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May 28, 2022

Taking Time to Mourn, Process, & Support

An item from a US-based K-12 blended learning organization.

Our team members are all working to grieve, to understand our power, and to provide support to our partners.


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Join the conversation as we partner with communities to design and implement culturally responsive school change.

Taking Time to Mourn, Process, & Support

The Highlander Institute team is devastated by the recent mass shootings in Buffalo, NY targeting a Black community and Uvalde, TX targeting children and teachers, and we are mourning all the precious lives unjustly taken in these tragedies. We are currently dedicating our attention and energy to reflecting with and supporting our team and school communities as each of us works to grieve, to understand our power, and to provide support. In the hopes of providing avenues for additional conversation and healing, we’re developing an upcoming blog post to share how we’re working alongside our educators to address these devastating events with students. We are deeply heartbroken and infuriated, but as we consider our spheres of control, we are committed to helping our partners and our colleagues to lean on and sustain one another in school buildings across the country.

Here are a few resources our team has turned to:

While we will share some stories of the ways we’ve been doing this in the coming weeks, today we are holding close the themes of the following spotlight: the importance of belonging, trust, and supportive education communities for our students and ourselves.

Explore Our Next Spotlight on Practice 2.3

Educators nurture a culture of trust and belonging in a classroom by building caring connections with students and facilitating connections between peers. Students who feel a sense of acceptance, respect, and support in a learning environment are more likely to feel like they belong. These positive feelings are connected with higher levels of engagement, persistence, motivation and achievement.

In our newest spotlight from the Community Building domain, learn how to make a sense of belonging real and valuable in your school or classroom. Discover what the research says and explore tangible strategies related to: Teacher Practice 2.3 from our CRSP Framework: Nurture a culture of trust and belonging.

Interested in reading more about the Culturally Responsive & Sustaining Pedagogy (CRSP) Framework and how it supports instructional equity? Read the blog post and research base on our website.


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