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August 27, 2016

[JOFDL] New Notification From Open Journals On Ako Aotearoa

One for my Kiwi readers…

Journal of Open, Flexible and Distance Learning

You have a new notification from Open Journals on Ako Aotearoa:

An issue has been published.


Niki Davis

E-Learn 2016 (DC): Journal Publication Submissions

From Thursday’s inbox…

e-elearn 2016 DC logo
Call for “Full Paper:
Journal Publication”
Due: September 26
Submissions accepted as
Full Paper – Journal Publication category will be published in an AACE Journal and Conference Proceedings, available at
AACE,, P.O. Box 719, Waynesville, NC 28786

Michael, People Are Paying Attention To Your Research

From the inbox at some point this week…

Michael, people are paying attention to your research.View
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ResearchGate GmbH, Invalidenstr. 115, 10115 Berlin, Germany.

Virtual Schooling In The News

Please note that beginning this morning I will be driving across the country as I move from Connecticut to California. Over the next five or six or more days I will do my best each evening to have content ready to go the following day, but I may end up with some slow blogging days as we move into our new home. This might also result in backdated entries and some busy blogging days when I get back in the groove to get rid of the backlog. Anyway…

InTheNewsBeginning with eSchool’s Innovation Weekly.

7 new standards for excellent online learning leadership

As online learning evolves from amateur experimentation to a mainstream professional entity on campus, new standards for quality online learning leadership are emerging in order to not only sustain these…

Moving on to the ASCD SmartBrief.

Is blended learning losing favor among parents?

Fewer parents support blended learning in the classroom, according to a survey from Education Next. Data show about 51% of parents believe at least 30% of instruction should include a computer — compared with 57% of parents who stated they believed this one year ago.
Education Week (tiered subscription model) (8/25)

Similarly, the SmartBrief for EdTech.

Schools transition to blended learning 2.0

Schools transition to blended learning 2.0
Some school districts have adopted blended learning 2.0. Joe Casarez, associate superintendent for instructional services for a California district, characterizes blended learning 2.0 as the addition of personalization to the original model, which combined technology and print.
District Administration magazine online (8/22)


Other News

Also, the Connected Educator’s SmartBrief.

Why more colleges should offer online teacher training

E-learning may be a top solution to narrowing teacher shortages, writes Hui-Yin Hsu, head of New York Institute of Technology’s Teacher Education Program. The approach could help bring individuals with noneducation-industry expertise into the classroom, she notes in this commentary.
Forbes (8/22)

Back to the regular Google News alert for virtual school.

The patchwork funding formula

It makes it difficult to educate children who enroll later, Edginton said, which can be a large portion of a virtual school’s student body. If a school has 10 …

The patchwork funding formula

Teen sitcom “Saved By the Bell” was only a year removed from television the last time Idaho’s public education funding formula was revamped: 1994.

New state vaccine law could cause enrollment problems

The school in east Redding still has a popular traditional stay-at-home program, but added what appears to be the area’s first “virtual school” because …

Nearly 4000 Students Choosing Georgia Connections Academy for High-Quality Online Education …

… gauging enrollment numbers for the entire school year, and ways to account for differences in measuring avirtual school’s academic performance.

Bangor Township Virtual School serves Midland students

Bangor Township Virtual School, a tuition-free online public school serving students in grades K-12 in Saginaw, Bay, Midland, Gladwin, Arenac and …

NAHL signs two-year agreement with Apex Learning Virtual School

The North American Hockey League (NAHL) is pleased to announce the continuation of their partnership with Apex Learning Virtual School to serve …

Virtual School opens enrollment

BAY CITY – Bangor Township Virtual School, a tuition-free online public school serving students in grades K-12 in Saginaw, Bay, Midland, Gladwin, …

Ohio Legislature has duty to monitor virtual schools

And no segment of the charter-school movement received less scrutiny than the “virtual schools” – those operations that took nearly $6,000 in state …

Ohio auditor suggests performance-based funding for virtual schools

Ohio’s largest online charter school, ECOT, is paid based on student enrollment like other charters, but State Auditor Dave Yost wants to change that …

Virtual Academy improvement deadline unclear

The Tennessee Department of Education says the Tennessee Virtual … It opened in 2011, following the passage of the Virtual Schools Act. Since then, …

School adds online classes in response to new vaccination laws

REDDING, Calif. – Redding School of the Arts has added a virtual independent study program because of the new vaccination laws, according to …

Online schools not yet making grade

AJC reporting shows both growth and troubling overall performance in Georgia’s virtual schools, indicating the concept needs both more work by …

Too many Georgia charter school students are online and off track. How do we fix that?

The steady growth and mediocre performance of Georgia’s virtual charter schools tell us two things: Parents want online education options for their …

Fayetteville’s first day includes beginning of online school

FAYETTEVILLE — Maddox Benard, 12, and Ava Benard, 10, spent the morning of the first day of school at the new Fayetteville Virtual Academy …

Madison County school leaders announce new partnership with Lockheed Martin; will help with …

In the future, Superintendent Massey hopes Lockheed Martin will play an integral role in developing the district’s virtual school. “This is a first phase of …

Education Matters: Connections Academy

Virtual school became an option for Jaidynne because she was tired of being bullied at school. “I was bullied last year and me being bullied got me …

MSD Decatur announces MyLearning Virtual School

The Metropolitan School District of Decatur Township’s new online option: MyLearning Virtual School, a tuition free K-12 school available to all …

Virtual Academy in Greenfield hires new digital learning director, licenses first virtual teacher in state

“I love what we are doing,” Beauregard said of the virtual school. “We are providing options for kids who feel like they have no other options. We are …

Virtual Gaelic school gets funding boost

Gaelic virtual school the E-Sgoil, announced by Gaelic agency Bòrd na Gàidhlig in March, will be based in Stornoway and initially focus on Highers, …

ACT scores soar at many Hamilton Co. schools

The Howard School, and Hamilton County Virtual School scores showed no college ready students based on ACT benchmarks. Brainered High …

City schools looking at balanced budget

Though enrollment numbers aren’t final yet, the district’s virtual school, Renaissance School, out-of-district enrollment and recent acceptance of …

EdOptions Academy offers students flexible learning

The academy refers to itself as a virtual school. “I come in as much as I can,” O’Leary says. “We have our good days and we have our bad days. If I can …

Fall sports preview: Defending NWAC soccer champion PC men go into 2016 season with …

He will challenge to be the No. 1 goalkeeper right away.” • Danny Plascencia (Winger, San Diego Virtual School, Albion SC Garton, San Diego, Calif.).

Free virtual school option available for students, K-9

EL DORADO — The new Arkansas Connections Academy allows Arkansas students in grades ranging from kindergarten to ninth grade to attend …

Harnessing Benefits, Reining In Downsides Of Virtual Schools

For a student in this circumstance, she may be “hiring” the virtual school to “help me escape from my current situation”—with little regard to what that …

California Virtual Academy @ San Joaquin Begins 2016-17 School Year

SIMI VALLEY, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Students attending California Virtual Academy @ San Joaquin (CAVA @ San Joaquin), the full-time, online …

New online K-8 school serves state

However, PCA’s program is designed to embrace life outside the classroom, offering virtual school students the same opportunities to interact with …

Feds Say Virtual Schools Need to Follow Special Ed Rules

But oftentimes, the state itself is the local education agency running or contracting with the virtual school. In those scenarios, the guidance suggests, …

Google offers 360-degree tours of US National Parks

They’re designed for the Expeditions app — a two-pronged approach to virtual school trips. While the children look around with Google Cardboard …

Are you school shaped?

They found it in the creation of Ireland’s first virtual school, which they called iSCOIL. Learning and accessing further education through virtual online …

Tech Smart: Virtual Classroom Benefits

For Tech Smart, Executive Director of Policy and Accountability for Florida Virtual School Holly Sagues talked about how online classes are critical for …

Decatur stops accepting out-of-district students

He said Decatur will continue to allow out-of-district students to enroll in its virtual school, which had fewer than 10 students last year. School officials …

Stornoway e-school offers pupils across Western Isles improved subject choice

A virtual school will be set up in the Western Isles to enable pupils from across the islands to access more subjects. The e-sgoil, costing more than £1 …

Virtual learning back at local schools

“And if there’s an issue, then we resort to possibly getting them to take it on virtual school.” Approximately 20 teachers are working with the program.

Howard adds ACT prep classes to school hours trying to reverse trend

The Howard School wasn’t the only school to show no college ready students based on ACT benchmarks. The Hamilton County Virtual School also …

Accelerate program to give students 40 hours of college credit

Accelerate is a virtual school program set up by the South Carolina Governor’s School for Science and Mathematics to allow students in partnering …

Weather tracker installed at Hoover Middle

At Leon County Virtual School in Tallahassee, where the first systems were installed, administrators launched a meteorology course for high schoolers …

@FGCU_WTEN Adds Four Heading into the 2016-17 Season

Florida Virtual School) makes her way to Fort Myers from Boca Raton. With nine career singles wins and 19 career doubles wins on the ITF Circuit, …

Review: Disney Channel’s “Free Period” Short Films Have Hits and Misses

Sophia is our guide through the virtual school that looks like a dream come true. Of course the story is simple, Sophia is trying to get the attention of a …

Finally, the Google News alert for cyber school.

Penn Hills expands cyber education, makes other changes for 2016-17

The district’s cyber school program in its first year — 2015-16 — enrolled 50 students starting in third grade. It is unclear how many will participate this …

Schools scrap over costs, benefits of cyber

For kids with behavior problems, cyber school can be a last chance. “Before, if a kid was expelled, that was it. Now, if a kid’s expelled – here’s your …

How can we improve the performance and accountability of Pennsylvania cybercharters?

And far from being tuition-free, total cyber tuition paid by Pennsylvania taxpayers from 500 school districts for 2013, 2014 and 2015 was $393.5 million …

Schools scrap over costs, benefits of cyber

Washington High School Principal Paul Kostelnik said it’s difficult and frustrating to intervene with cybercharter school students when they are failing …

Whitmore Lake Public Schools charters cyber academy to open this fall

WHITMORE LAKE, MI – Whitmore Lake Public Schools is hoping area students not currently enrolled in its district will instead attend its charter school.

Penn Hills expands cyber education, makes other changes for 2016-17

Starting this fall, C.H.I.E.F.S. Academy — Cyber High Quality Interactive Education Fostering Student Success — will be open to kindergarten through …

Cyber Academy has long proved its educational value

Seeing the misinformation around virtual K-12 schools, it’s clear how easy it can be to misunderstand GeorgiaCyber Academy, Georgia’s largest …

Just seven new charter schools are opening in Mich. this fall

It will start out offering a “blended learning experience,” which the school’s website defines as a “cyber school that requires seat time. Students must …

Cyber charter’s former CEO agrees to plea deal in criminal case

His empire included the state’s largest cyber school, a charter school, a performing arts center and a nonprofit education management foundation with …

School officials angry about state charter policy

Delaware Valley operates its own non-charter cyber school and this year will contribute $904,000 toward charter school costs, the discussion may …

Former CEO of cyber charter school pleads guilty to tax fraud

The Pennsylvania Cyber Charter School was described as the largest and most successful cyber school in the state. Trombetta is scheduled to be …

Junior council member sought

All high school and college students who reside in the borough can apply, including home school, cyber school, Montessori Academy, Cumberland …

Trombetta Guilty Plea Sparks Cyber School Funding Questions

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — Pa. Cyber Charter School founder Nick Trombetta’s guilty plea may prompt a closer look at the operation of charter schools …

Start smart: A back-to-school primer

In Penn Hills, to meet the increasing demand for cyber school, the district has expanded its CHIEFS Academy to include grades K-2, making in-district …

August 26, 2016

[NEW POST] Open-Space Learning Center Ignites Passion for Blended Learning

From K12, Inc. themselves…

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Learn Outside the Lines
Open-Space Learning Center Ignites Passion for Blended Learning
8.25.2016, Contributor: Katherine Anderson, Fuel Education
In its new series, “Research: Outcomes of Blended/Online Learning Programs,” the Evergreen Education Group takes an in-depth look at successful blended and online programs across the nation to examine the best practices that have created tangible results. We are pleased to share with you some highlights from the Springs Studio for Academic Excellence case study.

Blended Learning Success: The Springs Studio Story

In the fall of 2010, Springs Studio for Academic Excellence (SSAE), a K–12 public school in Colorado Springs, Colorado, opened as Falcon Virtual Academy. What began as an online-only school with 59 students soon became an award-winning educational model that combines online, blended, and project-based learning to personalize instruction to more than 500 students…

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Take a look back at some of our

most recent posts!

CTE Curriculum Yields Promising Future in Business Management and Administration
8.16.2016, Contributor: Katherine Anderson, Fuel Education
In this blog series, we delve into four important Career Clusters® that are in need of more educated and well-trained students to fill the higher-skill, higher-wage jobs open to them. These Career Clusters are health science, information technology, business management and administration, and manufacturing. In our last post, we explored the need to prepare students for careers in the information technology field. In this post, we focus on business management and administration.

Developing Skills that Pay: Business Management and Administration Occupational Growth

Today’s economy demands a better educated workforce than ever before, and jobs in this new economy require more complex knowledge and skills than those of the past. As technology becomes more advanced and businesses begin to expand globally, international and technological expertise will be valuable skills to master for individuals interested in the business management and administration industry…

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Teachers Express Their Concerns about Blended Learning
7.6.2016, Contributor: Renae Abboud, FuelEd Education Consultant

Blended learning implementation in the education space is gaining momentum all over the globe—yet teachers have varying degrees of comfort with this innovative model of instruction. As we transition to new education models, it is important to be cognizant that some teachers areapprehensive about these changes. Administrators who understand the teachers’ concerns can personalize professional development and consulting needs to address the essential instructional component in blended learning.

Surveying Educators on Blended Learning

A little more than a year ago, I was asked to present at an education technology conference in Hawaii. My overarching goal was to create a collaborative atmosphere where I could work with educators to design the structure of blended classrooms to meet the needs of the diverse populations in their region. To ensure that we had common language, I started my presentation by asking the audience what they thought blended and personalized learning meant…

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