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April 22, 2018

Sevenstar News ☆ Summer and Fall Dual Credit

A newsletter from earlier in the week.

Dual Credit Opportunities for Summer and Fall

Did you know that we offer 160 dual credit courses through seven regionally-accredited Christian colleges and universities?

This program is a fantastic way for students to gain affordable credits, earn scholarships, and explore Christian colleges. Most dual credit courses are college freshman-level with no prerequisites, and our admissions department will guide students through the application process.

Please visit our dual credit page for a full list of courses, requirements, and enrollment information.

Application Deadlines Summer  Term  Fall Semester
Boyce College July 9 (Term 1)
Sept. 10 (Term 2)
Bryan College No Deadline  No Deadline
Davis College May 14 July 31 (Term A)
Sept. 25 (Term B)
God’s Bible School July 30
The King’s College July 16
LeTourneau University May 4 July 12
Taylor University No Deadline No Deadline

Save the Date: 2019 Online Learning Summit

Our next Online Learning Summit is conveniently scheduled before the Global Christian School Leadership Summit in San Antonio, Texas.

This professional development event for Christian school leaders will showcase a variety of ways that online courses are being used in secondary education. It will also include a tour ofCornerstone Christian School’s new campus, which features world-class facilities that are being completed this summer.

An invitation to attend is planned in May, which will include details about the agenda and an early reservation opportunity.

Upcoming Conferences at Christian Schools

Please contact us if you would like to discuss online education with a Sevenstar expert at an upcoming event.

Welcome to our New Partner Schools

Thank you Lord for Blessing Sevenstar with the opportunity to serve these new partner schools with online Christian education!

News from Around the Web

Why Christian High Schools Are Filling with Atheist Students
The number of Chinese international students in the USA has more than tripled from 67,723 in 2007 to 350,755 in 2017, and more than half of these students attended a Christian school.

21-Day Prayer Challenge for Christian Teachers
The challenge is simple: pray for your students, your school, and yourself as a teacher. When we rely on Him, He gives us His strength and wisdom to make each day count. The challenge starts Sunday, April 29.

Schools See the Benefits of Combining AP classes with Vocational Training
Staples like woodshop and auto repair are giving way to a new breed of elective courses aimed at careers in film production, forensic scienceand engineering.


An online version is available here.

April 15, 2018

Meet Student Needs With Online Summer Courses

Also from Thursday’s inbox…

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Do you have a student who needs to earn or recover a credit this summer? 

The key to reenrolling your students and building a positive reputation for your school is to meet all the academic needs of your families.

An online program enables your school to say “No problem! We can help.” to a wide variety of summer needs:

  • Recover or improve a grade with credit recovery
  • Admit or retain students who need out-of-sequence credits
  • Alleviate fall scheduling challenges over the summer
  • Provide opportunities to satisfy academic interests
  • Meet requests to earn college credit
  • Provide ACT/SAT Prep

We also have experience helping schools overcome last-minute teacher losses at the start of the fall semester.

Please request a free consultation call to discuss how apartnership with Sevenstar can help you meet academic needs and create a contingency plan for unanticipated teaching gaps.

In Him,

Ty Orton

Director of New Business Development

(770) 367-3086


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March 25, 2018

Sevenstar News ☆ How Top Schools Use Online Learning

Note this item from Saturday’s inbox.

Insights from our Premier Spring Event

School leaders recently gathered in San Diego to witness a high-performing online program firsthand at St. Augustine High School.

Principal James Horne shared a forward-thinking vision for online learning and how it benefits them with:

  • Increased flexibility
  • Strong academic rigor and Faith
  • UC and NCAA approved courses
  • Brand consistency
  • Credit recovery
  • Positive ROI

Virtual lab monitor and teacher Christian da Luz also shared best practices for successfully managing a high-quality online program in these critical areas:

  • On-boarding and enrollment
  • Monitoring and assessment
  • Communication with families

Creating More Time for Personalized Leaning

The Wesleyan School had a growing number of students who were unable to take all the classes they wanted in high school due to graduation requirements and schedule conflicts.

The leaders at Wesleyan School came up with an innovative way to reclaim periods during the school year so that students could pursue their academic and athletic interests.
Discover how over 50 students at Wesleyan School free up their schedule each year with a 99% success rate.

New Course Extension Process

Our User Support Portalreleased a new knowledge base article about the revised process to request a course extension.

The new course extension process is now built within Maestro SIS, and the former external process has been discontinued.

Join Us at an Upcoming Conference

Please contact us if you would like to discuss online education with a Sevenstar expert at an event.

News from Around the Web

[Research Publication] Walking the Path: The Religious Lives of Young Adults in North America
Using Cardus Education Survey data, University of Notre Dame analysts say that attending a Protestant Evangelical school has a measurable effect on graduates that is distinct from the influence of family, socio-economic background, or church life.

Tim Tebow and Three Families Shed Light on the Homeschooling Movement
Many homeschool families now use online courses and part-time hybrid school programs to meet unique academic objectives,extracurricular interests, and family schedules.


 Online version is available here.

February 25, 2018

[Webinar] Build A Successful Online Summer School

Note this up-coming webinar.

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Online Summer School Planning Webinar

Hi Michael,
Would you like to offer a summer school program, but do not feel that your school has the resources to manage it? 
Do you find yourself having to refer your students to other summer school options?
Do you want to serve more students over the summer, expand your ministry, or become a community resource?

Please join us for a 20-minute webinar to discover how to:

  • Create a flexible and easy to manage summer school program that can meet a wide variety of credit recovery and advancement needs
  • Expand your ministry by promoting an expansive catalog of courses throughout your community
  • Ease the stress of staffing a summer school program
  • Provide encouraging support for students

We will also highlight a growing online summer program at Wesleyan School in Georgia, USA. Check out this preview video to discover how they offer online health classes over the summer.

Attend this free webinar on Tuesday, February 27!

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February 20, 2018

Sevenstar News ☆ 3 Easy Wins for Online Summer School

From Saturday’s inbox…

Put Your Online Program to Work this Summer!

Did you know that our full catalog of credit recovery and regular courses are available to take over the summer?

Sevenstar can help your school offer more courses and flexibility for families this summer.

  1. Meet More Academic Needs
  2. Generate New Revenue
  3. Attract New Students

If your school would like to create a free school account or explore a custom partnership with Sevenstar, please request an online learning consultation today!

Online Summer School Planning [Free Webinar]

Creating a viable online summer school program is a challenge for many schools.

In this 20-minute webinar, we will provide recommendations to address academic needs and interests, along with best practices to facilitate a successful summer program.

We will also highlight a growing online summer program at Wesleyan School in Georgia, USA.

Attend this free webinar on Tuesday, February 27!

New Location for Our User Support Portal

Sevenstar upgraded to a new User Support Portal for our knowledge base articles and support ticketing system.

If you are still visiting our previous User Support Portal, please update your links to the new site at

Join Us at an Upcoming Conference

Please contact us if you would like to discuss online education with an expert from Sevenstar at one of events listed above.

Welcome to our New Partner Schools

Thank you Lord for enabling Sevenstar to serve these new partners in online Christian education!

News from Around the Web

A Look Back and a Look Ahead
CACE highlights their four most popular blog articles on Christian education from 2017, and identifies three themes to keep an eye on for the year ahead.


Online version is available here.

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