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December 13, 2019

It’s Official! FBOL Is Bow…

An item from a neo-liberal leaning organization.

Dear ,

After nearly a year in the making, I am thrilled to share that the Foundation for Blended and Online Learning is officially now Future of School.

The transition from a private foundation to the first-ever public charity fully dedicated to elevating the national discourse on education allows us to substantially expand our mission. Future of School enables more voices and wider support for important shifts in America’s K-12 teaching and learning landscape that will unlock the full potential of students, teachers and society. As Future of School, we become a collective effort for the people and by the people.

Just as FBOL has done, Future of School (FoS) will continue to award innovative students and teachers who are pioneering personalized educational pathways with scholarships and grants. We remain focused on amplifying personal stories and exploring solutions to various teaching and learning challenges. And now as a people-driven public charity, we are in a stronger position to support the evolution of today’s schools to meet the needs of tomorrow’s students and a future of jobs that have yet to be defined.

Toward that end, I’m also excited to announce that the 2020 FoS Scholarship application portal is now open. Interested students are encouraged to apply until it closes at 5pm ET on March 16, 2020. Please help us spread the word by sharing this among your networks. 
I appreciate the support you’ve given FBOL over the past several years and thank you in advance for the many ways I know you’ll lift up Future of School.

Together we can ensure education without constraints, help our students and educators harness the power of technology to transform the learning experience, and unlock the intelligence, talents and dreams that live in all our children.

Thank you for your support,

Amy Valentine
Foundation for Blended and Online Learning + Future of School

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November Research Round Up

A newsletter from a US-based K-12 distance, online, and blended learning organization.

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Hi Michael,

The Digital Backpack — powered by Michigan Virtual — is your resource for everything online and blended learning, including  tips, tricks, & the latest research on supporting online K-12 students and, more broadly, using technology to innovate learning.


On occasion, we also dive into other topics relevant to Michigan’s educational community, such as social emotional learning, restorative practices, literacy, student-centered learning, and more!


This week, we’ve got some great stuff packed up for you. Check it out below!

November Research Round Up

By Michigan Virtual Learning Research Institute, Monday, December 9, 2019 4:05 PM

Each month our team of researchers highlights K-12 online, blended, and innovative learning research, reports, standards, and other noteworthy resources published nationally and internationally in the preceding weeks. Our hope with this series is to inform the educational community of the latest digital learning research in order to better serve students.


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LearnTechLib Table Of Contents Alert: CITE Journal 19:3

While they don’t use the specific terminology of K-12 blended learning, I suspect that several of these topics would be of interest to folks in this community.

LearnTechLib - The Learning & Technology Library

LearnTechLib Table of Contents Alert: CITE Journal 19:3

Dear Michael Barbour,

The latest issue of Contemporary Issues in Technology and Teacher Education is now available on LearnTechLib, the Learning & Technology Library.

Contemporary Issues in Technology and Teacher Education

Vol. 19 , No. 3 (September 2019)

Table of Contents

  1. A Framework for Teachers’ Evaluation of Digital Instructional Materials: Integrating Mathematics Teaching Practices With Technology Use in K-8 Classrooms

    Amanda Thomas , University of Nebraska–Lincoln, ; Alden J. Edson , Michigan State University,


  2. Supporting Public-Facing Education for Youth: Spreading (Not Scaling) Ways to Learn Data Science With Mobile and Geospatial Technologies

    Katie Headrick Taylor , University of Washington, ; Deborah Silvis , University of Washington, ; Remi Kalir , University of Colorado Denver, ; Anthony Negron , New York Hall of Science, ; Catherine Cramer , New York Hall of Science, ; Adam Bell , University of Washington, ; Erin Riesland , University of Washington,


  3. Use of Schema Theory and Multimedia Technology to Explore Preservice Students’ Cognitive Resources During an Earth Science Activity

    Catherine Quinlan , Howard University,


  4. Transforming Mobile Learning and Digital Pedagogies: An Investigation of a Customized Professional Development Program for Teachers in a Hospital School

    Aidan McCarthy , Murdoch University, ; Dorit Maor , Murdoch University, ; Andrew McConney , Murdoch University,


  5. The Fun of its Parts: Design and Player Reception of Educational Board Games

    Spencer P. Greenhalgh , University of Kentucky, ; Matthew J. Koehler , Michigan State University, ; Liz Owens Boltz , Michigan State University,


  6. A Case of Early Adopters of Technology in a Social Studies Classroom

    Kelley Regan , George Mason University, ; Anna Evmenova , George Mason University, ; Nichole P. MacVittie , George Mason University, ; Alicia Leggett , George Mason University, ; Samantha Ives , George Mason University, ; Jessica Schwartzer , George Mason University, ; Margo Mastropieri , George Mason University, ; Maria P. Rybicki-Newan , George Mason University,


  7. Using Digital Science Notebooks to Support Elementary Student Learning: Lessons and Perspectives From a Fifth-Grade Science Classroom

    Angelina Constantine , University of Minnesota, ; Karl G. Jung , University of South Florida,


  8. 23 Months x 22 Scholars: Collaboration, Negotiation, and the Revision of a Position Statement on Technology in English Language Arts

    Lauren Zucker , Northern Highlands Regional High School, ; Troy Hicks , Central Michigan University,


  9. “Beliefs for Integrating Technology into the English Language Arts Classroom”: Reflections From Scholars in the Field

    Donna Alvermann , University of Georgia, ; Carl A. Young , North Carolina State University, ; Ewa McGrail , Georgia State University, ; Nicole Damico , University of Central Florida, ; Lauren Zucker , Northern Highlands Regional High School,


  10. Reprint: Beliefs for Integrating Technology into the English Language Arts Classroom

    Tom L. Lynch , Pace University, ; Troy Hicks , Central Michigan University, ; Jonathan Bartels , University of Alaska Anchorage, ; Richard Beach , University of Minnesota (Emeritus), ; Sean Connors , University of Arkansas, ; Nicole Damico et al. , University of Central Florida,


  11. Beliefs, Models, and Practices on Fostering Teacher Learning in Technology Integration

    Chrystalla Mouza , University of Delaware,


  12. Table of contents for this issue:

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Article Notice – Leadership Traits Among Effective Virtual School Leaders

This came across my electronic desk…

Journal of Leadership, Accountability and Ethics / Vol 16 No 4 (2019)

Leadership Traits Among Effective Virtual School Leaders

  • Dee Dupree Bennett, Troy University
  • Robert H. Bennett III, Georgia Southwestern State University


Keywords: Leadership, Accountability, Ethics, Virtual School, Traits, Admired Leadership Traits, School Administration, Educational Leadership, Organizational Leadership, Virtual School Teachers


There is a growing need for outstanding virtual school administrators who can effectively navigate the unique demands of this alternative educational institution. This study explores key leadership traits deemed important in virtual school programs and organizations. The researchers conducted a mixed methods, explanatory design study using quantitative data from rank-order surveys and qualitative data from interviews with virtual school teachers and administrators. The results indicated similarities of traits identified and desired by virtual school teachers and administrators while reflecting meaningful correlation with Kouzes and Posner’s admired leadership traits. Findings and discussion provide guidance for current and future leadership in virtual settings.

Published: 2019-11-26

How to Cite: Bennett, D. D., & Bennett III, R. H. (2019). Leadership Traits Among Effective Virtual School Leaders. Journal of Leadership, Accountability and Ethics16(4).

Issue: Vol 16 No 4 (2019)

Michael, People Are Reading Your Work

An item from one of my open scholarship networks.

Michael K. Barbour
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The actual report read:

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