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April 16, 2022

What’s really behind the “Critical Race Theory” panic?

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While not focused specifically on K-12 online learning, this is an important read.



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What’s really behind the “Critical Race Theory” panic?



“In the 23 years that I’ve been in the classroom, this has been the roughest year.”

That’s Kelley Fisher, a kindergarten teacher in Arizona. She was talking to More Perfect Union, a progressive media organization founded last year, about growing right-wing attacks on public schools under the guise of banning “critical race theory.”

Here’s the video, which explains the history of these sorts of attacks and why racism is central to them.

I suggest you watch it after reading this email—it’s far from a waste of time.

More Perfect Union also talked to Charles Siler, a former lobbyist with the right-wing Goldwater Institute.

“One of the challenges I faced,” he says about his time as a lobbyist, “was how do we take these really unpopular ideas and frame them as broadly popular. This is where the culture wars really come into play.”

He continues: “Does Ted Cruz know that critical race theory isn’t being taught in public schools? I’m sure he does. But that isn’t what’s important. What’s important is that he wants to pass something for his donor base that is really unpopular, a privatization agenda [including charter schools and vouchers] that is incredibly radical and doesn’t even have support within his own voters. So what he has to do is get them angry about racism in schools.”

The video hits the nail on the head when it comes to what we’re up against, and it needs to be shared widely. 

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As In the Public Interest executive director Donald Cohen (along with Allen Mikaelian) wrote in The Privatization of Everything:

“Privatization got a huge boost from racism. When African Americans won voting rights, access to segregated spaces, and public benefits, a racist core of the American public reacted by vilifying public goods. These goods became viewed, inaccurately, as things that white people gave to black people, and this racist segment of the public simultaneously denied that they themselves were also beneficiaries of public goods. We will only become a real public if we all share in not only public goods, but the power over them.”
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