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September 22, 2017

Michael, You Have A New Read

These notices are the proof of the potential of making your scholarship open.

Amina Charania just read your publication
Technical Report ·  Working Conditions for K-12 Distance & Online Learning Teachers in Canada
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Michael, People Are Reading Your Work

And another open scholarship notice.

Your weekly stats report is here
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Congratulations Michael, You Reached A Milestone

A series of items from another of my open scholarship networks next.

Your publication has a new achievement:
Principles of Effective Web-based Content for Secondary School Students: Teacher and Developer Perceptions
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People In 51 Countries Have Visited Your Profile

This is a different strategy…

People in 51 countries have visited your profile

271 total people have visited your profile on Academia.

September 21, 2017

[AECT] Hyatt Regency Riverfront Will Be Fine For AECT2017

From yesterday’s inbox…

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