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March 26, 2020

Alberta Education: Continuing Student Learning

This resource came across my electronic desk in the past day or two.

Media inquiries

Continuing student learning

New guidelines are in place to direct how students will learn while in-school classes are cancelled due to the provincial health emergency.


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February 22, 2019

Moodle Hub Members Area: Online Learning Publications

This item came through the Alberta Moodle Hub Members Area – and I wanted to share these resources with the community.

Alberta Education’s Online Learning Guides were announced by Minister Eggen in January: 

An overview of the guides will be shared at the MoodleHub meeting on Monday, February 25th. Please feel free to download and share with staff, students and families.


The Canadian Digital Learning Research Association has published The Rise of Online Learning in Canadian Universities and Colleges. In addition to the full report, there is a terrificinfographic illustrating the development of online, digital and blended learning in Canadian post-secondary education.

The original item, for individuals that have access to the Moodle Hub, can be accessed at

January 31, 2019

Alberta Education: Online Learning Guides

A week or two ago the folks at Alberta Education announced that they were releasing a series of new online learning guides that people in other jurisdictions might find useful.

Online Learning Guides

Two new online learning guides are now available. One will help students and families decide if online learning is the right choice, and the other provides information for schools and school authority leaders on implementing online learning programs.

Guides for schools and students

The online learning guides will help parents/caregivers, students, school and school authority leaders better understand the strengths and opportunities for online and blended learning in Alberta.

Deputy Minister introduction of Online Learning Guides (video)

Online Learning Guide for students and families (English)

Online Learning Guide for school and school authority leaders (English)

Online Learning Guide for students and families (French)

Online Learning Guide for school and school authority leaders (French)


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