existing data combined with new data from new sources, viewed in different ways.

Need help finding the right digital literacy curriculum for your students?

Evaluating effective digital literacy curriculum for your students and teachers can be challenging. That’s why we have created a helpful checklist to help you easily compare digital literacy curriculum based on five key educational technology considerations. Download this free resource today.


Collaboration of IT and educators makes network a vital part of instruction models

Waynesboro Area School District showcases how innovative digital programs perform on CommScope Ruckus edge networks

Social Emotional Learning Delivered to Home and Classroom

Move This World: Leading provider of social-emotional learning (SEL) multimedia resources for PreK-12 students, educators, and families. Content delivered through short interactive lessons.  Implementation is impactful and simple: Our platform allows educators to incorporate SEL into students’ schedules every day, without planning or prep.



Where does your teachers’ voices or media audio need to go?

Instruction can occur online for remote learning or offline in a variety of ways. With so many considerations, choosing the right classroom audio system may be daunting. Read our “Buyer’s Guide” to help you choose the best system for you.

What 5 million assessments show us about the true impact of “COVID Slide”

Which grade levels and student groups have been most impacted by the pandemic’s disruptions? And how can schools and districts best respond to this? Get the answers in the new How Kids Are Performing report, the nation’s largest longitudinal study of COVID-related learning loss in reading and math.



Foster Rich Student Learning Experiences with UDT’s Education Solution

UDT is a technology enabler that helps Federal, State, Local, Education, Enterprise and Commercial clients evaluate, architect, secure, and manage technology on the go and in the cloud. UDT provides customized services, including mobility, cloud, collaboration, loT, data, security, and ITaaS solutions and technical, professional and managed services.  Learn more:

Equity in Learning with BrainPOP: Fostering Access and Impact for All

Ensuring all students have equitable access to meaningful learning is an essential yet complex task. To meet this need, this paper outlines an equity-driven framework grounded in learning science and demonstrates how BrainPOP’s instructional design allows for both flexible pathways and targeted learning to impact learning outcomes for all students.



Ed CIO Perspectives Inside of the COVID-19 Pandemic

We sat down with several top districts and higher ed institutions before and during COVID-19.  Here’s what we learned.

AVer’s Distance Learning Guide

Created to serve as the manual for any educator who is looking to enhance their classroom! This will serve as your guide to all thing hybrid and distance learning in a new era of teaching. Be prepared to learn how to consistently engage your students and adapt your lesson plans to the ever-changing environment that lies ahead.


Why Now Is The Time To Move To Cloud Managed Networks

The move to cloud-managed networks has gained momentum over the past few years. More organizations are seeking organizational flexibility and bottom-line impact. As data networking has evolved, it has become unnecessarily complex. The advent of digital transformation requires data networks to become more agile and intelligent to deliver strategic advantage.

iCloth Cleaning Wipes – A Tech Essential for Classrooms

Common cleaning methods used today can damage electronics and sensitive optics, resulting in classroom downtime and costly repairs or replacements.

The three most common cleaning pitfalls are discussed in this paper and how iCloth wipes address these pitfalls and can help to keep classroom electronics clean and looking new.



Top Reasons Schools Choose Foxit as their Campus PDF Editing Solution


Schools are responsible for keeping track of the paperwork for thousands of students, teachers, and staff. Now, campuses around the world are taking the initiative to adopt innovative digital solutions to increase efficiency. In this white paper, learn how Foxit PDF tech enables schools to transform into a digital campus.

How to Enrich Your Classroom with Discover Drones

Interested in what the world of drones has to offer for you and your students? Get an in-depth look at what it takes to implement a drone program of your own. Read on to learn about Discover Drones, the ultimate tool for STEM and CTE engagement!


Future of Education Technology Conference | 360 Hiatt Drive | Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33418 |  1-800-727-1227

5 days remain for your colleagues to attend FETC with you

I guess it is only four days now.  Anyway, the first of two FETC items.



The Future of Education Technology® Conference is taking place next week! You may be registered already but some of your colleagues are still missing out on this opportunity to attend. Forward this email now to your team members to ensure they are virtually there!

Can’t all attend together? FETC® is available for 30 days post-event, giving everyone plenty of time to catch up with missed sessions.

Access Registration Here Use Source Code: FETCVAH2

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