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November 26, 2021

[CJLT] New notification from Canadian Journal of Learning and Technology

See the notice for this new issue of CJLT.

You have a new notification from Canadian Journal of Learning and Technology:

An issue has been published.


CJLT Managing Editor

The actual table of contents is included below.  Note the article about online PD that may be of particular interest.

Vol. 47 No. 2 (2021)

PUBLISHED: 2021-11-24


  • Sawsen Lakhal, Martha Cleveland-Innes


  • Attentional Literacy as a New Literacy: Helping Students Deal with Digital Disarray

    Mark Pegrum, Agnieszka Palalas


  • The Knowledge Building International Project as an Innovative Learning Environment

    Josep Gallifa, Mireia Montané, Sandra Lund, Carme Amorós, Mercè Bernaus, Mercè Gisbert, Francesc Martínez-Olmo
  • Computerized Vocabulary Assessment in Children 8-11 Years

    Jean Ecalle, Nicolas Bailloud, Emilie Dujardin, Annie Magnan
  • Analysis of Facebook in the Teaching-Learning Process about Mathematics Through Data Science

    Ricardo-Adán Salas-Rueda
  • Online Teacher Professional Development in Canada: A Review of the Research

    Pamela Beach, Elena Favret, Alexandra Minuk
  • Evaluating Teachers’ Learning, Perceptions, and Cultural Differences Following Professional Development for Early Literacy Software

    Constanza Uribe-Banda, Eileen Wood, Alexandra Gottardo, Anne Wade, Rose Iminza, Maina WaGĩokõ

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