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February 26, 2019 Free eNewsletter – 2/25/19

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The Educational Equity Imperative: Leveraging Technology to Empower Learning for All The Speak Up National Research Project annually polls K-12 students, parents and educators about the role of technology for learning in and out of school. For the past fifteen years, Project Tomorrow’s® annual Speak Up Research Project for Digital Learning has provided schools and […]

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Student Questions: A Path to Engagement and Social Presence in the Online Classroom

Within the vast search for ways to enhance the online classroom learning environment and to engage students fully, researchers often turn to discussions concerning instructor-student interactions that take place daily in the online classroom. Although students interact with other students and with the content, it is the student-instructor interaction and connection that appears to support […]

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Strategies to Support Personal Knowledge Management Using a Wiki Site in Online Courses

This article discusses the strategies to support Personal Knowledge Management (PKM) using a wiki site in online courses and examines student perceptions of the helpfulness of the wiki site and the applied PKM-related strategies. Fifty-seven students in six online class sessions completed a 25-item perception survey. The results showed that students did perceive the helpfulness […]

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A Lesson Structure and an Instructional Design Model for Project-Based Online Learning

Research-based best practices that employ learning theories such as Project-Based Learning (PBL) have not been thoroughly developed for the constraints of the K-12 online setting, nor have they been tested in this unique context. K-12 online teacher-developers face many constraints during the process of instructional design and require additional supports to translate these learning theories […]

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Learning Media Repository and Delivery System for Smart Classroom using IoT and Mobile Technologies

This paper presents a learning media repository and delivery system (LMRD) for a smart classroom using IoT and mobile technologies. It was designed to support active learning pedagogy. Teachers are able to broadcast learning media or course materials directly to the student mobile devices, after that the students can interact to the media by drawing, […]

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Digital transformation in German higher education: student and teacher perceptions and usage of digital media

Digitalization in Higher Education (HE) institutions is an issue that concerns many educational stakeholders. ICT skills are becoming increasingly relevant in every context, especially in the workplace, therefore one of the prime objectives for universities has become preparing future professionals to be able to deal with problems and search for solutions, including digital competence as […]

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Engaging Learners in Online Environments Utilizing Universal Design for Learning Principles

Student learning outcomes depend on the depth and quality of their engagement in learning. Since the early 2000s, the concept of engagement has gained a lot of attention from researchers. Scholars often define engagement as a complex construct that consists of behavioral, cognitive, and emotional components, and argue instructors should attend to each one of […]

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Chief Learning Officer Symposium is the place to share ideas and discuss all the hot topics in L&D. Experience and examine L&D challenges and successes with a personal touch. Learning leaders with years of real-world experience and breakout groups create a corporate learning alliance to help you excel. Find your L&D community and come together […]

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Putting data privacy in the hands of users

A new platform developed by MIT and Harvard University researchers ensures that web services adhere to users’ preferences on how their data are stored and shared in the cloud. In Riverbed, a user’s web browser or smartphone app does not communicate with the cloud directly. Instead, a Riverbed proxy runs on a user’s device to […]

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Technology for Student Support Abounds, but Implementation Remains an Obstacle

Some 200 companies sell technologies and services intended to help colleges and universities with their student support work, which has become a $560 million business. Yet colleges and universities still have obstacles to overcome in implementing and integrating student support systems, according to a study undertaken by Tyton Partners. Campus Technology

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No Email, No Wi-Fi, No LMS

Amherst College experienced a catastrophic technical mishap last week that left the campus without access to online services — for five days. As IT staff scrambled to fix the problem, faculty and students suddenly found themselves without access to Wi-Fi, email, Moodle, accounting systems, card-scanning systems or any content hosted on the website. Inside Higher […]

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Online Students Multitask More (Not in a Good Way)

Andrew Lepp wasn’t surprised — and wouldn’t expect most people familiar with higher education to be surprised — by the headline finding of a study he and several colleagues published last week: that students in online courses said they engaged in more noneducational multitasking than did their peers in in-person courses. “I would have bet […]

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New national education network to share adaptive learning resources

A root cause of college dropouts is the high failure rate in foundational courses, prompting a new initiative, announced Wednesday, aimed at creating a national network for education groups to collaborate on adaptive learning solutions. Every Learner Everywhere, funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, is supported by 12 higher education and digital learning […]

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