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June 29, 2020

We Can Help You Support Your Students No Matter What The 20/21 school Year Brings

Note this vendor message that may be of interest.

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eDynamic Learning Virtual Summit
Dear Michael,

With the state of COVID-19, it’s hard to determine what the upcoming school year will look like. Will you open, stay closed, or open partially?

No matter what fall brings, eDynamic Learning is here to support you and your diverse student population without disruption, through a comprehensive, online curriculum for middle and high school students.

eDynamic Learning’s rich set of course components and teacher resource materials will enable teachers to support their students effectively rather than developing a curriculum from scratch. We also offer virtual professional development or a self-paced, anytime access course for teachers to make the most of our curriculum.

And meeting the needs of all students in an online environment is possible. IEP or 504 Plan accommodations can be addressed remotely, through options such as adjusting assessment attempts, available time of quizzes, submission of assignments through video and audio, and more. And our optional support toolbar will facilitate the translation of our course content into 96 languages, offer a text-to-speech read-aloud option, a dictionary tool, screen masking, highlighting, and note-taking features. These new built-in support tools are provided at no additional cost and will be needed this year more than ever!

Our 150+ course library is also WCAG 2.0AA compliant to support deaf, hard-of-hearing, blind, or visually impaired students.

Learn more about our instructional design framework and how our courses can replace textbooks or supplement your current curriculum!

Contact us now to learn more!

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June 22, 2020

Free Workshop: Blending Online Curriculum With Google Meet

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Hello Michael,

As you begin planning for back to school, you’ve probably already started thinking about taking steps to ensure you provide an engaging and effective continuous learning plan to be ready and equipped to deliver learning remotely in some capacity in the Fall.

During our recent May Virtual Summit, Tyler Tarver delivered our highest attended session called “Google for School & Classroom Communications & Collaboration”. It’s no surprise as he is a Google education expert that has helped thousands of educators with his incredible videos showing how to make the most of the Google resources.

We’re excited to announce that he’s back to deliver a new workshop on Blending Online Curriculum with Google Meetwhich takes place this coming Thursday, June 25th at 10 am Central/8 am Pacific.

In this webinar, he’ll share how to blend Google Meet with the eDynamic Learning course: Learning in a Digital World: Digital Citizenship. This incredible course is essential for all students to prepare them to be responsible digital citizens – and is needed now more than ever before as students are spending more time online.

Learning in a Digital World Course Highlights:
• Develop effective study habits in an online learning environment.
• Explore online media types including, videos, blogs, emails, and podcasts.
• Learn how to be successful in a 21st-century classroom.
• Discover what it means to be a responsible digital citizen.

Tyler will share tips and techniques to engage your students remotely with Google Meet and how he’s customized the digital citizenship course to enrich the learning experience!

Save your seat now to learn the latest tips and techniques for engaging remote learners no matter what the future holds.

Register Now
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Our mailing address is:

eDynamic Learning
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May 30, 2020

Summit Workshop And Panel Recordings Are Now Available!

Some professional development resources that some folks might find useful.

Watch exciting panels and sessions on transcending learning from beyond the classrom.
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eDynamic Learning Virtual Summit
Dear Michael,

With the school year coming to an end and back to school planning beginning, we hope you’ll benefit from some of the workshops and panels we offered during our recent virtual summit.

With travel restrictions in place and education conferences being canceled, eDynamic Learning was excited to host 7 Q&A panels and 21 how-to workshops providing an opportunity for districts to evaluate and learn new and exciting methods for continuous teaching and learning.

Since many districts were not available to attend the conference and have requested access to the recordings, we’ve made all the following informative sessions available on our website.

Watch Sessions Now
Panel: Expanding your CTE programs (Avoiding growing pains)
Panel: Helping students earn industry certifications
Workshop: How to utilize online CTE curriculum and demonstrate & assess learning remotely
Workshop: 3 Ways to bring a personal touch to online curriculum
Workshop: Engaging learners remotely through feedback
Workshop: How blended learning supports teachers today and in the future
Workshop: Incorporating problem, project, or challenge-based learning in to online curriculum
Workshop: Online Courses: Personalize & differentiate easily through analytics & adjustments
Workshop: Replacing textbooks to online course curriculum: How teachers & students benefit
Workshop: Teaching Health & Fitness in a digital world
Panel: Developing & growing industry partnerships (Apprenticeships and internships)
Workshop: How to build corporate partnerships for work-based learning
Workshop: Internship virtual lunch & learns
Workshop: Preparing students for internships & apprenticeship opportunities
Workshop: Supporting work-based learning in the digital age
Panel: A virtual program: How to support long term, short term, summer, homeschool students, etc
Workshop: Expand course offerings, funding and your student population through a virtual program
Workshop: Facilitating a district-based virtual elective program
Workshop: Setting up a virtual workspace to connect with your students
Panel: Disaster mode: Flipping the switch to fully online
Panel: Supporting equity & Access for distance/remote learners
Panel: Continual Learning Plans (CLP)/Instructional Continuity Plans(ICP)
Workshop: Google for school & classroom communications & collaboration
Workshop: Lessons learning from going fully online during disaster mode
Workshop: Multiple funding options for online curriculum
Workshop: Personalize instruction with google meet
Workshop: Taking learning completely online: Tech set up for success
eDynamic Learning also offers virtual professional development options for schools interested in incorporating online curriculum, blended learning strategies, project-based learning, differentiated instruction, co-planning and teaching, and much more. The collaborative district needs planning sessions enable schools to get the support they need to meet their specific requirements.

Contact us now to learn more.

eDynamic Learning Team

Guide passion to purpose through eDynamic Learning!
Copyright © 2020, All rights reserved.

Our mailing address is:

eDynamic Learning
1256 Main Street
Suite #256
Southlake, TX 76092

May 2, 2020

You’re Invited: Transcending Learning Virtual Summit-7 Panels And 28 Workshops!

Note that this is a free virtual conference – and several sessions would be of interest to readers.

Dear Michael,
You are invited to an exciting 2-day Virtual Summit on Friday and Saturday, May 15th & 16th. This event is designed to provide helpful insights and best practices for continuous learning no matter what the circumstance. There is no cost to attend and you have an opportunity to register for up to 7 panels and 21 workshops!
Hear from school districts across the country who have years of experience supporting teachers, students, and families remotely, who will share their successful and sustainable methods and strategies with you. You’ll also have a chance to hear from companies that offer helpful tools and resources that can support teaching and learning regardless of where your instruction takes place.
Summit Session Themes
  • Leadership Workshops
  • Flexible Features of Online Curriculum
  • CTE & Certifications
  • Internships & Apprenticeships
  • Virtual Programs
Summit Details
  • No cost to attend
  • Attendee Certificate of Participation
  • No limit on session attendance
  • Intended for teachers and administrators
  • Q & A panels and how-to workshops
During this incredible time of challenges and travel restrictions, we hope our summit can provide you a valuable professional development experience offering exciting concepts and ideas you can take back to your school or district!
Thanks to the Participating Companies, School Districts & Programs
eDynamic Learning | 1256 Main St.STE 2561256 Main St.,
Southlake, TX 76092 8775852029

April 17, 2020

Classroom Or Family Room, It’s Continuous Learning

Note these resources.

Dear Michael,
As the world continually changes day to day, I’m sure it is hard to keep up and help support the diverse needs of your students. We are here to help!
At eDynamic Learning, our standards-aligned curriculum provides:
  • Continuous learning no matter what the circumstance
  • Use inside or outside the classroom
  • Use just like a textbook or a supplemental resource
  • Backward design framework and integrated learning theories
  • More visualization, interaction, and engagement
  • Insights you need to help each student find success
  • Auto-graded and open-ended questions
  • Hands-on labs and activities
The courses are organized the same way as a textbook but it gives you the freedom to use or assign certain lessons, activities, or labs to supplement your curriculum. You can also use the entire course as is, or modify it by easily adding your own lessons, pdfs, video links, and other elements.
Customizing the curriculum to support various IEP & 504 plan requirements is easy. We also work with deaf and blind consultants to ensure our curriculum is WCAG 2.0AA compliant. And by fall, ELL students will be able to translate course text into one of over 60 languages!
With over 150 courses to choose from to offer your students, each one runs on all technology platforms and devices and nearly all LMS systems. Through LTI, you can import our courses into Schoology, Canvas, Blackboard, and more, within 24-48 hours! If you don’t have an LMS, we can provide one for you!
To ensure your success, we offer virtual professional development options to guide you through our extensive teacher resources, including the course syllabus, pacing guide, answer keys, gradebook, feedback and reporting tools, dashboard, and customization.
Check Out These Other Great Videos
Guide passion to purpose with eDynamic Learning!
eDynamic Learning | 1256 Main St.STE 2561256 Main St.,
Southlake, TX 76092 8775852029
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