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September 22, 2022

Preview of SECOND-DAY Breakout Sessions at 2022 Int’l Conference on Education and Justice

An update from this conference that may be of interest to readers.

Hello, again — I’m writing to share a preview of the breakout sessions on the second day (Friday 10/7) of the upcoming online 12th International Conference on Education and Justice:

3.1. Special Session on the Performing and Media Arts

  • Activist Songbook
  • Concerts and Conversations
  • SPEAK … Not Only When Spoken To
  • Radical Cram School
  • Teach YR Media

3.2. Against Imperialism and Colonization around the World

  • Countering Colonial Violence: A Care-Ethic Framework for International Education
  • Collective Building at the University of Hawai‘i to End the U.S. Occupation of Hawaiʻi and Restore the Hawaiian Kingdom Government: Our Collective, Journey, Issues and Challenges, and Next Steps
  • “To Recover the Land Is To Recover Everything”: The Decolonizing Model of Education of the Misak of Colombia
  • Indigenous Knowledge of Social Justice Education: Lessons on Decolonization from Luo Language and Literature

3.3. Scholar-Educators of Color

  • Affirmations and Shout Outs: An Epistemological Exploration of Young Women of Color in White Spaces
  • Disrupting the Canon: Pedagogy, Activism and Freedom in Urban Teacher Preparation
  • Narratives of South Asian and South Asian American Educators for Social Justice
  • Putting on the Onus on White People: Reducing Hostile Racial Environments in the Academy through Peer Relationships

4.1. Embracing the Diversity among Our Students

  • Global Inclusion of Intersectionally Diverse Students with Visual Impairments and Blindness
  • Why Should a Rise in Antisemitism Concern Other Marginalized Groups and Influence Educational Policy and Practice?
  • Racism and Discrimination against Micronesians in Hawai‘i: Issues of Educational Inequity
  • Anti-Racist Grading in the Metro College Success Program: Challenging Institutional White Supremacy

4.2. The Significance of Language and Literacy

  • Access Leading to Awareness: Black Language and Linguistic Justice
  • Considerations in Developing Virtual Literacy Programs for English Language Learners at the Intermediate Level
  • Deconstructing Imperialism in English Language Teaching with Alter-Globalization Community in Education
  • Indigenizing Teacher Education: A Case Study in Developing Coursework to Support Alaska Native Language Teachers
  • Liberatory Bilingual Educator Preparation from Within: Transcending Language Borders through Translanguaging Pedagogical Praxis

4.3. University-School-Community Partnerships for Teacher Diversification and Success

  • Community of Commitment: Inspiring and Supporting Young People to Teach In Their Communities
  • Recruit, Support, Sustain, and Retain Minoritized Teachers
  • University, Student, Alumni, and Community Partnerships to Prepare Pre-Service Teachers to Better Serve All Learners
To view the full schedule and to register, visit here.

Kevin Kumashiro, Ph.D.

Movement building for equity and justice in education

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