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February 24, 2022

[ET&S] TOC Alert: Educational Technology & Society 2022, Vol. 25, No. 1

There are several articles in this open access journal issue that are relevant to readers of this space.

Educational Technology & Society TOC Alert

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The latest issue of “Educational Technology & Society” is now available on the ET&S Journal Web Site.

The articles of the current issue is made available here. The following is the Table of Content of the issue:

2022, Vol. 25, Issue 1

Special Issue on “Understanding and Bridging Gap in Multi-mode Digital Learning during Post-Pandemic Recovery”

Guest Editor(s): Jun Shen, Alex Shvonski, Tingru Cui and Samuel Fosso Wamba

Full Length Articles

Influences of Integrating Dynamic Assessment into a Speech Recognition Learning Design to Support Students’ English Speaking Skills, Learning Anxiety and Cognitive Load

Chih-Hung Chen, Chorng-Shiuh Koong and Chien Liao

Chatbot-facilitated Nursing Education: Incorporating a Knowledge-Based Chatbot System into a Nursing Training Program

Ching-Yi Chang, Shu-Yu Kuo and Gwo-Haur Hwang

Two Decades of Artificial Intelligence in Education: Contributors, Collaborations, Research Topics, Challenges, and Future Directions

Xieling Chen, Di Zou, Haoran Xie, Gary Cheng and Caixia Liu

The Influence of Socially Shared Regulation on Computational Thinking Performance in Cooperative Learning

Jiansheng Li, Jiao Liu, Rui Yuan and Rustam Shadiev

How Students can Effectively Choose the Right Courses: Building a Recommendation System to Assist Students in Choosing Courses Adaptively

Hui-Tzu Chang, Chia-Yu Lin, Li-Chun Wang and Fang-Ching Tseng


Editorial Note

Understanding and Bridging Gap in Multi-mode Digital Learning during Post-Pandemic Recovery

Jun Shen, Alex Shvonski, Tingru Cui and Samuel Fosso Wamba

Special Issue Articles

Multi-mode Digital Teaching and Learning of Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) using the VARK Model during COVID-19

Diana Pérez-Marín, Maximiliano Paredes-Velasco and Celeste Pizarro

Chai Chats: An Online Teacher-Training Program of Observation and Social Connectedness Evaluated via Contribution Analysis

Toni McLaughlan

The Design and Implementation of a Video-facilitated Transdisciplinary STEM Curriculum in the Context of COVID-19 Pandemic

Biyun Huang, Morris Siu-Yung Jong and Ching Sing Chai

Pandemic-accelerated Digital Transformation of a Born Digital Higher Education Institution: Towards a Customized Multimode Learning Strategy

Albert Rof, Andrea Bikfalvi and Pilar Marques

Effects of Self-Efficacy and Online Learning Mind States on Learning Ineffectiveness during the COVID-19 Lockdown

Jon-Chao Hong, Xiaohong Liu, Wei Cao, Kai-Hsin Tai and Li Zhao

Using an Online Learning Platform to Show Students’ Achievements and Attention in the Video Lecture and Online Practice Learning Environments

Chih-Hung Lin, Wun-Hau Wu and Tsu-Nan Lee

When Life Science Meets Educational Robotics: A Study of Students’ Problem Solving Process in a Primary School

Yulong Sun, Chun-Hao Chang and Feng-Kuang Chiang

Whose Spatial Ability Benefits from Learning with 3D Design? From the Perspective of Learning Analysis

Shouchao Guo, Xiao Wang, Wenbo Deng, Jialing Hong, Jiawen Wang and Yonghe Wu

Online Practical Deep Learning Education: Using Collective Intelligence from a Resource Sharing Perspective

Binbin Yong, Xuetao Jiang, Jiayin Lin, Geng Sun and Qingguo Zhou

Applying Machine Translation and Language Modelling Strategies for the Recommendation Task of Micro Learning Service

Jiayin Lin, Geng Sun, Ghassan Beydoun and Li Li

The Effect of Multi-mode Stimuli of Feedforward and Eye Tracking on Metacognition— An Exploratory Study Using Digital Dictionaries

Xuesong Zhai, Xiaoyan Chu, Nanxi Meng, Minjuan Wang, Michael Spector, Chin-Chung Tsai and Hui Liu

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