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November 22, 2017

News From The NEPC: Indiana Survey Fails In Its Attempt To Inform School Choice Policy Discussions

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Problematic data collection and weak statistical analyses tell us little about parents’ experiences with their children’s schools.
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Indiana Survey Fails in Its Attempt to Inform School Choice Policy Discussions

Key Review Takeaway: Problematic data collection and weak statistical analyses tell us little about parents’ experiences with their children’s schools.


William J. Mathis(802)
Jeanne M. Powers: (480)

BOULDER, CO (November 21, 2017) – Why Indiana Parents Choose: A Cross-Sector Survey of Parents’ Views in a Robust School Choice Environment, authored by Andrew D. Catt and Evan Rhinesmith and published by EdChoice, presents results from a survey of K-12 parents within and across the public and private sectors.

Jeanne Powers, Professor at Arizona State University, reviewed the report and found significant problems with both the methods used to conduct the survey and the data analysis.

The report concludes that parents are highly satisfied with voucher and tax credit scholarship programs. The authors suggest that the findings support the expansion of school choice programs. However, even setting aside problems with the study’s data and methods, parent-satisfaction survey data almost always yield strongly positive findings. In fact, one underemphasized finding in this new survey is that substantial proportions of public school families—the largest constituency of K-12 parents in Indiana—did not participate in private school choice programs because they are happy with their current schools and want to support public schools.

But more importantly, Professor Powers finds that the survey and analysis fall short in four ways. First, three incompatible data collection methods were used to collect small samples of non-representative groups of Indiana parents. Second, the statistical analyses are too weak to draw clear conclusions. Third, while organized like a conventional research study, the report appears to be designed to advance an agenda rather than provide substantive answers to important policy questions. Finally, the report provides little new information about parents’ experiences with their children’s schools.

Thus, the report provides little useful information about school choice in Indiana or about public support for school choice programs.

Find the review, by Jeanne M. Powers, at:

Find Why Indiana Parents Choose: A Cross-Sector Survey of Parents’ Views in a Robust School Choice Environment, by Andrew D. Catt and Evan Rhinesmith, published by EdChoice, at:

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November 21, 2017

NCES 150th Anniversary, Grants Program Conference, WERA Submission Deadline, And More!

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November 2017

AERA Publications News
Research Policy and Funding News
New and Extended AERA Calls
Ongoing AERA Calls
AERA Publications Calls

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AERA Hosts Capitol Hill Commemoration of NCES’s 150th Anniversary
The National Center for Education Statistics celebrated its 150th anniversary celebration on November 15 on Capitol Hill in an event hosted by AERA, the American Statistical Association, and the Council of Professional Associations on Federal Statistics.
AERA Grants Program Holds Fall Research Conference
On November 1–3, the AERA Grants Program welcomed education research scientists and federal agency representatives to its Fall Research Conference.
WERA to Hold World Congress in August 2018 – Submission Deadline:January 10
The World Education Research Association will hold its 2018 World Congress on August 3–5, 2018 in Cape Town, South Africa. AERA encourages wide participation in the event.

AERA Publications News

AERA Open Team Extended for Three Additional Years
AERA is pleased to announce that the co-editor team for AERA Open will be extended for three additional years through 2021.

Research Policy and Funding News

AERA Calls on Congress to Preserve Graduate Student Tax Benefits
AERA recently joined 44 other scientific and engineering societies in urging Congress to preserve graduate student tax benefits within the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (H.R. 1), specifically sections 117(d), 117(d)(5), and 127.
AERA Joins Campaign to Urge Congress to Raise Spending Caps
AERA joined a diverse coalition of 11 national research and scientific alliances and organizations for an advertising, social media, and grassroots campaign during the week of November 12–17, urging Congress to negotiate a bipartisan budget deal that raises spending caps before end of the year.
House Advances Bipartisan Evidence-Based Policymaking Bill
On November 15, the U.S. House of Representatives passed the Foundations for Evidence-Based Policymaking Act of 2017 (HR 4174). The House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform unanimously approved the bill on November 2.
NSF SBE Advisory Committee, National Science Board Hold Meetings
The Advisory Committee for the National Science Foundation (NSF) Social, Behavioral, and Economic Sciences Directorate met November 2–3 in NSF’s new headquarters in Alexandria, VA.


Chalkbeat’s Matt Barnum Discusses What He Looks for When Reporting on Education Research
Matt Barnum is Chalkbeat’s national reporter, covering education policy, politics, and research. Previously he was a staff writer at The 74 and a middle school language arts teacher in Colorado.

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Commemorating 150 Years of Innovation

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[AECT] News & Notes – November 20, 2017

A newsletter from yesterday.

November 20, 2017

NEWS&NOTESThe purpose of each weekly issue is to provide information and to engage members in the diverse opportunities and activities of your association.

2017 JACKSONVILLE. AECT Jacksonville 2017 was a resounding success! Nearly one thousand people registered for the convention, travelling from many states and countries to share the newest ideas in our field. Our program innovations like the High Impact Talks, AECT Listens and Learns PD event with Duval County Teachers (for nearly 100) were very successful. A revamped Emerging Technology Showcase and First Timers events added to the positive excitement that many registrants reported from starting each day with excellent keynotes. We are looking forward to Kansas City in 2018.

CALL FOR PAPERS. AECT’s International Division sponsors a Special Issue ofTechTrends with the theme, “Educational Technology Research with International Perspectives and Cultural Contexts.” Additional information can be found in the Call for Papers

CUBA TRAVEL ABROAD. AECT Guest Program to Cuba is on schedule. Watch your inbox for more details or visit Did You Know?…Professional Exchanges, “Dive deep into the Cuban educational system on the Association for Educational Communications & Technology Delegation to Cuba, May 21 – 26, 2018. As a delegate, you will have the unique opportunity to step into the Cuban school system and meet with teachers and principals to hear, first hand, how educators are utilizing access to technology to transform Cuban student’s education. Delegates will visit a secondary school, technical university, and CUJAE – considered Cuba’s MIT.”

NEW AECT/SPRINGER BRIEF. Visualization Tools for Learning Environment Development, by Joseph Frantiska, Jr. This brief discusses and explains how an educator can use various tools (Use Case, IPO diagrams, flowcharts, entity-relationship diagrams, information mapping) to help visualize how a learning environment will work. The primary audiences for this text are K-12 and post-secondary educators and instructional designers who want to use tools that will allow them to develop effective learning environments in an efficient manner. More information can be found here.

NEW AECT/SPRINGER BOOKS. ICT-Supported Innovations in Small Countries and Developing Regions: Perspectives and Recommendations for International Education, Ian A. Lubin (Ed.).  This timely analysis brings greater clarity to the question of how ICT-supported innovations are experienced in small low- to middle-income countries and developing regions with implications for international education and development. The volume offers itself as an invaluable resource by offering a salient assessment of the existent methodological and ecological challenges. More information can be found here.

Leading and Managing e-Learning: What the e-learning Leader Needs to Know edited by Anthony A. Pina, Victoria L. Lowell, and Bruce R. Harris. This book provides state-of-the-art knowledge on how to establish, organize, staff, and develop online education/e-learning programs. It strengthens knowledge of the different technologies, infrastructure and issues necessary for leaders and managers to make competent decisions. More information can be found here.

Bookmark the AECT website and make it your go-to place for information about your professional association. Check in often. There’s always something new!

Association for Educational Communication and Technology
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Toll Free: 877-677-AECT Phone: 812-335­-7675 Email:

Barbour, M. K., & Reeves, T. C. (2009). The Reality Of Virtual Schools: A… Was Your Top Paper Last Week

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