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July 27, 2019

[IRRODL] New Notification From The International Review Of Research In Open And Distributed Learning

Another new issue notice.

You have a new notification from The International Review of Research in Open and Distributed Learning:

An issue has been published.


IRRODL Manager

The table of contents for this issue included:

  1. Vol 20 No 3 (2019)

Full Issue

Research Articles

Literature Reviews

Notes from the Field

June 16, 2019

Newest Issue Of Human Technology Now Available

I don’t see any K-12 distance, online, and/or blended learning item in this issue, but several interesting papers in this open access journal all the same.

Dear subscriber of the Human Technology e-notification service,

The current issue of Human Technology is now online. The papers published in this issue cover a range of topics. The first paper is a narrative literature review of the growing literature addressing the intersection of migrants (of many kinds) with a diversity of social media and online communication; in the next, the author reports on an ethnographic analysis of issues related to politics, women’s engagement in politics, and women’s agency in rural India following the introduction of mobile phones; and the their paper explores the role of photographs in online dating and how early profile photos have a character of “future tense” while later uses of photography to build relationships provides means for couples to maintain contact, particularly in situations whereh the photos are shared immediately after contact. The other three open submissions address diverse topics: serious game design in learning how learners progress through the games, specifically, GraphoGame; deeper understanding of problematic mobile phone and social media behaviors in emerging adults, as well the practices of pubbing, creeping, and catfishing; and how years of teaching experience and teachers’ constructivist beliefs impact how likely they are to incorporate ICTs in their classrooms.

In addition to the six manuscripts, this issue includes an editorial by the current editor in chief regarding how the 50th anniversary of the moon landing provides an opportunity to consider the appartgeist concept and whether humankind can ever experience again a worldwide focus and appreciation of success in a mammoth technological undertaking. Finally, book review discusses the intermingling of information, data, technology, and organization—both positively and negatively—in contemporary societies.

       You can access the issue at

Volume 15, Issue 2 — Human Technology

June 2019, pp. 136-299



From the Editor in Chief

The Apparatgeist of the Moon Landing

Jukka Jouhki

Original Papers

Digital Diasporas: An Overview of the Research Areas of Migration and New Media Through a Narrative Literature Review

          Kerstin B. Andersson

Mobile Media, Gender, and Power in Rural India

Sirpa Tenhunen

Photo Use While Dating: From Forecasted Photos in Tinder to Creating Copresence Using Other Media

Annukka Jänkälä, Asko Lehmuskallio, & Tapio Takala

Players’ Progression Through GraphoGame, an Early Literacy Game: Influence of Game Design and Context of Play

Morten Njå

Personal Correlates of Problematic Types of Social Media and Mobile Phone Use in Emerging Adults

Tina Kavčič, Melita Puklek Levpušček, Maja Zupančič, Mojca Poredoš, & Chris Bjornsen

Exploring Individual Differences Among Teachers’ ICT Acceptance: A Path Model and the Role of Experience

Lucia Monacis, Pierpaolo Limone, Flavio Ceglie, Giancarlo Tanucci, & Maria Sinatra

Book Review

Disorder and the Disinformation Society: The Social Dynamics of Information Networks
and Software

Jonathan Paul Marshall, James Goodman, Didar Zowghi, & Francesca da Rimini

Reviewed by Raul Pertierra

As always, we ask that you please forward information on our journal to all your colleagues who might be interested in the topics within this issue or available in our archives. And Human Technology welcomes submissions on a diversity of topics under our open call for papers. We also seek special issue topics, particularly those funded through research projects. Please contact us at to discuss howHuman Technology can become a dissemination partner for research projects.

We also want to note at this point that a new thematic issue will be launched in the early autumn: Music, Mind, & Technology: Exploring the Embodied Musical Experience. More information will be available in July at So if this topic is of interest to you—or to a colleague—please check out the details of the specific Call for Papers over the summer.


Ms. Barbara Crawford
Managing Editor
Human Technology

June 8, 2019

LearnTechLib Table of Contents Alert: CITE Journal 19:1

No K-12 distance, online, and/or blended learning articles in this issue.

LearnTechLib - The Learning & Technology Library

LearnTechLib Table of Contents Alert: CITE Journal 19:1

Dear Michael Barbour,

The latest issue of Contemporary Issues in Technology and Teacher Education is now available on LearnTechLib, the Learning & Technology Library.

Contemporary Issues in Technology and Teacher Education

Vol. 19 , No. 1 (March 2019)

Table of Contents

  1. Designing to Provoke Disorienting Dilemmas: Transforming Preservice Teachers’ Understanding of Function Using a Vending Machine Applet

    Allison McCulloch , NC State University, ; Jennifer Lovett , Middle Tennessee State University, ; Cyndi Edgington , NC State University,


  2. Professional Learning Practices and Beliefs of an Online Community of English Language Teachers

    Jeremy Slagoski , Southern Illinois University Carbondale,


  3. Examining Social Studies Educators to Facilitate Preservice Teacher Development of Technology Integration

    Erik Kormos , Colegio Karl C. Parrish,


  4. Border Crossing: Educator and Startup Involvement in the Educational Technology Innovation Ecosystem

    Joan Hughes , The University of Texas at Austin,


  5. Mentoring the Mentors: Hybridizing Professional Development to Support Cooperating Teachers’ Mentoring Practice in Science

    Josie Melton , Western Washington University, ; Matthew Miller , Western Washington University, ; Joseph Brobst , The Center for Educational Partnerships at Old Dominion University,


  6. Table of contents for this issue:

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April 30, 2019

Article Notice – Online Teacher And On-Site Facilitator Perceptions Of Parental Engagement At A Supplemental Virtual High School

A K-12 online learning article from the IRRODL notice earlier this morning.

  1. Research Articles

Online Teacher and On-Site Facilitator Perceptions of Parental Engagement at a Supplemental Virtual High School

  • Jered BorupGeorge Mason University
  • Chawanna B. ChambersGeorge Mason University
  • Rebecca StimsonMichigan Virtual
Keywords: online learning, student engagement, virtual schooling, online teachers, on-site facilitators, parental engagement


Just as they have in face-to-face courses, parents will likely play an important role in lowering online student attrition rates, but more research is needed that identifies ways parents can engage in their students’ online learning. In this research we surveyed and interviewed 12 online teachers and 12 on-site facilitators regarding their experiences and perceptions of parental engagement. Guided by the Adolescent Community of Engagement framework, our analysis found that teachers and facilitators valued parents’ engagement when parents advised students on course enrollments, nurtured relationships and communication with and between students, monitored student progress, motivated students to engage in learning activities, organized and managed students’ learning time at home, and instructed students regarding study strategies and course content when able. Teachers and facilitators also identified obstacles that parents faced when attempting to engage in their children’s online learning as well as obstacles that teachers and facilitators encountered when they attempted to support parents.

Borup, J., Chambers, C. B., & Stimson, R. (2019). Online Teacher and On-Site Facilitator Perceptions of Parental Engagement at a Supplemental Virtual High School . The International Review of Research in Open and Distributed Learning20(2).

[IRRODL] New Notification From The International Review Of Research In Open And Distributed Learning

This showed up in my inbox yesterday.

You have a new notification from The International Review of Research in Open and Distributed Learning:

An issue has been published.


IRRODL Manager

The actual table of contents included:

  1. Vol 20 No 2 (2019)

PUBLISHED: 2019-04-29



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