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February 21, 2018

Evidence-Based Creative Teaching: Making Sense of Teaching

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Don’t miss this series of five blog posts on Evidence-Based Creative Teaching (EBCT) written by Dennis Sale, Senior Education Advisor for Singapore Polytechnic and Principal Investigator for a 2-year Ministry of Education research project, entitled ‘Enhancing Student’s Intrinsic Motivation: An Evidence-Based Approach’.

EBCT is a Total Pedagogic Framework from which teaching professionals can creatively design and facilitate high impact learning experience across all delivery modes.

In this first post, Dennis recalls some events (stories) of his own school experience to set the scene and context for tackling an educational puzzle so aptly framed by the management guru Peter Drucker:

 “Teaching is the only major occupation of man for which we have not yet developed tools that make an average person capable of competence and performance. In teaching we rely on the ‘naturals’, the ones who somehow know how to teach.”

readthefullarticle_button.pngfading line.jpgThis article is one of a series published in SoftChalk Talka blog covering timely issues related to all aspects of instructional design and published by SoftChalk LLC.

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February 15, 2018

Create High Quality Online Lessons And eBooks That Are Interactive And Will Engage Students

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You have a learning management system (LMS)—but is the content in your LMS course awesomeor is it meh? If you’re a college or university educator, instructional designer, or school administrator who is looking to upgrade the LMS course experience, look no more!

In this webinar, we’ll show a fast and easy way for faculty to create high quality online lessons and eBooks that are interactive and will engage students. Did we mention it’s FAST and EASY?
You’ll also learn how you can deliver your lessons directly inside of your school’s learning management system (LMS).

Register for a FREE webinar today and see how you can create a professional-looking, interactive, online lesson in an hour with SoftChalk Cloud!

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Friday, February 23 3:00PM ET YellowRegisterNowButton.png
Tuesday, March 6 4:00PM ET YellowRegisterNowButton.png
Wednesday, March 21 3:00PM ET YellowRegisterNowButton.png
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February 7, 2018

Innovators in Online Learning: Staying “Connected” – Online Content for Offline Use

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In a world driven by technology and constantly being “connected” it’s easy to overlook the needs of those who don’t have internet access or are in a place where being “connected” is not an option. How do you create content and courses for offline use while still maintaining their educational integrity and making sure they’re still engaging for the students?

In this interview John Boekenoogen, Director of Academic Technology for the College of Professional and Continuing Studies at the University of Oklahoma, talks about revising online courses for use by Navy sailors as a part of the Navy College Program for Afloat College Education (NCPACE), how OU became a part of this program and the importance of making educational content available to everyone.

If you’re needing to make your online content available for offline use, John shares:

  • OU’s history with the NCPACE program
  • Challenges in making offline content just as flexible and engaging for students
  • Why making online content available offline is important
  • Tips for getting started yourself

readthefullarticle_button.pngfading line.jpgThis article is a part of a new series of interviews from innovators in online learning published in SoftChalk Talka blog covering timely issues related to all aspects of instructional design and published by SoftChalk LLC.

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February 2, 2018

Content Makeover! How To Repurpose And Redesign Your Lessons For The Online And Blended Classroom

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Join us for our upcoming seminar:
Content Makeover! How to Repurpose and Redesign Your Lessons for the Online and Blended Classroom

What attendees will learn: In this FREE online seminar, you’ll learn how the same learning content that you’ve created for face-to-face classrooms can be repurposed and utilized in online and blended classrooms. You’ll also learn instructional design strategies and tactics to prepare your content to address different learning styles. An added bonus—you’ll see how to improve your content to make it more engaging and interactive for students!

Before the seminar: Check out these blog posts for a quick overview on Blended Learning and Instructional Design.
Who should attend:

  • Educators looking to improve their online or blended learning content
  • Educators who are making the switch to online course delivery
  • Instructional Designers

About the presenter: Robert Godwin-Jones, Ph.D., is a founding partner at SoftChalk,  responsible for product research and design. He is the former Director of the Instructional Development Center at Virginia Commonwealth University and is currently a faculty member in VCU’s School of World Studies. His principal areas of research are in applied linguistics and international studies. He writes a regular column on emerging technologies for the peer-reviewed journal Language Learning & Technology ( and blogs on intercultural communication at

Thursday, February 15 1:00PM ET ShortCourseRegisterNowButton.png

We look forward to seeing you there!

The SoftChalk Team

January 30, 2018

What Learning Are You Managing In Your LMS?

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What learning are you managing?

To develop the quality learning experiences your students deserve, your LMS probably doesn’t cut it. That’s whereSoftChalk Cloud comes in.

As an award winning online learning content authoring solution, it’s the perfect companion product to use with your LMS. Our rapid content authoring program allows you to create, manage and share engaging and interactive digital content.

You might ask yourself…

1. Can it track student scores?

Yes! In fact, you can track detailed student score results from your content directly into your LMS gradebooks in multiple courses simultantousley with SoftChalk Cloud.

2. What if I need to update content, it must take hours to update every lesson in every course?

Piece of cake! One content item in SoftChalk Cloud can link to multiple courses in one or more LMSs. Change it once in the cloud and every course in every LMS is updated at once. It is that simple.

3. How hard is it to integrate?

Not hard at all. Simply paste a SoftChalk Cloud content link in your LMS course and you’re done!

Your content lives in the Cloud, so even if you change your LMS, you never have to move your content. Join us for this webinar series and see just how easy it is to use SoftChalk Cloud to create exciting digital content for your students and easily deliver it through your learning management system.

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Blackboard Wednesday, February 14 3:00PM ET ShortCourseRegisterNowButton.png
Brightspace by D2L
Friday, February 16 4:00PM ET ShortCourseRegisterNowButton.png
Canvas Wednesday, February 21 3:00PM ET ShortCourseRegisterNowButton.png
Moodle Monday, February 26 4:00PM ET ShortCourseRegisterNowButton.png
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IMS Certified Content created with SoftChalk Cloud seamlessly integrates with virtually any LMS. Visit the SoftChalk website for more information on LMS integration with SoftChalk Cloud.
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