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April 6, 2020

Keeping Our Online Learners Safe

A newsletter from a New Zealand-based schools sector virtual learning program.

Please note that I am a member of the Governance Group for this e-learning cluster.

Reminder VLN Primary 2020 AGM – Agenda & Remits

An item from my Kiwi readers.

Please note that I am a member of the Governance Group for this e-learning cluster.

EDIL 2020 Update & Online Announcement

Another update on this conference.

Association for the Advancement of Computing in Education

Dear Michael Barbour:

The safety and well-being of the AACE membership is our top priority. As with many other conferences around the world, EDIL is faced with a difficult dilemma. We are considering many factors to make an informed final decision regarding the EDIL 2020 Conference.

There are also obvious financial and logistical obligations to take in consideration – not only to the Renaissance Amsterdam but most importantly to you, the AACE community. This dilemma is complicated by the conference hotel not agreeing that travel restrictions will apply after June 1 and therefore will not cancel its hotel contract without a major financial penalty to AACE. Negotiations have been underway the past 3 weeks to mitigate the financial damages to AACE.

The Good News: EDIL 2020 Online

It is of utmost importance that the AACE community annually gather to discuss the latest research, practices, and innovations. This is why we and the Executive Committee have been working diligently to also prepare an EDIL Online 2020 conference for our attendees that opt not to travel to Amsterdam and need extra time to prepare paper submissions.

In the coming weeks, you will receive detailed information via email and on the EDIL website regarding EDIL 2020 Online — submissions, presenting virtually, participating, Proceedings publication and more! Along with 100s of concurrent synchronous and 100s of asynchronous sessions offered, the Online Conference will include live streamed:

  • Daily Keynote Talks from top leaders in the field
  • Invited Speakers
  • Innovators Playground Presentations
  • Spotlight Sessions: Practical Applications, Strategies & Solutions for Online Learning
  • Featured Panels
  • Symposia
  • Special Interest Group (SIG) Webinars & Meetings
  • AACE 180 Presentations for Poster Presenters
  • Full, Brief and Best Practices Sessions
  • Award Paper Presentations
  • Workshops

EDIL Online 2020 Submissions Due: May 4, 2020

We are taking this situation very seriously as the health and safety of our attendees is our top priority. Please know our thoughts and prayers are with all those directly affected by the corona virus.

We expect to reach a final decision regarding EDIL Amsterdam 2020 shortly and will provide an update directly regarding registration, travel, hotel and other details soon. Our staff greatly appreciates your patience and understanding while we work to resolve this delicate matter.

Stay tuned!

For EdMedia + Innovate Learning 2019 Conference Services,

Best regards,
Sarah Benson
AACE Director of Conferences

Conference Services
AACE–Association for the Advancement of Computing in Education
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EDIL 2020 (Amsterdam) Final Call: April 10

As with last week, due to the increase in relevant items because of the COVID-19 pandemic, later in the day I may post entries more frequently than normal to get information out in a more timely manner.

More information about this up-coming conference.

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Consider an Online Presentation!

For presenters who cannot attend EDIL 2020 in person, we will offer both live and pre-recorded Online Presentation options. Online sessions have the same validity (publication, certification, etc.) as face-to-face sessions and with the capability to interact with all authors.

Learn More About Virtual Participation

  • Full Papers: Research or Practice-Based
  • Brief Papers
  • Roundtables
  • Posters
  • Innovators Playground Exhibits
  • Symposia
  • Workshops
  • Virtual Sessions
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K12 Inc. Commits to Education Continuity During Coronavirus Outbreak

I am often quick to criticize K12, Inc. and Pearson Education for their enrollment predatory practices and poor student performance in the K-12 online learning world.  But I also want to be able to praise them when they have earned it.  As you can see from the first item below, here is an example of K12, Inc. acting like a public school, and not a private corporation – offering up its curriculum, its online tools, and its expertise to help their fellow public school students, teachers, and leaders during this unprecedented time.

Today, a big tip of the hat to K12, Inc. – VERY WELL DONE!!!

An Update from the K12 Inc. Public Affairs Team (April 3, 2020)  View this email in your browser
K12 Inc. Commits to Education Continuity During Coronavirus Outbreak
K12 Inc. is responding to the nationwide wave of school closures due to the COVID-19 pandemic by offering free online curriculum, platforms, training, and technical assistance for students, families and school districts.“The spread of COVID-19 is a global pandemic disrupting the lives and livelihoods of billions of people around the world,” said K12 CEO and Chairman Nate Davis. “With schools closing their doors – potentially for months – K12 is committed to providing the support and tools that will enable students of all ages to continue to learn and grow.”Read more here.

K12’s response to nationwide school closures, including free offerings and resources for educators and families, can be found at

Online Instruction Can (and Does) Work for Students with Disabilities
By Jeff Kwitowski

A heavy burden falls on the parents of students with disabilities, and the teachers who serve them, who are facing the sudden new reality of learning full-time from home.  It’s not easy. I know. I’m one of those parents.

But I take confidence, and others should too, knowing there are thousands of dedicated online school educators who have been doing this for years.  They are on the front lines. They understand what works. Most importantly, they have knowledge and wisdom to share and a sincere desire to help.

Read the full piece here.

Student Spotlights

  • Logan Voisin:  For Logan, a 16-year old sophomore at Louisiana Virtual Charter Academy, his online charter school has given him a sense of normalcy during the coronavirus outbreak, allowing him to continue his education without losing months of learning.
  • Julia Porter:  After undergoing seven surgeries before the age of 18, Julia is determined to pursue her dream of becoming a surgeon and is taking career readiness courses through the online charter school, Idaho Technical Career Academy.
  • Bella Lazarides:  The 8th grade student who recently enrolled in Hoosier Academy, an online charter school in Indiana, shares advice for students across the state who are trying to adapt to e-learning from home.
  • Samrah Noreen:  At 20 years old, Samrah defied the odds and graduated with a high school degree from Wisconsin Virtual Academy online charter school.  She will become the first in her family to attend college.

More student success stories can be found at

News & Commentary

FEATURE STORY:   Online Charter Schools Help Idaho Students During COVID-19 Pandemic

Monti Pittman, head of Idaho Technical Career Academy, said both his school and Idaho Virtual Academy are ready and willing to share knowledge and expertise with fellow educators in Idaho. He said there are teachers and staff that used to work in traditional schools and have made the transition to remote learning and are also standing ready to help.

“Our schools also work with a national provider, K12 Inc., that is giving free content to families, curriculum, platform, services, and teacher training to school districts in need,” Pittman tells KMVT, in addition to hosting webinars and lessons from K-12 educators, he said.

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