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September 19, 2019

USDLA Newsletter 2019 (09-16-2019)

A newsletter from earlier in the week. Newsletter
Dr. Farhad Saba
Founder, Editor
USDLA Hall of Fame Inductee Newsletter
Dr. Reggie Smith III
CEO / Executive Director
Associate Editor
The USDLA is proud to be an official partner of the ICDE World Conference being held November 3-7, 2019 in Dublin, Ireland. We have arranged a special early bird conference rate for all USDLA members & friends as well as a special late paper submission opportunity for USDLA member if you register by September 1st . To register just click here and for paper submission please contact conference organizer Mark Brown at and mention USDLA.
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Blended Learning for Quality Higher Education: Selected Case Studies on Implementation from Asia-Pacific The rapid advancement of technologies and their ubiquitous use in our daily lives have dramatically changed the way knowledge is created and disseminated. As a technology-enhanced pedagogical approach, blended learning – the deliberate combination of online learning with face-to-face classroom-based learning – […]

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Learners’ beliefs about language-learning abilities in face-to-face & online settings

This mixed-methods study investigates the beliefs of language learners about their ability to attend language classes and learn the language in face-to-face and online settings using Ajzen’s perceived behavioral control (PBC) construct. Two treatments were conducted in two contexts: a face-to-face language-learning context (n = 684) and an online language-learning context (n = 289). The results show that certain […]

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Comparison of video demonstrations and bedside tutorials for teaching paediatric clinical skills to large groups of medical students in resource-constrained settings

Videos are increasingly being used for teaching clinical skills in medical education. However, most reports on the effectiveness and benefits of videos in medical teaching have come from developed countries. Resource constraints in South African academic hospitals, together with increasing numbers, may apply pressure on the standard of clinical teaching. This study investigated the potential […]

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Critical Components of Formative Assessment in Process‑Oriented Guided Inquiry Learning for Online Labs

In the traditional lab setting, it is reasonably straightforward to monitor student learning and provide ongoing feedback. Such formative assessments can help students identify their strengths and weaknesses, and assist faculty to recognize where students are struggling and address problems immediately. But in an online virtual lab setting, formative assessment has challenges that go beyond […]

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The Patras Blended Strategy Model for Deep and Meaningful Learning in Quality Life‑Long Distance Education

Life-long learning is currently being embraced as a central process that could disrupt traditional educational paths. Apparently, the (ideal) type of learning often promoted is deep and meaningful learning, though it is not always required to be so. Deep learning goes beyond superficial knowledge assimilation of unlinked facts; it aims at developing deep disciplinary […]

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The mediating role of motivation for creative performance of cloud-based m-learning

The purpose of this study was to investigate the predictability of cloud-based m-learning for creative performance, and the mediating effect of motivation. The participants were 116 college students, who participated in the pre-test and post-test of a teaching experiment. The conclusions of this study are as follows: (1) cloud-based m-learning has a significant positive effect […]

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Teacher Education at a Distance: What are the Student Teachers Saying?

The National Open University of Nigeria (NOUN) is one of the increasing Open and Distance learning Institution that has reposition itself for innovative teacher training programme at a distance. This ODL paradigm has widen student’s access and opened up n ew possibilities of learning. But if the emergence of student’s voice has presented itself as […]

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Rethinking the Context of Edtech

The sociology of education technology has encouraged us to emerge from our areas of specialization and work together as a community of practice to reconsider the context of edtech. EDUCAUSE Review

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Nebraska College Launches New Data Science Major

Nebraska Wesleyan University has developed an integrative data science major designed to connect its traditional liberal arts education with high-tech skills now in demand by employers. Nebraska Wesleyan University

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Can Amazon Upskill Higher Education? A Beta Test

Amazon Prime Day came and went on July 15th, and by most accounts, it left smiling faces around the globe. But just a few days before this annual shop-a-thon, Amazon announced a gift of its own: a pledge to spend more than $700,000,000 to train and upskill 100,000 employees , about a third of its […]

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3 Ways Student Data Can Improve Your Teaching

Leveraging data from your classroom can be one of the most effective ways to ensure students succeed ou’ve flipped your classroom, you’re assessing often with quick quizzes, and your students are even finding that regular, low-stakes assessments help their learning. But now you have a problem—too much data. What do you do with it all […]

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The Global Landscape of Online Program Companies

New trove of data suggests a bigger, more complex, more varied ecosystem of companies that work with colleges to take their academic programs online. Trying to bring order and understanding to a market as transitory and diffuse as the business of online education can be a challenge. Important contributions have come in recent years from […]

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Market Signals for Research-Based Innovations

Earlier this year, Digital Promise spoke with more than 50 stakeholders across the country to understand the most pervasive challenges facing the current edtech industry. Educators and education leaders, education nonprofit and procurement platform staffers, and edtech product teams shared that they need three things in relation to the edtech marketplace: trustworthy information, common indicators […]

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