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August 20, 2020

[AIJRE] New Notification From Australian And International Journal Of Rural Education

This notice came my way the other day.

You have a new notification from Australian and International Journal of Rural Education:

New announcement.


Susan Ledger

Australian and International Journal of Rural Education

The notice was actually for two up-coming special issues that were described as:

Special Issue #1: March 2021

Editor:                   Chad Morrison

Title: Implications of a global pandemic for regional, rural and remote education

The complexities, constraints and realities of regional, rural and remote education impact on all aspects of teaching and learning. The global pandemic of 2020 has exposed gaps within the knowledge and practice of teachers having to migrate quickly to new ways of working. It has also exposed gaps in digital infrastructure and pedagogies and emphasised inequity that plagues diverse students and communities. These experiences have resulted in considerable activity throughout the world and a proliferation of resources, perspectives and agendas aimed at ameliorating students from periods of stagnation. This activity has expanded our collective field of vision about contemporary teaching and learning within the context of challenge and uncertainty. Additionally, the global pandemic may have inadvertently highlighted that the needs of many vulnerable, diverse students residing in regional, rural and remote communities continue to be overlooked in the rush to provide workable solutions for the majority of students based in metropolitan or large regional centres. Understanding the broad implications (both positive and negative) of the COVID-19 pandemic for regional, rural and remote students and educators is critical to adding their voices and perspectives to the chorus for increased opportunity, accessibility and outcomes for these students in a post-pandemic education landscape.

Special Issue #2: November 2021

Editor:   Melyssa Fuqua

Guest Editors:   Cheryl Glowery     

Robyn Henderson

Karl Maton            

Title:Connecting with rural education research

The central theme for this special issue of AIJRE is connecting rural education research and urban-based research. The field of rural education research is embedded in understandings of context, place, and space, but is often treated as sitting on the margins. The special issue will shift such perceptions and locate the rural as a key and constituent part of the wider field of education. The issue foregrounds connections and will challenge existing notions of a rural-urban divide and associated thinking leads to a deficit view of the rural. Papers will show how the spatial and contextual considerations of rural education research have developed perspectives and methodologies that can inform and enrich the broader research community. The special issue welcomes both Australian and international contributions that examine how contemporary rural education research is challenging traditional perceptions.

So if you are interesting in submitted to either of these special issues, follow the link above.

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