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January 25, 2014

[CNIE-L] Invitation To The first Online International Learning Design Challenge

Another item from Thursday’s inbox…  Not sure if any of the K-12 practitioners out there may be interested in giving this a shot.

Invitation to the first Online International Learning Design Challenge

led by Professor Diana Laurillard, London Knowledge Lab, Institute of Education

10 – 14 February 2014

Can we build a library of One Hundred Learning Designs that are effective, shareable, and editable, in just five days, using a dedicated online tool – the Learning Designer at and

  • This is free event is organised in the form of a Massive Open Online Course (MOOC)
  • 10 February 1pm GMT: Launch of the event with a live 3-minute video of Diana Laurillard ( introducing the Learning Designer tool and the reasons for the Challenge. Includes live tutorial by Diana that will be available to all online.

Questions and comments from the audience worldwide via Twitter #LDChallenge

  • 11-14 February, 1 hour per day: You take up the Challenge in the online activities
    • 14 February, 2pm GMT: Wrap-up live to award badges for contributions and announce the highest rated designs

What is the Challenge?

We have set three learning design challenges for current and future teaching and learning, for any sector or subject area:

1.     Improving the online group discussion learning experience

2.     Scaling up assessment

3.     Cross-curriculum activities

You can choose to tackle one of these by creating and sharing a learning design likely to achieve that target


Contribute your own learning design challenge that other participants could help with.

There will be a standard rubric for evaluating the designs contributed, to which you can add your own criterion.

What will you get out of the design challenge?

1.     Free CPD

2.     Collaborating with others on a learning design challenge that is useful to you

3.     Learning from your peers while contributing to changing and reshaping education that has international potential

4.     Experimenting with a new learning design tool

5.     Contributing to international community knowledge about teaching with technology

6.     Being part of a MOOC

How to contribute

Sign up on our website:

You can signup directly for the challenge:

Become a local Learning Designs Champion to help us promote the Challenge in your own teaching community, by emailing us on

Twitter: @LDtool

Learning Designer team: Patricia Charlton, Dionisis Dimakopoulos, Bernard Horan, Eileen Kennedy, Diana Laurillard (IOE), Joanna Wild (Oxford)
Send for :

Professor Diana Laurillard
London Knowledge Lab
23-29 Emerald St

Work: (+44) 020 7763 2162
Mobile: 07789111965


January 4, 2014

[CNIE-L] Reminder: Call for submission for 2014 STLHE’s Desire2Learn Innovation Award | Appel de candidature pour le Prix de l’innovation Desire2Learn 2014

From Friday’s inbox…

<Version française suit>

The Society for Teaching and Learning in Higher Education (STLHE) and Desire2Learn are pleased to invite submissions for the 2014 Desire2Learn Innovation Award in Teaching and Learning. This Award celebrates and recognizes innovative approaches that promote learning in new ways at post-secondary institutions. Awards are open to all instructors currently teaching at a post-secondary institution, regardless of discipline, level, or term of appointment. Applications in French or English are welcomed. Candidates do not need to be members of STLHE to apply.

Award winners (up to five per year) receive the following:
1) $1200 for registration, travel to attend D2L’s FUSION Conference
2) $1000 for registration, travel to attend the Annual STLHE Conference
3) Two year membership in STLHE

Submission Deadline
Sunday, February 2, 2014.

Further details and award criteria:



La Société pour l’avancement de la pédagogie dans l’enseignement supérieur (SAPES) et Desire2Learn sont heureux de vous inviter à soumettre votre candidature pour le Prix de l’innovation Desire2Learn 2014 pour l’avancement de la pédagogie. Ce prix célèbre et reconnaît les approches novatrices qui présentent la pédagogie sous un nouveau jour dans les établissements postsecondaires. Le prix est offert à tous les professeurs qui enseignent dans un établissement postsecondaire, quels que soient la discipline, le niveau ou la durée de l’affectation. Les demandes en français et en anglais sont les bienvenues. Les candidats n’ont pas besoin d’être membres de la SAPES pour soumettre leur dossier.

Les lauréats du prix (jusqu’à cinq par année) reçoivent :

1) 1200 $ pour couvrir les frais d’inscription et de déplacement pour assister au congrès FUSION de D2L;
2) 1000 $ pour couvrir les frais d’inscription et de déplacement pour assister au congrès annuel de la SAPES;
3) une adhésion à la SAPES d’une durée de deux ans;

Date limite :
Le dimanche 2 février 2014

Renseignements supplémentaires et critères d’admissibilité :

November 22, 2012

Virtual School Meanderings Named To Our Top 50 School Technology Blogs

This was nice to see in Tuesday’s inbox (even if it is largely a way to publicize the for-profit sponsor)…

top-school-tech-blog.pngHi Michael,

My name is Charles and I wanted to let you know that Virtual School Meanderings was added to our Top 50 School Technology Blogs at since we think your blog is a great resource for teachers.

Here is our summary:

“On Virtual School Meanderings, Assistant Professor of Instructional Technology and Education Evaluation & Research Michael Barbour shares distance education resources and ponders ideas about the effective online delivery of material to K-12 students in virtual and cyber classrooms.”

I help run a teaching career site that provides information for individuals interested in becoming a teacher. If you would like to share your award badge on your site or can mention our list of top school tech blogs we would really appreciate it.

Best wishes,
Charles Sipe<
Executive Editor
Teacher Certification Degrees

October 5, 2012

Virtual School Meanderings Named A Top Education Technology Site In 2012

I believe this should finish off the items from Tuesday’s inbox…

Hello Michael

I’m writing this to let you know about a list has published entitled Top 25 Education Technology Sites in 2012.

We pored through hundreds of worthy sites focused on education technology both in and out of the classroom, selecting our final 25 based on factors including readership, post quality, search ranking, and site age. I’m very pleased to let you know that your site has made the final list! You can view it here:

We consider the union of technology and learning essential to the future of education. Sites on this list offer everything from simple tech tips, to examples of how to utilize technology to help students learn in new and unique ways.

Should you wish to spread the word about our list and promote your inclusion, we’ve created a badge for you; included both as an embed code (found below) and as a file attachment:

<a href=”

“><img src=”” alt=”Top Education Technology Site 2012″ width=”200″ height=”102″ /></a>

Congratulations, and if you have any questions for me, or need help incorporating the badge on your site please let me know!


I suspect this doesn’t mean a lot, but I have added the badge all the same.

June 17, 2012

Top 30 Technology Teacher Blogs List & The Fascination Awards Results

Thanks to those who supported this space…

Hello again!

All results have been tallied and we have our winner! Congratulations to Trent Nichols of ‘Tech Teacher-Technology Integration in the Classroom‘! ‘Tech Teacher-Technology Integration in the Classroom’ won with 41 votes, with A Turn to Learn and Technology Integration tied at second place with 14 votes each. The raw poll data is available for download here.

We’ve used the poll data to create a list: The Top 30 Best Technology Teacher Blogs of 2012. Go check to see if your blog was featured!

If you were featured in the top 30, you have full permission to display the Top 30 Technology Teacher Blogs emblem on your site. Grab the code here.

If you weren’t included in this year’s list, don’t fret! Encourage your readers to nominate you for the next award by adding the Nominate Me Emblem to your blog!


Grab your ‘Nominate Me’ emblem here.

Thank you for your interest in the Fascination Awards and Congratulations to the winners!

Matthew Pelletier
Director of Public Relations
Accelerated Degree Programs

Northwest Ventures LLC | 900 Henderson Ave | Houston | TX | 77058
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