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September 7, 2019

iNACOL Symposium | Session Highlights

And from the neo-liberals.

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Dear Colleagues,

The iNACOL Symposium taking place this October will feature more than 200 workshops and sessions organized around the theme: “Shining a Light on the Future of Learning,” and each brings a unique lens to personalized, competency-based education. Experts and practitioners will share the latest research, promising practices and tools for creating powerful learning experiences for all students and building momentum to catalyze the transformation of K-12 education.

The iNACOL Symposium runs October 28-31, 2019 in Palm Springs, California. Register here to attend.

Below is a sampling of the 200+ sessions coming this fall.

Launching Your Own Learner-Centered System: How the Lindsay Unified School System Is Creating the Ideal Learning

How does one get started on the journey of transforming a school system? In this session, you will learn what Lindsay Unified School District believes are essential actions to transform your organization to a learner-centered, competency-based, personalized system. This will include lessons we have learned from the last 11 years of the Lindsay journey and practical advice from practitioners doing this work each and every day.

  • Brian Griffin
  • Lana Brown
  • Cindy Alonzo
  • Bernadette Shelton
  • Joel Martinez-Dominguez

Is K-12 Personalized Learning Shaping Higher Education?

This session will take a look at how the growth of personalized learning at the K-12 level may be changing student expectations for learning in higher education. What are the implications for pedagogy, learning models and environments, teacher and training programs? How might K-12 and higher education work together to create a seamless personalized learning pathway for K-16 and a re-imagined workforce to lead the change?

  • Michael Horn
  • Julie Young

Teacher Onboarding for Next-Gen Models: Innovative Strategies from Innovative Leaders 

When schools shift to next-gen models, they face the challenge of effectively onboarding educators and maintaining momentum with new staff. From shifting mindsets and aligning on a vision to developing the actual competencies needed, preparing staff for new models requires numerous innovative strategies. Join The Learning Accelerator’s Innovation Directors Network, explore our onboarding map filled with concrete strategies and resources, and build your own action plan to strategically onboard your educators today.

  • Stephen Pham
  • Jin-Soo Huh
  • Juliana Finegan
  • Karen Perry
  • Amalia Lopez

Student Agency and Proficiency-Based Education: Applying 40+ Years of Research With Bob Marzano

How can schools take research from neuroscience and cognitive science, turn it into evidence-based best practices, and apply it to build a personalized, competency-based school where all learners develop the skills needed to be successful? Come hear how Dr. Bob Marzano, Founder of Marzano Academies, has used 40+ years of research to create a path schools can implement to support all students in the development of agency. It will be an interactive session guided by participants’ questions.

  • Bill Zima
  • Robert Marzano

Virginia is for Learners: Redefining State-Level Professional Learning Frameworks Around the Profile of a Virginia Graduate

Beginning in 2019 and extending to 2021, 60 District teams (representing 600 administrators and teacher) will receive personalized regional, local, and virtual coaching to leverage innovations that align with the cognitive, personal and interpersonal competencies of the Profile of a Virginia Graduate. Organized in three cohorts, they will produce, implement and share resources and protocols that measurably impact the purposeful alignment of their innovations with the Commonwealth’s Graduate Profile.

  • Amos Fodchuk
  • Gena Keller
  • Pamela Moran
  • Tony Borash
  • David Small

About the iNACOL Symposium

On October 28-31, 2019, iNACOL’s annual Symposium will bring together 3,000 experts and educational leaders exploring the leading edge of personalized, competency-based learning in K-12 education from across the United States and around the world, including leading practitioners and educators, policymakers, researchers and innovators from throughout the field.

Attendees will find invaluable networking opportunities; access to expertise, analysis, the latest trends and research; and thought-provoking interactive sessions for leaders shaping the future of education. The Symposium includes hundreds of engaging interactive sessions, with tags to guide attendees toward highly relevant professional learning opportunities. Learn more on the iNACOL Symposium website.

About iNACOL 

The mission of iNACOL is to drive the transformation of education systems and accelerate the advancement of breakthrough policies and practices to ensure high-quality learning for all. Visit our websitelike us on Facebook, connect with us on Linkedin and follow us on Twitter.

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