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June 24, 2019

Moodle Hub Members Area: Come Join Us At blendED In October

See this announcement about this Alberta-based conference.

It is my pleasure to announce that your MoodleHUB group has partnered with the blendED 2019 Symposium team to host the pre-conference on October 23rd, 2019 in Edmonton.

As a group we often talk about the value of coming together in person. We have had some outstanding in person Edcamp style PD  in the past. Many of our recent online meetings provided fantastic learning opportunities for all.The pre-conference for blendEd will be our next opportunity to come together.

The pre-conference is a full-day of conversation and idea sharing prior to the blendED 2019 Symposium. It will be a chance for people to connect face-to-face and learn more about this grassroots teacher-driven PD group that shares online courses, resources and expertise freely. The morning session will be a general planning meeting focusing on future directions for the group. The afternoon hands-on working sessions is devoted to networking, developing, troubleshooting & brainstorming with others. The agenda for this afternoon will be developed on-site based on the specific needs and interests of the attendees. We will have lots of opportunities to continue the conversation throughout the blendED 2019 Symposium. Pre-conference cost is a low $50 and it includes lunch.

More information can be found at the blendEd website here:

To register, please follow this link:

Hope to see many of you in October.

Dirk Meyer

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