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July 29, 2021

Build your expertise and prepare for SY 2021-22, plus 40% summer savings

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Some interesting issues in this item from the folks at Education Week.

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Building on Your Expertise for 2021-22

You are busy this summer, between enhanced summer school and planning for the fall.  This 4-part special report series, Planning for a Pivotal School Year, will help you reset and prepare  for the uncertainties ahead.

Summer 2021: How Schools Can Make the Most of It 
Showcases strategies for summer learning, PD, and decisionmaking that students, teachers, and school and district leaders can use to restore, retool, and recharge for the year ahead.
How to Help Students Recover From a Broken Year
Tactics to help staff and students bounce back from a disrupted year, re-acclimate to a formal school environment, and provide social-emotional support.
Tackling Learning Gaps This Fall: Advice for Teachers
How educators can rectify gaps in key transition points – literacy and numeracy, algebra, and English-language acquisition – while keeping focus on grade-level learning.
Optimizing Digital Learning for the New School Year
A look at what’s next for remote learning when schools are able to fully return, and the takeaways for a less crisis-driven, post-pandemic environment.

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Print + Premium Digital Premium Digital

  • Quality Counts: Grading the States (September 1)

  • Big Ideas in Education (September 15)

  • Social-Emotional Learning Turning Points (October 13)

  • Principal/Administrator Professional Development (November 3)

  • The State of Classroom Science (November 24)

  • Recruiting and Retaining Educators of Color (December 8)  

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