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September 18, 2018

“Teacher Perceptions Of Parent Engagement At A…” And More Articles On Mendeley

From one of my open scholarship networks.

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Teacher perceptions of parent engagement at a cyber high school
Jered Borup
Journal of Research on Technology in Education (2016)
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Leadership theory and research in the new millennium: Current theoretical trends and changing perspectives
Jessica E. Dinh, Robert G. Lord, William L. Gardner et al.
Leadership Quarterly (2014)
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Parent and student perceptions of parent engagement at a cyber charter high school
Jered Borup, Mark A. Stevens, Lisa Hasler Waters
Journal of Asynchronous Learning Network (2015)
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September 15, 2018

Asian Journal Of Distance Education Competencies Of Distance Tutors In The Era… –

From one of my open scholarship networks.
Ramesh Chander Sharma Ramesh Chander Sharma
Ambedkar University DelhiInstructional Design, Faculty Member

Asian Journal of Distance Education Competencies of Distance Tutors in the Era of Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence

Ramesh Chander Sharma Ramesh Chander Sharma
Ambedkar University DelhiInstructional Design, Faculty Member

Asian Journal of Distance Education From Information to Optimization: Potential of Learning Analytics in Distance Education

Norm Friesen Norm Friesen
Bookmarked by Patrick Lowenthal

Ethics and the technologies of empire: e-learning and the US military

Instructional technology, and the cognitivist and systems paradigms that underpin it, grew out of the military-industrial complex during the Cold War. Much as the Pentagon and this military complex defined the architecture of the Internet, they also essentially created, ex nihilo, the fields of instructional technology and instructional design. The results of the ongoing dominance or influence of the Pentagon in these specific disciplines have been traced in research that appeared during the final phases of the Cold War. But this research has not been updated to reflect circumstances now…

Manal Almarwani Manal Almarwani
Bookmarked by Ramesh Chander Sharma

OER in Bahrain

Melissa Warr Melissa Warr
Arizona State UniversityMary Lou Fulton College of Education, Graduate Student

Best Practices in Implementing an Online Learning Program for Elementary Literacy Intervention

Educators face many challenges when integrating technology into school systems. During the 2015–2016 school year, a school district in the Pacific Northwest received a large technology grant to integrate new programs into its schools. The district chose to use Imagine Learning, an online language and literacy program, to support struggling readers and English Language Learners. The Imagine Learning research team studied the district’s implementation of the program through extensive interviews and observations. In this presentation, we share effective practices for implementation identified…

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September 14, 2018

Congratulations Michael, You Reached A Milestone

Another item from one of my open scholarship networks.

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Virtual schools in the U.S.: Case studies of policy, performance, and research evidence
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Great job, Michael!
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Michael, People Are Reading Your Work

From one of my open scholarship networks.

Michael K. Barbour
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September 8, 2018
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September 12, 2018

Yasmin B. Kafai Published An Article

From another of my open scholarship networks.

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The nature of teacher engagement at an online high school

Jan 2013 · British Journal of Educational Technology
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Yasmin B. Kafai · a researcher you follow
published an article
Understanding Media Literacy and DIY Creativity in Youth Digital Productions

Sep 2018
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