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September 8, 2021

Expand your innovation toolkit with Executive Learning

While not one of their newsletters, the same advice rings true to these “learning” opportunities.  From the neo-liberal, educational privatizers masquerading as an academic body – so the term research here is used VERY loosely (as none of this actually represents methodologically sound, reliable, valid, or empirical research in any real way).

Dear Friends,

To harness the power of Disruptive Innovation in your organization, you need to not only understand the theory, but also gain the insider knowledge and tools necessary to take an idea from the lab to the market.

This is why we created Disruptive Innovation: From Theory to Practice, an Executive Learning course designed to take the guesswork out of innovation and strategy. In it, you’ll learn to recognize disruptions in process, understand the role of business models in innovation, and overcome common obstacles faced by organizations large and small.

As a reminder, sign up by this Friday, September 10th to receive a 20% early registration discount.

If you’re not sure this is for you, here’s what some of the participants from our last session had to say:

“I loved attending Disruptive Innovation: From Theory to Practice. The theories taught in this class illuminate how seemingly counterintuitive strategies actually lead to innovation and growth. I would highly recommend this course.”

“A life changing course where you learn Jobs to Be Done, innovation strategies, and business models by the best instructors through personal and engaged discussions!”

For more information, click here or email us at

Hope you can join us!

Christensen Institute · 92 Hayden Avenue · Lexington, MA 02421 · USA

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