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May 31, 2019

[L_OSBC_Announce] Celebrating HMT

An item from the Open School BC that may be of interest to British Columbian or Canadian readers.

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Thank you,
Michael Cochrane
Open School BC

Open School BC celebrates the completion of the Heavy Mechanical Trades Apprenticeship Foundation/Level 1 learning resources

The sending of Line E to Crown Publications marks the end of a multi-year collaboration with Industry Training Authority (ITA) to develop Foundation/Level 1 learning resources for Heavy Mechanical Trades. Begun in 2012 with the revision of Lines A and C, the 10-line series of books comprises approximately 3,110 pages and 2,370 images (photos and technical drawings). OSBC worked closely with Heavy Mechanical instructors at several colleges and universities who acted as the writers and reviewers.

Thanks goes to the following: Solvig N. for her expertise with the initial stages of the project; the OSBC production team including Sharon B, Dennis E, Bev H, Nori S, and Farrah P; Janet B, and Sophia B-B for their supervisory support; Jennifer R, for her liaison with ITA; Shannon S for her administrative and art coordination support; Max Licht for the technical drawings; and Greg Aleknevicus and Keith Learmonth for editing. Special thanks to Dennis E as a key player in the development of these learning resources for his layout design, photography and technical drawing skills, and art coordination.

It is truly the end of an era.

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