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June 1, 2021

Important – EDEN Membership after Brexit

Another message from our European colleagues.

Dear EDEN Members, Partners and Friends,

EDEN Digital Learning Europe – EDEN after Brexit

Thanks to the support of the professional community, we are celebrating the 30th Anniversary in 2021. EDEN has been the largest and most comprehensive association in the field of distance education and digital learning in Europe, a platform and magnet for academic and professional expertise and good practice.

The European Commission partnership has been regular and productive, recognised by the Erasmus Civil Society Cooperation grants which allowed to develop activities and services, whilst membership fees are unchanged since 2009.

Being a UK based legal entity, the continuation of EDEN’s Europe-wide mission became a problem after Brexit, in particular with the UK decision to discontinue the participation in the EU Erasmus+ programme.

Maintaining the high value European network of members and partners, the community of experts and practitioners which have been the substance of our legacy became a serious problem. The consequences may imply losing outreach and impact, further access to resources.

In the interest of sustaining EDEN’s legacy and ensuring the continuation of mission, the Executive Committee decided that EDEN should re-locate and continue its activities in an EU country.

An Association was created in Tallinn, Estonia under the name of EDEN Digital Learning Europe in April 2019. The legal frames and procedures have been endorsed by the EDEN Annual General Meetings of members in 2019 and again in 2020.

Estonia is one of the most digitized countries in Europe, with a supportive environment for innovation, creative industries and non-profit organisations, offering excellent online infrastructure and digital background in the public services.

Contents (click on the links below):

Cooperation and partnership EDEN UK – EDEN Digital Learning Europe

To manage the transition, a ‘Cooperation Agreement and Memorandum of Understanding about Transfer of Activities’ has been elaborated and signed by the Presidents of both organizations. According to the Agreement, EDEN Europe will with identical mission continue the activities and functions that EDEN UK does. EDEN UK will share and provide know how, web page, community resources to EDEN Europe.

It is foreseen that EDEN UK will remain operational and functioning, at least for the period of duration of present commitments and projects. In the post-Brexit transitional year 2021, joint and shared activities with EDEN UK started.

EDEN is grateful for the three decades of exceptionally successful work done as UK based international organisation and the support of authorities and academic-professional community in the United Kingdom. We aim to maintain and develop the partnerships between the UK organisations and the new EDEN Europe.

Membership Arrangements

The uninterrupted operation, continuation of EDEN’s well established activities, serving and developing the European learning innovation community implies and requires that EDEN UK members join the new organization.
We invite EDEN members to confirm their affiliation to the EDEN community by following the smooth process of joining EDEN Digital Learning Europe.
Joining with valid EDEN UK membership will not foster any further membership fee charge in 2021.

EDEN is delighted to recall that following years of efforts, the new EU Digital Educational Action Plan started from 2021, with long term strategic approach and policy support. We take this also as recognition of the professional community.
We intend to develop and extend essentially our activities in this framework.

Please click on the following link, in order to submit your EDEN Digital Learning Europe Membership Form.
If you experience any issues with the link above, please copy and paste the URL above into your web browser.

You are kindly requested to submit the Membership Form by 18 June 2021.

Important questions emerging

How will be guaranteed the integrity and continuity of the EDEN aims, the ‘brand’, activities and services?

The Articles of EDEN Digital Learning Europe have been formulated to mirror identically the EDEN UK mission, aims and main activities.

What about the EDEN membership status and membership fees?

In 2021 and potentially later on, your membership in EDEN UK remains continuous. EDEN members are invited to join EDEN Digital Learning Europe by requesting membership online. The procedure has been prepared technically by the EDEN Secretariat to make the joining clear, transparent and easy.

EDEN Digital Learning Europe Association will not charge any membership fee in 2021. This year fees are being collected by EDEN UK. From 2022 the membership fees will be set and invoiced by EDEN Europe.

Will the organisation and structures remain the same in EDEN Europe?

The Articles of EDEN Europe were formulated to carry on the EDEN existing structures and operations. The Annual General Meeting, an Executive Committee (Board), the Network of Academics and Professionals and the special groups (EDEN Council of Fellows) will continue operating under EDEN Europe.

What about the customary EDEN activities, events and services?

They will be identical and continued, including Annual Conferences, Research Workshops, Open Classroom events, communication services (Newsflash, Social media, YouTube channel, the European Journal of Open, Distance and E-Learning (EURODL), the Conference Proceedings, the EDEN Fellows Scheme, the Young Scholars’ movements and grants, the Best Research Conference Paper Award, the European Distance Learning Week, Open Badges, the series of EDEN seminars and alike.

What about the activities of EDEN UK?

EDEN UK will complete the existing contractual and legal commitments e.g. in the EU projects and other initiatives during their runtime. It will remain existing legal entity for the next years.

What next? What will happen in 2021-22?

With the joining of members EDEN Digital Learning Europe, the new organisation will convene its operational launching General Assembly in September. The new Erasmus+ grant applications are being already submitted under the auspices of EDEN Europe. The 2022 EDEN Annual Conference and Research Workshop will be organised by the new Association.

Procedure for EDEN UK members to join EDEN Digital Learning Europe

We invite EDEN members to confirm their affiliation to the EDEN community by following the smooth process of joining EDEN Digital Learning Europe by filling in and submitting the online Membership Form below.

The personalised form includes the members’ details as recorded at the EDEN Secretariat. Eventual updating the data/information is welcome.

Please click on the following link, in order to submit your
EDEN Digital Learning Europe Membership Form.

If you experience any issues with the link above, please copy and paste the URL above into your web browser.

You are kindly requested to submit the Membership Form by 18 June 2021.

You can address with any question by email

The Board members of EDEN Digital Learning Europe:

Dr Sandra Kucina  Prof. Airina Volungeviciene Dr Andras Szucs
 Digital Learning Europe
Secretary General
EDEN is supported by the ERASMUS+ Programme of the European Union.​
The European Distance and E-Learning Network is co-operating with EDEN Digital Learning Europe MTÜ (Estonia), in order to sustain the legacy of the EDEN Association brand after the United Kingdom having left the EU, to ensure continuity of services and activities for the benefit of the European academic and professional community in open, distance and online learning.
EDEN – European Distance and E-Learning Network Secretariat
Tel: +36 1 463 1628, 463 2537 Fax: +36 1 463 1858
EDEN Website
EDEN Facebook
EDEN Twitter
EDEN YouTube

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