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June 23, 2020

Takeaways Are Here! | Technology & Schools: Coronavirus, Remote Learning, And Beyond Summit

This resource may be of use to many readers.

Your “Technology & Schools: Coronavirus, Remote Learning, and Beyond” Online Summit Takeaways are Here!
Education Week’s newsroom reporters wanted to share the “Technology & Schools: Coronavirus, Remote Learning, and Beyond” Online Summit “takeaways” that they believe best reflect their discussions with you, the readers.

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June 18, 2020

[Special Report] The Socially Distanced School Day

This special report from Education Week is likely relevant to many practitioner readers of this space.

Explore expert recommendations for reopening schools. View as a webpage.

 Special Report
View the first installment of the Education Week special report, How We Go Back to School online now
District and school leaders are confronting difficult, high-stakes decisions as they plan for how they will reopen schools this fall as the global pandemic rages on.

To help district and school leaders navigate these monumental decisions, Education Week lays out the big challenges ahead and some solutions in an eight-part series of reported stories, diagrams, and data visualizations.

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The Socially Distanced School Day
Every facet of the school day will have to change when students and staff members return to buildings. We explain the recommendations, present different strategies, estimate some of the costs, and weigh some pros and cons.
6 Ways to Bring Students and Staff Back to Schools
For many school leaders, a hybrid approach of both in-person and remote instruction makes the most sense—but there are many ways that could work. There are pros and cons to every approach, and the flexibility districts have to alter their schedules may depend on state requirements.
Keeping Students and Staff Healthy and Safe When Schools Reopen
School and district leaders must be equipped to protect the health and safety of students and staff before they reopen school buildings. In addition to maintaining social-distancing measures, schools will have to implement safety measures to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.
What Needs to Change Inside School Buildings Before They Reopen
School Buildings and Social Distancing: A Downloadable Guide
Managing Buses May Be the Hardest Part of Reopening Schools
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Free eBook On Teaching During The Pandemic (133 articles)

Note this open access resource from the folks at AACE.

NEW Open Access eBook

Teaching, Technology, and Teacher Education
During the COVID-19 Pandemic:
Stories from the Field
This open access, 854-page eBook is published by AACE and SITE to support teachers and teacher educators around the world who are working through the COVID-19 crisis. Collected in one volume are 133 papers documenting and highlighting the best practices, strategies, and efforts by teacher educators, researchers and practitioners across the globe as they respond rapidly to offer remote learning and teaching.

Resources for

  • Instructors teaching or planning to teach online,
  • Pre- and inservice teacher professional development,
  • Technical coordinators,
  • Course supplemental text,
  • Student readings,
  • and anyone interested in learning and teaching with technology.
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June 12, 2020

5 Minutes on K-12 Online Learning with Randy Labonte (Season 2)

This video is the thirtieth and final episode of the second season of “5 Minutes on K-12 Online Learning with…”  This episode features Randy LaBonte, Chief Executive Office for the Canadian eLearning Network (CANeLearn).

Randy, wanted to pass along some additional considerations:

  • Emergency remote teaching is not equal to online learning — online teachers and courses take considerable time to master
  • Remote teaching is typically 1 to many — didactic broadcast, not active engagement
  • Social and emotional connections are critical for children to learn, and difficult to learn and master online

He also wanted to share some advice:

  • Start small, build success and experience
  • Use the tool YOU know student’s can access
  • Content does not trump Creativity
  • Learn from now, plan for tomorrow
  • Most of all – support your learners

Finally, Randy wanted to share some links to check out:

June 11, 2020

5 Minutes on K-12 Online Learning with Joel Medley (Season 2)

This video is the twenty-ninth episode of the second season of “5 Minutes on K-12 Online Learning with…”  This episode features Joel Medley, Director of Leadership Development at K12, Inc..

During the pandemic, K12 has offered many free resources to families, teachers, schools, and districts navigating online teaching and learning for the first time. Visit to learn more, and check out our social media sites for support from our subject matter experts: K12 Talent Development and Community on Facebook and the K12 Cares YouTube channel.

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