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January 10, 2019

[Special Report] 10 Big Ideas in Education

The initial item in this report – the “big ideas” item – may be of interest to readers of this space.

What’s on the horizon for education in 2019?  Click to view this as a webpage.


An Education Week
special report
View 10 Big Ideas in Educationonline now.
What issues have the potential to define—or redefine—education? Is there a next “big thing” that could shift the K-12 experience or conversation? Education Week set out to answer these questions in this second annual “10 Big Ideas in Education” report.

Accompanied by compelling illustrations and perspectives from leading researchers, advocates, and practitioners, the essays in this report are meant to stir conversation and prompt you to think about your work in a new way.Subscribe so you can read the full report, and get full access to everything on

Reading Company
The 10 Education Issues Everybody Should Be Talking About
Education Week reporters and editors identify 10 of today’s most pressing challenges in education and offer bold ideas for addressing them.
What Educators Really Think About Innovation (Infographic)
A new Education Week Research Center survey delves into what’s behind the common buzzword for teachers, principals, and district leaders.
The Truth About Bilingualism: It’s Only for Some Students
The widespread embrace of foreign-language instruction is raising some uncomfortable questions. Corey Mitchell explains the inclusion problem at the heart of bilingual education.
Is There a Path to Desegregated Schools?
Racial and economic segregation remains deeply entrenched in American schools. Denisa R. Superville considers the six steps one district is taking to change that.
The Kids Are Right: School Is Boring
Special Education Is Broken
Is It Time to Kill Annual Testing?
We’re Teaching Consent All Wrong
The Black Achievement Paradox Nobody’s Talking About
The Two Powerful Forces Changing College Admissions
Enjoy the complete reporting provided in 10 Big Ideas in EducationSubscribeto Education Week for more in-depth special reports and daily K-12 news. Enjoy unlimited digital access from every device when you subscribe today!

Feel free to forward this to a colleague and let them know about this new special report.

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