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September 6, 2019

Plugged In | 9.6.19 – New Webinar on Supporting Educators Transition to CBE and Important Announcement on Opening Keynote at #iNACOL19

And from the neo-liberals to end the week.

Plugged In
Sept. 6, 2019

New Webinar Sept. 25: Supporting Educators Transitioning to a Competency-Based and Personalized Learning System
On Wednesday, September 25, 2019, from 2 p.m. to 3 p.m. ET, iNACOL (@nacol) will host a webinar to share the perspective of shifting to competency-based, personalized learning from two experienced practitioners.

Join this webinar to be offered a roadmap and possible on-ramps from the traditional schooling model to a personalized, competency-based model. With an overview of the hallmarks of CBE and a discussion of instructional practices and changes in grading and assessments, the discussion will center the role of collaborative teams and focused professional learning in supporting the transition. In addition, attendees will learn how state policy can support scaling their efforts.


Susan Patrick on Getting Smart Podcast
Getting Smart Podcast: Susan Patrick on Transforming Education Systems for Equitable High-Quality Learning
In a recent conversation with Getting Smart’s Tom Vander Ark, iNACOL President and CEO Susan Patrick outlined five global trends in learning, including:

Tomorrow Is the Last Day to Nominate for the iNACOL Innovator Awards
Who should join Shawn Rubin, Rachael Moola, Chris Sturgis, and Jason Vest as the field’s honorees for a commitment to education transformation? Nominations are still open for the following iNACOL Innovator Awards:
1. iNACOL Teacher of the Year
2. Outstanding Individual Contribution to Personalized Learning

Final nomination packages are due by 8 p.m. ET tomorrow, September 7, 2019.

iNACOL Symposium Opening Keynote Announcement
iNACOL Symposium Opening Keynote Announcement
iNACOL is pleased to announce our Symposium opening keynote will feature Chan Zuckerberg Initiative’s Dr. Brooke Stafford-Brizard. The theme of our opening address is “Broadening the Definition of Student Success: A Spotlight on Mental Health.”

Please note that this year’s opening keynote will be on Monday, October 28th, 3:30-5:00 p.m. PT, following the pre-conference workshops. Once the keynote concludes, the President’s Welcome Reception will immediately follow in the Innovation Corner.

New from iNACOL’s Blog: Education Domain
What the Learning Sciences Are Teaching Us About Learning – Pt. 3
“The goal of education is not to drive everything into long-term memory. One of the goals in education is to get the right things into long-term memory. You have to have stuff in long-term memory to allow working memory to do its complex work. A lot of what education should be about is how do you get long term memory and working memory to work together?”

Bror Saxberg

Reflections on Assessments for Competency-Based Education and Updates to States Piloting the Innovative Assessment Program
“At iNACOL, we are reflecting on concepts to transform systems of assessments that can better serve all students, such as improving formative assessments with educator training, improving assessment literacy, new ways of approaching assessment validity and comparability, and updates on implementation of the Innovative Assessment Demonstration Authority (IADA).”

– Alexis Chambers and Natalie Truong

Exploring Key Questions About Leadership in Student-Centered Learning Environments
Featured Webinar | Redefining Student Success in K-12 Education: Getting Started with “Profile of a Graduate” Conversations in Your Schools and Communities
There have been multiple efforts nationwide that are redefining student success, such as the Profile of a Graduate, since the passing of the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA). iNACOL partnered with EdLeaders21 to inform the field about why it is important for K-12 schools and districts to lead conversations in their communities around a Profile of a Graduate and how to get started.
Redefining Student Success: Organizing Education Systems Around the Knowledge and Skills Students Need to Succeed
Plugged In Headlines: News about Education Transformation
Three Decades and Still Counting (The Wrong Things): An Analysis of Three Reports on the Possibility and Practicality of Shifting Our Academic Currency from Credit Hours to Competencies
Myk Garn, The Journal of Competency-Based Education

The Value of Student-Teacher Matching: Implications for Reauthorization of the Higher Education Act
Travis J. Bristol, Brookings Institution

7 Challenges to Equity in CTE – and How to Solve Them
Laura Ascione, eSchoolNews

College Board Drops Its ‘Adversity Score’ For Each Student After Backlash
Bobby Allyn, NPR

Iowa Education Leader Hails Initiative on Work-Based Learning
Andrew Wind, The Courier

iNACOL in the News
What Does Personalized Learning Mean? Experts Weigh In 
The Learning Professional asked five experts what it means to personalize learning for students and what role professional learning should play in these efforts. Reflective of the diversity in the field today, their responses reveal both commonalities and notable differences (for example, some see technology as central, while others believe personalization can happen without any technology at all). But all agreed on the importance of building educators’ capacity through high-quality professional learning…Read Morebeginning on page 28.


The iNACOL Center for Policy Advocacy leads the multi-stage evolution of policy necessary for the growth of effective personalized learning models toward the goals of high quality, equity, access and dramatically improving student learning to close the achievement gap and ensure every student has access to high-quality, world-class learning opportunities.
CompetencyWorks is an online resource dedicated to competency education in K-12 education. CompetencyWorks shares original research, knowledge and a variety of perspectives through an informative blog with practitioner knowledge, policy advancements, papers on emerging issues and a wiki with resources curated from across the field. Bookmark this resource and check often for frequent updates.
Working collaboratively with diverse experts in the field, iNACOL produces reports, books, policy briefs, blog posts, webinars and related resources on key topics and tough issues that equip and empower educators and leaders to catalyze and scale personalized, next generation learning models. Use our web-based library to freely access and share materials.
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The mission of iNACOL is to drive the transformation of education systems and accelerate the advancement of breakthrough policies and practices to ensure high-quality learning for all.
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