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November 8, 2019

[Special Report] Personalized Learning: What Educators Really Think And Do

Note that these reports are rarely research-based or have any measures of reliability or validity attached to them.

Explore what educators really think about personalized learning. View as a webpage.
 Special Report
View the Education Week special report Personalized Learning: What Educators Really Think and Do online now.
Personalized learning is hard work. And when poorly planned and executed, it does not work well at all. But that should not stop schools from pursuing the goal of tailoring instruction to individual students’ academic strengths and weaknesses as well as their personal interests. That appears to be the big takeaway from our nationally representative survey of nearly 600 teachers on personalized learning topics, featured extensively in this report.

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Q&A: The Promise and Pitfalls of Artificial Intelligence and Personalized Learning
Andreas Oranje, the general manager of research and development for ETS, talks about how the time is right to examine the role of AI in personalized learning strategies.
Personalized Learning: Challenges Ahead, Mistakes to Avoid
Educators see promise in the vision of personalizing learning, but actually doing it is proving difficult, suggests an exclusive survey of K-12 teachers.
Data: Here’s What Educators Think About Personalized Learning
As the approach expands around the country, educators see a lot to be optimistic about, but remain skeptical of how it works, national survey suggests.
Principals and Teachers Are Out of Sync on Personalized Learning, Data Show
What Is Personalized Learning?
One Big Barrier to Personalized Learning: Time
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