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June 19, 2021

Build expertise this summer to prepare for SY 2021-22

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Note this item from the folks at Education Week.

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Building on Your Expertise for 2021-22

As you head into summer, you’ll be looking to “build muscle” for a successful fall. Use this 4-part series of in-depth reports to prepare:

Summer 2021: How Schools Can Make the Most of It  (April 28)
Showcases strategies for summer learning, PD, and decisionmaking that students, teachers, and school and district leaders can use to restore, retool, and recharge for the year ahead.
How to Help Students Recover From a Broken Year (May 25)
Tactics to help staff and students bounce back from a disrupted year, re-acclimate to a formal school environment, and provide social-emotional support.
Instructional Priorities (June 23)
Best practices on setting clear teaching and learning goals after more than a year of interrupted instruction.
The Ed-Tech Evolution (July 22)
A look at what’s next for remote learning when schools are able to fully return, and the takeaways for a less crisis-driven, post-pandemic environment.

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