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May 15, 2021

Virtual Schooling In The News

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InTheNewsBeginning with the Education Dive.

States, districts debate whether to end remote learning option

The 2021-22 school year will likely be a transition year during which districts will start to phase out their locally created remote learning models.

As schools prepare for gas shortage, some go remote or cancel activities

While some are monitoring the situation, other schools have already shut down to avoid potential impacts on students’ and teachers’ abilities to travel.


Virtual roundtable with Michael Horn, May 27

Join Michael Horn and K-12 leaders for a discussion on post-pandemic education: what we take with us and what we leave behind. Register now.

Next, Edsource Today.

By Sydney Johnson & John Fensterwald, EdSource
The funding was announced Friday alongside a sweeping set of proposals for K-12 education in California as part of the annual May budget proposal.
This is a developing story. Our team is going through all the information released today and we will continue to update our stories. Please visit for the latest news and analysis on the budget.
By Sydney Johnson and Daniel J. Willis, EdSource
The vast majority of rural California students now have access to computers at home, but thousands still can’t connect to the internet.
By Carolyn Jones, EdSource
The forecast is mixed for special education students. Many will be behind academically, but some thrived with distance learning.
EdSource school reopening analysis
By Daniel J. Willis and John Fensterwald, EdSource
An EdSource analysis found far fewer low-income students have returned for in-person instruction and large variations by region.

Also, EdClips.


Over Half of CA Public School Students Remain in Distance Learning

Students in wealthier schools 3 times likelier to be back in school full time. | Ed Source, May 5

Learn More

Key Issue: Remote Learning


As Schools Prepare for Gas Shortage, Some Go Remote or Cancel Activities

Some districts are still monitoring the situation, according to school leaders and local reporting. Others have already cancelled afterschool activities or announced virtual learning days or the possibility of pivoting to virtual for as long as the rest of the school year in an effort to save fuel.  | K-12 Dive, May 12

Learn More

Key Issue: Remote Learning

Moving on to the different items from Education Week.

Remote Learning Isn’t Going Away. Will It Create Separate-and Unequal-School Systems?
Demand for remote learning is likely to continue in the fall, raising concerns about the quality of education virtual students will receive.
Veronica Esquivel, 10, finishes her homework after her virtual school hours while her brother Isias Esquivel sits in front of his computer on Feb. 10, 2021, at their residence in Chicago's predominantly Hispanic Pilsen neighborhood. Her mother, Rosa, worries that her diabetes and her husband's high blood pressure could put their lives at risk if their kids brought the coronavirus home from school.
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‘My Online Learning Experience as a Student Is Not So Good’
High school students reveal what they like and don’t like about remote learning, and whether they prefer it.
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How Effective Is Online Learning? What the Research Does and Doesn’t Tell Us
Research suggests on average students don’t learn as much online, particularly if they are already struggling, writes Susanna Loeb.
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Schools Can Help Families Apply for Federal Help in Paying for Home Internet Access
Families who qualify for the free and reduced-price lunch program can get $50 off their monthly broadband bills.
Image of a child's hand on a keyboard.
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Getting Ed Tech Wrong Would Be a Bitter Pandemic Legacy
Bad ed-tech habits that formed during the shutdown risk compromising instruction and even slowing the return to school next fall.
Image shows a multi-tailed arrow hitting the bullseye of a target.
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Next, the various mailings from eSchool News.

Survey: Increased ebook usage & value amid COVID-19
With COVID-19 altering nearly all aspects of daily life, including the way students learn, this survey sought insight from those on the front lines of education, specifically regarding the use and impact of ebooks. As the pandemic has changed the way educators teach, we wanted to understand what adjustments were made, and how ebooks help educators ease the transition between classroom and at-home learning. The survey found that ebooks have become even more essential for learning during the current school year.

Survey: Increased ebook usage & value amid COVID-19

Four Keys to Making Hybrid Learning Work
To support safe and socially distanced learning during the pandemic, many schools have created hybrid learning environments that combine face-to-face and online instruction. In most of these scenarios, the students who are learning remotely are taking part in live class sessions with their peers through video conferencing. This live hybrid learning model is less disruptive for teachers because they don’t have to prepare lessons separately for in-class and online students.

Four Keys to Making Hybrid Learning Work

Also, the variety of newsletters from ASCD.

3D printer engages hybrid students in STEAM
3D printer engages hybrid students in STEAM
(Sean Gallup/Getty Images)
An elementary school in Tennessee used a 3D printer, a MakerBot, to engage students in STEAM lab lessons. Students are on a hybrid schedule, and when it’s their turn in the lab, students have been working to build prosthetic hands.

Full Story: District Administration (5/6)


Teacher adapts classroom lab rotation
Teacher adapts classroom lab rotation
Mary Fultz, a founding teacher at The Brilliance School in Youngstown, Ohio, writes that she used a lab-rotation model in the classroom prior to the start of the coronavirus pandemic. In this blog post, Fultz shares how she plans to adapt the lab rotation blended-learning model for a post-pandemic classroom.

Full Story: SmartBrief/Education (5/11)


History teacher animates 2-minute lessons on YouTube
History teacher animates 2-minute lessons on YouTube
Capture of John Brown in the engine house, Harpers Ferry, Virginia, USA, 1859. A print from “Cassell’s History of the United States,” by Edmund Ollier. (Print Collector/Hulton Archive/Getty Images)
Milton Middle School teacher Brian Casto is creating and posting animated videos on YouTube called “West Virginia History in Two Minutes or Less,” which are reaching many more people than just the students in the classroom, says Curt Mann, school principal. Casto says he has spent up to 20 hours on each of his 41 videos, which include photos and graphics, as well as cover such topics as John Brown’s raid at Harpers Ferry.

Full Story: The Herald-Dispatch (Huntington, W.Va.) (5/9)


Distance-learning platforms connect students worldwide
Distance-learning platforms connect students worldwide
Experiences such as virtual field trips, debates and discussions, as well as international peer-to-peer exchanges allow K-12 students from all over the world to connect with each other and learn about different cultures, writes consultant Becki Cohn-Vargas. Distance-learning platforms can emphasize teaching students about discovering similarities and differences, developing empathy and compassion, collaborating with people from various backgrounds and enhancing problem-solving skills.

Full Story: Edutopia (5/7)


Study: Device age affects online learning
Study: Device age affects online learning
The quality of students’ devices — particularly the age of the device and device specifications — significantly affect their remote-learning experience, according to a report from the Consortium for School Networking. The report finds these factors affected upload and download speeds.

Full Story: T.H.E. Journal (5/11)


Gas shortage disrupts some school operations
Gas shortage disrupts some school operations
(Michael M. Santiago/Getty Images)
Some schools in the Southeast have adopted virtual learning schedules or canceled after-school activities in response to the Colonial Pipeline shutdown, which has caused gas shortages in the region. Some district officials say they are monitoring the situation, as federal officials say they are working to resolve the issue.

Full Story: K-12 Dive (5/12)


Study: Remote learning becomes mobile learning for some
Study: Remote learning becomes mobile learning for some
(Max Mumby/Indigo/Getty Images)
Many students have participated in virtual learning from locations outside their homes during the coronavirus pandemic, according to a report by the Consortium for School Networking that includes data from 13 school districts. Different locations include other students’ homes, as well as other states and even other countries.

Full Story: T.H.E. Journal (5/13)


US rural grant program covers distance learning
Applications to apply for the USDA Distance Learning and Telemedicine grant program must be received by June 4. The grants are aimed at promoting equity and opportunity in rural areas, including distance learning and telemedicine.

Full Story: T.H.E. Journal (5/10)

Study: Remote achievement higher if kids have desk, quiet
Having a desk and a quiet space for virtual schooling are as important as adequate internet access, David Rutkowski and Dirk Hastedt of the International Association for the Evaluation of Educational Achievement report in a new analysis of international data. Students who lack a desk — which can often be an indicator of socio-economic status — are three times more likely to populate the bottom of academic achievement rankings, they write.

Full Story: The Conversation (5/6)

How to make the most of hybrid learning
To provide consistency for students, teachers should plan for hybrid learning to continue by keeping the best of asynchronous learning, self-paced lessons and one-on-one teaching, writes Juliana Finegan of The Learning Accelerator. For example, one Massachusetts school breaks students into small groups and lets them choose the conversation room, quiet zone, or teacher help, Finegan explains.

Full Story: Edutopia (5/12)

Back to the regular Google News alert for virtual school.

TDSB releases plan for 2021-22 school year; parents to choose between in-class or virtual learning

In a bid to reconnect students to their home school, the current virtual school system which can see students from across the board in the same class …

Some parents upset SLPS is turning Dunbar Elementary into virtual school

ST. LOUIS — A group of Saint Louis Public School parents are upset that the district is transforming Dunbar Elementary School into a virtual school.

Valley High School Key Club talks about how COVID-19 impacted future plans

“I love virtual school,” said Deasia Stewart. “I like being able to work on my own time. I take a theater course in the morning at Valley High. Everything …

News from the world of Education: May 8, 2021

Virtual school 21K School has started its admission process for nursery to Grade 8 under the Indian curriculum and Kindergarten to Grade 12 under …

Labours of love

At home, she was trying to figure out how to get Clark, 11, Walter, 10, Stella, 7 and Audrey, 5, logged into virtual school from the dining-room table.

A Mother’s Day ode to the unsung COVID-19 heroes – comment

Unless your child is like my middle-schooler, who loved virtual school, showed up to every Google Classroom lesson, achieved top marks and now …

PUSD Congratulates Village High School Teacher Russell Sato

the Village Virtual School to provide easier access to academic resources for students. “He’s the embodiment of the spirit of Village,” said Village High …

Editorial: A gamble on expanding internet in Allendale may pay off across SC

The pandemic has shown how crucial that connectivity is to obtain health care, attend virtual school, apply for jobs, pay bills and much more.

Speeches and runoffs take place in 2021-2022 Junior Prefect elections

… question about silver linings during the virtual school year and an unprepared question on how they would advise students to vote for their Prefects.

‘I’m at a breaking point’: Va. working moms and parents struggle with child care and lack of paid …

Lashley pays a friend to help her daughter during the day with virtual school while she works in the office. Meanwhile, her son, 15, has been home …

DTRIC Insurance Launches Month-Long Virtual School Supply Drive, May 4-28

DTRIC Insurance, its employees and agency partners are inviting the community to join its virtual school supply drive to support Helping Hands …

FDA could OK Pfizer vaccine for children as young as 12 this week

“I have a 12-year-old son who’s been home during the pandemic doing virtual school, and we would love for him to get back to school start the seventh …

The Road to Recovery for Student Learning

Predicting the amount of academic “recovery” that students will have to make up after their largely virtual school year is hamstrung by two intertwined …

Mother’s Day 2021: Here’s the raw, honest truth about what being a mom is like this year

My sons both have ADHD and virtual school has really been a struggle for them. For me too. Parent, virtually school, teach – repeat. One foot in front of …

DMX’s Passion for Hip-Hop Lives on Through His Daughter

“I Hate Zoom,” which is an ode to her deep distaste for virtual school and “TikTok,” which was just released. She writes all her rap lyrics.

University of Rochester, Simon Business School

When the pandemic hit and we went fully virtual, school leaders were afraid to lose the engagement we had during this space. However, we were able …

Comment: STEM students get own day to sign and shine

I continue to work toward my goals through classwork and participation in virtual school clubs such as robotics. One thing I know: My future is in STEM …

How 6 metro Detroit moms are coping more than a year into COVID-19 pandemic

All while managing the logistics of virtual school for her daughter Hannah, who has Down syndrome and was finishing her senior year of high school …

Whether you are called ‘Mom’ or ‘Mutti’ or anything else, it’s all about love

We mow the lawn, take out our trash, and worry about grades and virtual school. We have limits on screen time and expect our children to be kind.

‘I feel lonely:’ Michigan women navigate pregnancy, motherhood during a pandemic

Older siblings are, in some cases, still learning from home through virtual school, adding an additional strain to pregnant women and those with …

‘Faridpur Virtual School’ brings opportunity for learning in pandemic

But all has been possible due to an online platform named Faridpur Virtual School (Amar Ghore Amar School -My Home My School) that connects …

Erie, Millcreek School Board Candidates to Participate in Virtual Forum

The Erie County Council PTA and the Erie Chapter of the League of Women Voters will host two virtual school board candidate forums next week, …

Berkeley educated Ugandan student teaches girls to write computer code

Gloria Tumushabe started a virtual school to teach girls how to write computer code. Many of the girls she has taught will be applying to U.S. schools.

Celebrating graduation after a year of virtual school

Celebrating graduation after a year of virtual school. By Stephanie Patterson. For Pacific Daily News. High school graduations are upon us. Many high …

Lincoln Schools Buying New Chromebooks for Remote Learners

(TNS) — Those enrolled in Lincoln Public Schools’ virtual school will be equipped with more versatile laptops, which some of the district’s students …

Here’s what Treasure Valley school districts are planning for 2021 graduation ceremonies

Virtual School House – 7:00 p.m.. Wednesday, June 9, 2021 – Centennial Performing Arts Complex. Eagle Academy – 4:30 p.m.; Central Academy – …

This Week in School Reopenings: Students’ Return To Classrooms Slows, 1 in 3 Districts Expand …

3 Districts plan virtual school options for fall. In previous school reopening updates, The 74 has tracked states and districts as they launch virtual …

RICHARDSON: Rethinking policies

They could not continue to be effective employees while providing day care and moderating virtual school for their young children. Each approached …

Starting a business, fatherhood helps Sexton High School senior turn his life around

But unlike most, COVID-19 actually helped Davis because he needed the extra flexibility virtual school allowed. While doing school work at on the …

Alexandria City Public Schools Enrollment Declines for the First Time in 14 Years

Students were sent home for virtual learning in March 2020, and many families subsequently moved away or found that virtual school was not a good …

Watch these 2 best friends from virtual school finally meet for the 1st time

Watch these 2 best friends from virtual school finally meet for the 1st time. First graders Julia and Luna prove that even a pandemic can’t stand in the …

Richland Virtual School has a new name and expands across the state

RICHLAND, WA – Richland Virtual School is now Pacific Crest Online Academy and will have enhanced offerings and be open to middle and high …

Cy-Fair ISD unveils virtual school plan for 2021-22 which some already want expanded

The district is the latest to propose a stand-alone virtual school following successes among some students this year. This video file cannot be played …

Best friends from virtual school have special first meeting

First graders Julia and Luna met online during virtual school and quickly became friends. After months of chatting online, they met for a birthday …

Vigo County Schools, Ind. Propose Statewide Online School

The flex school could provide blended learning support and virtual school assistance. It would be a place where students could get flexible credit …

Orange County Public Schools won’t offer LaunchED option next school year

Enrollment in Florida Virtual School opened May 3 for the 2021-2022 school year. To keep up with the latest news on the pandemic, subscribe to News 6 …

Cy-Fair ISD announces tentative plans for virtual schooling for 2021-2022

During the May 10 school board meeting, Cy-Fair ISD administrators discussed a possible virtual school model for the district to continue offering for …

Declining enrolment and COVID response have school board drawing from reserves

“Last year at this time I don’t think anybody was talking about virtual school and yet now we know that we need to plan for a virtual school because that …

Despite FDA approval, some schools say they won’t mandate Covid vaccinations

Study: Virtual school resulted in ‘significant’ learning loss. Now that it is approved for middle school-aged students, some states may add Covid-19 to …

FSSD plans for optional masks in summer, no virtual school next year

Additionally, district staff determined that virtual school will be impractical for FSSD come the fall. During the FSSD Board of Education meeting on …

Wawasee To Continue & Expand Virtual School

Troyer said virtual school is probably not best for most students, but for certain students it’s the best option. He said it can be used as an alternative to …

CPS board approves new virtual school, merging two schools and relocating Grace James …

Students who want to attend the new virtual school can transfer for the fall semester, and current students and staff at Jefferson County High School …

JCPS approves virtual school for 6th-12th grade students

The school board approved a completely virtual school option for students. What is now Jefferson County High School will become the Pathfinder …

JCPS approves virtual school and the merger of two schools

JCPS approves virtual school and the merger of two schools. The new virtual high school will be a permanent option in the district and the board voted …

As one school year ends and another approaches, North Texas parents eager to hear mask policies

Frisco ISD has grand plans for one permanent virtual school, pending state legislature approval. Wes Cunningham, the district’s chief academic officer, …

OCPS will end LaunchEd in August, discontinuing live, online classes

… parents can have their children back on campus for traditional, in-person classes or sign them up for the state’s long-standing virtual school.

Franklin County Schools to offer Virtual Learning Academy for 2021-22 school year

… learning in response to the pandemic, Franklin County Schools is planning to offer a Virtual Learning Academy next school year. virtual school.jpg.

Pa. families set to receive $1 billion in relief due to missed school meals during virtual school

Eligibility is limited to students who receive free or reduced school lunch who attended virtual school in 2020-21. The federal relief funds are meant to …

LPS reevaluating dedicated remote learning program for middle and high school students

… to a full year of teaching remote learning courses, even though LPS has appointed a principal and assistant principal for the virtual school next year.

RCAS to launch a virtual school pilot program

Elementary students will be taking courses taught by certified RCAS elementary teachers, dedicated solely to the virtual school. Middle school students …

Returning this Fall, By Popular Demand: Virtual School. For Communities of Color, it’s Largely a …

Returning this Fall, By Popular Demand: Virtual School. For Communities of Color, it’s Largely a Matter of Trust. By Greg Toppo | May 13, 2021. (Paul …

LIVE: Elmore County EDGE virtual school 2021 graduation

Congratulations to the Elmore County EDGE virtual school graduates! WSFA 12 News will stream this graduation ceremony live event starting at 6 …

WAHS junior studies best practices for virtual learning success

Students who elect to attend the virtual school will be required to turn on their cameras and participate in classes. This year, students did not have to turn …

Staying virtual: JCPS and NAFC offer fully virtual school options

Tuesday night, the JCPS board approved a completely virtual school option for students in grades 6-12. What is now called Jefferson County High …

Student’s research suggests camera use during virtual classes can raise grade

Lee said the district will refer back to her findings as it plans for next school year. “The division has created a virtual school model that’s going to be …

Best & Brightest honors 45 scholarship winners in 2021 virtual program

Sarah Toole – Leon County Virtual School – Winner. Zakari Nelson – FAMU Developmental Research School – Runner-Up. Daniela “Dani” Paredes …

School districts in Shelby County plan COVID-19 vaccination for eligible students

Get answers to FAQs regarding Memphis Virtual School. — Shelby Co. Schools (@SCSK12Unified) April 28, 2021.

‘He’s loved’: Racine Unified’s Park High School crowns prom king

On Thursday, May 13, Bubba Ruiz, who has special needs, was crowned prom king during a virtual school assembly. “He’s revered in this building, …

Uhuru and UK’s Johnson set for virtual school visits Thursday

NAIROBI, Kenya May 13 – President Uhuru Kenyatta and UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson were set to conduct virtual school visits in the two countries …

Lambton-Kent virtual school sign-up complete

Lambton-Kent virtual school sign-up complete. AR. By Alex Kurial, Local Journalism Initiative ReporterThe Independent. Fri., May 14, 2021timer3 min.

State holds off approval for virtual school plans

State holds off approval for virtual school plans. Siloam Springs only district to get an OK by Cynthia Howell | Today at 3:48 a.m.. The Arkansas Board …

Albemarle board approves plans for coming school year

At the start of Thursday’s meeting, the board voted to appoint Reed Gillespie as principal of the virtual school. Gillespie is currently an assistant principal …

GIPS opening up virtual learning to all students

District adding virtual school offerings for middle, high school students in 2021-2022. (Diamond Nunnally (KSNB)). By KSNB Local4.

Carroll County schools lay out virtual learning plan for next school year

The plan includes full-time learning for virtual students, a coach available to offer assistance and new courses for virtual secondary students.

Some private school enrollment gains from the pandemic

They were not getting anything out of the virtual school,” explained Kelly. nichols 1 .jpg. WKBW. Outside the Nichols School campus in Buffalo.

In Defense of Snow Days

Virtual school after a snowstorm is yet another kind of techno-solutionist slush that should be plowed away.

Eight candidates spar over policing, recovery in virtual NYC mayoral debate

… hands when the candidates were asked whether they would keep all-virtual school as an option in the fall for the city’s more than 1 million students.

BCPS giving families option to continue virtual learning next school year

Photo by: Florida Virtual School. Florida Virtual School counselor provides tips for distance learning. By: WMAR STAFF. Posted at 9:37 AM, May 14, …

Preston Schools hires company to provide virtual instruction

The number of Preston County students enrolled in virtual school this year constantly changed, Wotring said. For example, 200-300 PHS students …

Finally, the Google News alert for cyber school.

With hope of returning to normalcy in fall, Lehigh Valley school districts push for teenagers to get …

Like Bethlehem, Northampton is planning for students to return to the classroom five days a week starting in August, although cyber school and …

PA children are dying from drug overdoses, drownings and, most prevalent, physical abuse

He was enrolled in cyber school when he died, hidden from the view of anyone outside the family. On the final day of his life, he was hosed down by …

Bensalem Candidate Profile: Scott Endicter For School Director

… in-house rather than outsourcing, and spearheading the launch of a district cyber school to bring back students who have left for other opportunities.

Readers Share Kids’ Struggles—and a Few Triumphs—During the Pandemic

Both of my kids are getting distinguished honors (all As) in cyber school. My son was struggling in brick and mortar school. He was identified as gifted ..

Butler Approves Preliminary Budget; No New Taxes

This is the second consecutive year the district will not raise local tax rates. Although some cyber school students have chosen to return next year, the …

BASD approves preliminary $44.4 million budget with no tax increase

In addition, the board approved an agreement with the Warren Cyber School for the upcoming year. More from this section …

Schedule of free meals and where to pick them up

—Forest Hills: For any students who have opted to be fully virtual and are attending cyber school may fill out a survey to request a weekly meal pick up …

Importance of STEM Education with Reach Cyber School

Scott Stuccio of Reach Cyber School shares the successes of their STEM camps, the importance of STEM education in their curriculum, and how …

Dropping enrollment

Madison Stokes attended PA Cyber School for her pre-K and kindergarten education, but after those early years transitioned into a more typical public …

Your view: Cyber schools aren’t free

The purpose of this letter is to inform Greater Nanticoke Area taxpayers that cyber school tuition is not free. Cyber schools cost taxpayers and each …

Boys tennis: Chesman, Hamel, Ziegler will represent WVC in D2 singles semifinals

Michael Hamel, a cyber school student through PA Virtual Charter, will represent Wilkes-Barre Area in the Class 3A semifinals after winning twice …

Senator Proposes Cyber ‘Academy’ to Attract More to National Service

Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand, D-N.Y., floated the idea of a “national cyber school” that would educate students for jobs across the federal government, …

Ed Shemansky seeks second term on Hazleton Area School Board

“We’ve got to get our cyber school up to snuff,” Shemansky said. “If some of the students decide to go to cyber school we want them to use our cyber …

Meet the six candidates competing for seats on the Tuscarora school board

At the same time, a segment of our student body has come to prefer cyber school, and the demand for it will still exist even after COVID has passed.

Lebanon County school board races are super-hot as the pandemic wanes — here’s why

The existence of the Cougar Academy, the district’s K-12 online cyber school, prior to coronavirus, meant that the district had some experience with …

The ransomware economy and disruption of commerce. Third-party risk. Robocalls and a …

Kirsten Gillibrand, D-N.Y., floated the idea of a “national cyber school” that would educate students for jobs across the federal government.

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